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Item: Carbonadium
First Seen: Operation: Dead Letter Office

Carbonadium is a malleable isotope of adamantium, artificially-synthesized by the Soviets in the mid-1980s. Due to its unstable nature, the USSR was unable to implement any military use for the metal in any sort of long-term capacity, and the project was buried.

Dr. Abraham Cornelius was integral in using carbonadium in superhuman enhancement, culminating his project by implanting two prehensile carbonadium coils in Omega Red, through which the Russian supersoldier can channel his "death spore". However, the drawback to this process is that regular medical procedures are needed to stabilize the carbonadium to avoid rejection. Alternatively, Dr. Cornelius had created a device - the carbonadium synthesizer - to remove this drawback. The synthesizer was thought lost in 1989, but turned up in an auction in South Africa, and was again thought lost.

Unknown to Cornelius, the carbonadium synthesizer is now in the possession of X-Force.


Operation: Dead Letter Office