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After the Genosha incident of the month before, July was much quieter as everyone dealt with what had happened to them. Doug Ramsey pushed himself too far and wound up having a panic attack in front of Amanda Sefton, who insisted he seek help or she would have him benched from X-Force as unfit; he wound up seeing a specialist by the name of Gus Grim. Sooraya Qadir collapsed from exhaustion and lack of eating and was benched from the X-Men while she recovered and Amanda discovered Matt Murdock had been using ecstasy (bought during his illicit trip to New York with Molly Hayes) and he wound up under strict supervision while he detoxed. And Jean Grey discovered, following an argument between the two men, that David Haller had apparently unconsciously wiped Scott Summers' mind of the memory of being told Charles Xavier was Haller's father, an incident that shocked all three of them and required Scott to have psychic therapy to ensure there was nothing else missing.

And in a situation proving nothing really changes, another field trip succumbed to the curse when an outing to Renfair became far more realistic than anticipated when a young mutant girl's powers caused the participants to become their outfits, with only Molly immune and calling backup of the magical kind in the shape of Amanda and Nico Minoru.

There were constructive things also. The traditional 4th of July barbeque took place, with the accompanying baseball game. Angelo Espinosa, following talks with Charles, announced the creation of X-Corps, an initiative which would encompass some of his work for Elpis as well as providing administrative support for HeliX and Red X. The new group would operate out of the mansion, giving Xavier's the chance to be more proactive about the sort of situations that led to the Genosha situation. Layla Miller was discovered to have a form of pre-cog, which explained her ability to know where to fire a gun in Genosha. And there were two more new arrivals: Susan Storm - Phase 1 was rescued, along with her younger brother, by X-Factor from a mad scientist, Arthur Molekevic; while, in a more disturbing situation, a young woman calling herself Rachel Kinross-Dayspring and claiming to be from an alternative dimension where Rachel didn't die in Genosha, was discovered in Madripoor and returned to the mansion, seeking the mutant Xorn in order to save her world.


Jul 1 - Angel posts wondering why people say redheads don't have souls. Amanda finds out about Jubliee dating Kurt and she goes to talk to Jubliee about it.

Jul 2 - Haller and Maddie talk about Genosha and how it did not leave her crazy and Haller shares a secret with her; Haller emails Wanda about vampires and werewolves and if the two species could breed with each other; Lorna posts an entry about the Fourth of July and inviting everyone to come to the all day event; Lorna visits Kurt so that their dogs could have a doggie play date, they talk about Kurt’s new girlfriend and the Fourth of July; Jean kidnaps Garrison and they go to Coney Island, well, almost go there. Jean texts Lorna about probably not making it to the Fourth but thanks her for putting it together; Scott checks up on Tabitha in the library. Amanda and Wanda catch up over drinks and food and talk about Genosha.

Jul 3 - Jean leaves a squirrel coffee cup and a bag of ground macadamia nut flavored coffee and a note for Dori. Kurt tries to coax Dori into talking about what she went through in Genosha. Nico posts a comic strip on the journals about Jesus being a swell guy. Layla finds herself at Nico’s door and they talk. Marie-Ange posts a picture of animals talking in caps. Dori announces that everyone will be sorted into different houses via the Sorting Hat on the Fourth of July. Jubilee posts that she is taking in requests for firework displays.

Jul 4 - At the 4th of July baseball game, Garrison tries to nurse Adrienne through some pitching troubles in the bottom of the second inning. Maddie finally has a proper introduction with Amanda. Wade makes a journal entry wishing everyone a Happy Fourth; Lorna thanks everyone that helped and everyone for showing up; Matt posts about how he hit the baseball and scored and wishes everyone a Happy Independence Day; Kurt delivers Cammie some barbeque at her apartment.

Jul 5 - Angel posts how she got a hit by a baseball during yesterday’s game and that the fireworks were awesome.

Jul 6 - Maddie stumbles upon Angel and drafts her into helping with an An Awesomest Idea Ever. Lorna reminds everyone that tomorrow is the Renfair and that she will be leaving tickets at the front gate for all those who wish to go.

Jul 7 - Renfair: Lorna, Sharon and Sooraya arrive early at the Renfair to set up and get dressed. Scott; Megan, Meggan, Sam, Molly and Korvus arrive later and get into costume; Elizabeth Rose shows up at Lorna’s booth and the fun begins as she uses her mutant powers; Molly, Sam, Scott, Megan, Meggan, and Korvus arrive at Lorna’s booth only to find Lorna, Sharon and Sooraya are missing and only Elizabeth Rose is there; Molly leaves a voice message at the mansion asking for some backup; Amanda and Nico are called in to go, and get into undercover clothing; Amanda and Nico arrive and find Molly who fills them in; they go to Elizabeth Rose and find out no magic is involved, but there is a way to turn things back to normal; Lorna and Megan show Molly, Nico and Amanda where Korvus’s lair is; Molly and Korvus face off and at the end Elizabeth Rose keeps her word; In the aftermath of Molly’s defeat of Korvus, Elizabeth releases the mutants from her spell and they meet her overwhelmed father. Adrienne comes bearing hellabuns to check up on Layla and her recently discovered power sets.

Jul 8 - Korvus writes on the journals that he is sorry that he was turned into the Black Knight. Wade texts Molly asking if she is alright and if she went to the faire thing. Wade helps Angel polish up on her hand-to-hand combat skills. Renfair: Lorna reports that she and the Professor had a sit down with Elizabeth Rose and her father to talk about the events of the day before.

Jul 9 - Maddie emails everyone (except Molly) with plans for Molly’s 14th birthday party superhero theme extravaganza. Meggan brings Korvus out for an early birthday dinner to distract him from thinking about the Renaissance Fair.

Jul 10 - Sam runs into Artie jogging early; Sam is cheerful and Artie is sarcastic. Sam posts to the journals, asking that no-one mention the Renfair incident again. Amanda startles Doug into a panic attack and gives him an ultimatum when it turns out he hasn’t been getting help with his post-traumatic stress from Genosha; Doug emails Sofia about getting a referral. Adrienne takes Tandy into town and they chat. Kyle and Dori have a serious talk about Genosha and Dori’s need to talk to someone. Sooraya runs into Wade in the sunroom where something goes wrong. Jean posts to the journals, letting people know that Sooraya is in the medlab after collapsing; Angel panics and texts Yvette and Wade about Sooraya; Sooraya wakes up in medlab and Jean tells her what happened.

Jul 11 - Molly posts about the gifts her parents sent her for her birthday; Wade gives her a butterfly hat, a gift voucher to a millinery store and a basket of candy; Wade texts Maddie about the slip ‘n’ slide being ready for the party; Tabitha posts re her superhero costume being actually comfortable; Meggan gives Molly several different hats; Matt wishes Molly a happy birthday and an IOU for a gift when he isn’t grounded. Scott announces on x_team that Sooraya is benched for health reasons; Sooraya posts from the medlab letting people know she’s okay and will be there a few days. At Molly’s birthday celebration, Meggan and Tandy talk once Tandy has helped to fix a problem with Meggan’s costume. A hyperactive Molly posts her thanks for her party.

Jul 12 - Doug tries to hand in his resignation to Wanda and she refuses it, much to his confusion - and relief; Doug lets people know he’ll be out of touch for a few days; Doug announces on x_snowvalley that he’s going on retreat as ordered by his new therapist, Gus Grim. Visiting Matt during his grounding, Amanda discovers he’s been using ecstasy and has to let the staff know; Jean posts to x_staff about Matt’s drug use and announcing that he’ll be in Medlab for withdrawal for the time being. Jean posts to Wanda about Amelia kicking her out of the medlab and asking for a night out; Jean updates to x_staff letting them know Amelia will be the point of contact for Matt. Maddie visits Sooraya in the medlab. Angelo meets Hope A. and they talk about music. Angelo visits Sooraya and mock-scolds her for not talking to him. Matt gives Tandy a tour and they get to know one another.

Jul 13 - Megan posts about it being Friday the 13th. Maddie texts Doug about his going away. Scott visits Matt on his first day of withdrawals.

Jul 14 - Laurie announces she’s going away with Eamon for three weeks. Jubilee texts Kurt to let him know she’s going on a job for several weeks and will be out of touch. Meggan leaves Korvus his birthday gifts. Haller emails Maddie to ask her to room with Hope A. during the re-organisation and after much negotiating and an offer of bribery, she agrees. Angel and Sam talk in the library.

Jul 15 - Angelo announces the new X-Corps initiative and asks for expressions of interest.

Jul 16 - Scott shows Angelo the new X-Corps offices and they talk about the school and planes. David North and Adrienne spar at the Brownstone's gym.

Jul 17 - Hope A. receives a chest from her grandmother, complete with a set of comb, brush, and mirror engraved with a special message. Matt makes a journal entry that he’s just a addict. Marie-Ange stops in Doug's server room to check on him after he returns from his retreat. Doug makes a post in snow_valley about returning from the retreat and how it was difficult yet productive. Doug makes a Mad Libs post to his journal for people to complete, which was ________. Sooraya makes a journal entry thanking people for their gifts and support while she was in the medlab. Maddie moves in with her new roommate and discovers there is hope for Hope A.. Hope A. meets Matt while he's going through withdrawal. Korvus and Wade, having finished restoring and beautifying the Impala, decide to take her for a drive.

Jul 18 - Any Port in a Storm: A breaking news story announces the disappearance of a pair of young siblings in New York; Sam and Franklin meet with Vanessa and Bishop to discuss his children's disappearance and see if they can help try to track down the Storm kids; Vanessa posts to x_factoragency about the missing kids, whose parents are friends of Charles, and starts their investigation; while Bishop and Adrienne go to check out things with Storm's employees Vanessa and Callisto head out to the assumed scene of the crime; when they find no one worth talking to at the offices Adrienne and Bishop head over to the school to check out the spot where Callisto and Vanessa were told the kids got nabbed. Sooraya leaves Jean some cookies to thank her for her help. Angel announces she’s done with her summer classes and finals. Sam announces that there are cookies in the kitchen from his mother if anyone wants some. Amanda and Doug go out for drinks and apologies.

Jul 19 - Any Port in a Storm: Adrienne and Bishop head back to Franklin's office to find someone worth talking to about Molekevic and any other enemies Franklin may have; While her colleagues are off to the offices Vanessa heads out to the streets with Callisto to see if they can connect Molekevic's work to any street gossip and maybe find a lead back to him that way; Callisto and Adrienne find the spot where those being experimented on are being dumped but can't find the direction they came from; Adrienne sends mobile e-mails with images to Bishop and Vanessa as her and Callisto track down one of the vans; following the route Adrienne set them on, Vanessa and Bishop try to find any indication of being in the right place...and hit pay dirt; Vanessa texts Sam and Amara for help in extracting the kidnapped kids; Sue gets taken into a lab where she comes face to face with her kidnapper and his plan for her are revealed; Scott posts to x_team to gather a team to help rescue the missing kids; Amara, the rest of X-Factor and the X-Men meet up with Vanessa briefly to get the run down on what's going on; once inside Lorna, Adrienne and Callisto break off from the group and find themselves up against some of Molekevic's thugs of the mutant variety; meanwhile, Kyle and Marius run into those earth people standing in the way of Kyle's burgers; The fire trio find not just more golems but also Molekevic who slips away from them; Molekevic runs across Vanessa and Bishop trying to get the kids to safety and throws a fit; as the others are wrapping up their captives Amara realizes they aren't all that safe in the tunnels; When they realize that not everyone got out Sam takes Amara, Callisto, and Lorna back underground to try to find Vanessa, Bishop, and hopefully the kids; Back at the mansion Franklin finds out what happened and decides what to do next. Tandy and Dori meet for the first time. Scott takes Dori up in a simulation of the Blackbird and teaches her to land a jet.

Jul 20 - It's intervention Jones-style as Angel takes Yvette and Sooraya off the grounds for some fun times and tough love. Cammie makes a journal entry about a surprise she left for her co-workers that she picked up at the Oddities store.

Jul 21 - Sooraya makes a journal entry about Ramadan starting the day before and that she can’t participate fully due to her recovery. Kyle makes a journal entry complaining about the state his fantasy baseball team is in.

Jul 22 - Any Port in a Storm: Sue wakes up in the infirmary and finds out what her father had decided while she was unconscious. Yvette leaves Angelo a gift-wrapped mug, with "World's Best Boss" on it, for his birthday. Amanda leaves Angelo a framed picture of him, Nathan, and Rachel from an outing in New York as a birthday gift. Doug leaves Angelo a high end bottle of tequila and a pair of theater tickets for his birthday. Sooraya leaves a feather duster for Angelo as a fake birthday gift, with a small black leather case for business cards hidden inside as the real gift. Molly leaves a glittery package for Angelo as a birthday gift, containing a dozen stretchy men, a giant rubber band ball, a drawing of Angelo with a cape and mask, and a bone for Joyita.

Jul 23 - Angelo thanks everyone for all the presents he was given on his birthday. Terry arrives back from California. Charles informs everyone that graduation and a dance will be held on the 3rd of August, Maddie volunteers to organise it. Maddie puts on a rocket display to celebrate the life of Sally Ride, the first female astronaut. Haller and Scott run into one another in the hall and get into an argument about the school and discover something was wrong. After Jean examines Scott she discovers Haller had altered Scott’s memory to make Scott forget Haller had ever told him abut Charles being his father.

Jul 24 - Layla posts a message warning that any sounds of pain from the front drive belong to her breaking in bonding with her roommate. Sue posted a message saying hi on the journals. Megan and Layla make plans to go to a punk concert in the city. Ashes and Mist: In another, darker world, Remy and Haller discuss options with the leadership of the UN, following the loss of the Atlantic Seawall to Apocalypse's forces; Remy returns to Muir Island to confer with Professor Essex and Rachel Kinross regarding his plan. Sue and Maddie meet and have a friendly argument about sports teams.

Jul 25 - Ashes and Mist: Unable to contact Korvus telepathically, Rachel turns to Haller for an update on the mission. The outcome of the mission is broadcast live on Apocalypse’s state media, Rachel and Kurt watch. With the situation more bleak than ever, Essex shares the most desperate of plans with Rachel. Matt and Sue meet for the first time and agree to go out.

Jul 26 - Angelo brings his birthday tequila to share with Doug and the two of them talk. Yvette posts birthday wishes to Sooraya. Angel leaves a photo album outside Sooraya’s door as a birthday present. Maddie plans a birthday party for Sooraya. Scott and Angel run into one another in town and discuss danger room sessions and pool. Ashes and Mist: Essex's plan is carried out and Rachel Kinross-Dayspring arrives in the alternate dimension in a rather inconvenient manner.

Jul 27 - Catseye and Korvus discuss eating meat before heading down to the pool to act as lifeguards. Ashes and Mist: Dum-Dum Dugan send Garrison a message revealing a young mutant girl has appeared in Madripoor; Garrison alerts the X-Men to the upcoming mutant threat; Scott briefs his team; the X-Men stumble across their target, but it’s not what they had expected; after searching on Cerebro for Xorn, the Professor calls Rachel into his office to plan their next step forward. Angel and Sue meet in the kitchen and Angel introduces Sue to fudgsicles.

Jul 28 - Terry has lunch with Adrienne and talks about the foibles of men. Afterwards Terry visits Doug and they talk.

Jul 29 - Cammie and Tabitha go trolling for fights and trouble in a dive bar. Sue gets lost while exploring the mansion and stumbles across Hope A., the girls talk about their differing hobbies.

Jul 30 - Clarice posts about a possible vacation. Scott announces the arrival of a guest named Rachel. Megan posts about the girl’s punk band in Russia and their trial.

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