Abraham Cornelius

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Abraham Cornelius
Portrayed by Stellan Skarsgard
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Omega Red
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: Operation: Dead Letter Office

A scientist who defected from the US to the USSR during the Cold War, Abraham Cornelius was associated with the Soviet super-soldier program, and with Omega Red.


Name: Doctor Abraham Cornelius

Aliases: none known

Affiliation: Omega Red

First appearance: July 31, 2009

Family: none known


Little has been revealed about Doctor Cornelius, save that he was a scientist working in the American military-industrial complex in the 1970s and 1980s before defecting to the Russians. Once he defected, he was put immediately to work using his expertise in genetic manipulation for the Soviet super-soldier project. It is unknown to what extent he was involved with various Soviet programs, but the two that he can be directly tied to are the development of carbonadium (a malleable isotope of adamantium) and the project that turned former Spetsnaz soldier Arkady Russovich into the monster codenamed Omega Red.

After a failed attempt by Weapon X to kill Russovich and Cornelius in the late 1980s, Cornelius vanished off the radar, only surfacing twenty years later in South Africa with Arkady, attempting to reacquire one of his masterpieces, the carbonadium synthesizer. The attempt was a failure, and Cornelius' whereabouts were unknown until he and Omega Red appeared again in November 2014. Using the parents of Kyle Gibney as a bargaining tool, they sent Kyle into a long-closed experimental facility, previously part of the Weapon program, in order to obtain files on their experiments with a deadly mutant virus. The information was to help prevent the ongoing rejection of Arkady's cardondium implants. They were successful in gaining what they sought and used Mrs Gibney to escape a group of Xavier's mutants who had connections with the Weapon X program. However, Arcady betrayed Cornelius, leaving him to be attacked by Romulus, a prototype of the program and an apex feral. Cornelius was seriously wounded by Romulus and his mate, but was able to seek shelter and was found by the group from Xavier's, who saved his life. He was last seen being taken by Lady Deathstrike and her team, the Xavier's group in no condition to stop them.


None, Abraham Cornelius is a baseline human. He possesses incredible knowledge in genetics, specifically in biological enhancement of "human weapons".


Operation: Dead Letter Office

Death is Legion

The Wild Hunt


Socked by:

Formerly socked by Nute

PB: Stellan Skarsgard