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Renfair: A fair to remember
Dates run: July 7 2012
Run By: Rei & AJ
Read the logs: Renfair

"Uh...Hi Sir Knight," she gave a wave. "So...we fight now?"

A simple field trip to a local Renaissance Fair gets a bit more complicated, requiring Molly Hayes to save the day.


Lorna Dane, Scott Summers, Korvus Rook'shir, Megan Gwynn, Meggan Szardos, Molly Hayes, Nico Minoru, Sam Guthrie, Sharon Smith, Sooraya Qadir.

Elizabeth Rose McCalvin, Zackary McCalvin


July 7 2012

Plot Summary

Lorna is offered a spot in the RenFair and she invites other residents of the mansion to go with her for the weekend. A number of people take her up on her offer, some agreeing to assist her with her booth, the others just want to experience the fair. Lorna and her assistants arrive to set up shop early, while the rest of the cast arrive later once the fair has started. During the fair a little girl, named Elizabeth Rose, comes to visit Lorna’s booth. She loves Lorna’s cooking so much she wants Lorna and her assistants to come and play with her. Lorna and the others working fall under the influence and they believe they are part of the fantasy world that Elizabeth Rose cooks up.

Elizabeth’s influence slowly spread out to the rest of the fair, leading them all to believe that they were living in fantasy themed medieval times. Everyone at the Faire is assigned a role in Elizabeth’s fantasy. They were merchants, nobles, jesters and knights; all built around Elizabeth’s court. Not all the people at the fair were on the side of light, Korvus had dressed up as a knight, but had scared the poor girl and under her influence he then becomes the Black Knight, the villain to Elizabeth Rose who is now becoming princess of the land.

Molly, however,is not influenced by the girl’s powers due to the scars left on her psyche by her parents. Molly calls the school to get advice, thinking that magic may be involved. Amanda and Nico are called in to check things out. Once they arrive, the three of them go to Elizabeth Rose, but the young girl will only speak to Molly. She tries her best to talk sense into Elizabeth Rose who just really wants to have fun. Elizabeth then says if Molly can defeat the Black Knight then the spell will be broken. Molly has to play along in order to save everyone from themselves.

Molly confronts Korvus at the children’s play area and they battle, Molly punches Korvus into the bouncy castle and is victorious. Elizabeth Rose keeps her promise and releases everyone, but she ends up falling to the ground passed out from using her powers. Zackary, Elizabeth Rose’s dad, arrives in a panic looking for his little girl. He apologized and Amanda mentions that it Elizabeth Rose needs proper training. Lorna and Scott agrees but she is too young to join the school yet. Lorna talks with the Professor and Zackary about Elizabeth and they all agree that they will be in contact with each other until Elizabeth Rose is ready to come to the school.

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Elizabeth Rose McCalvin: 6 year old girl who has everyone believing that they are in a fairy tale. Making her a princess with a whole story arc, including knights jostling and the evil Black Knight that wants to take her throne. She has some believe they are court jesters, as well as other members of the court including the ladies in waiting.

Powers: Influences others. She is able to effect an radius of roughly 100 yards in all directions. Only people inside this radius are effected. Socked by Rei.

Zackary McCalvin: Elizabeth’s Dad who would be making a short appearance at the end when the illusion wears off. Might be hinted that the father is human and the mom is mutant, possibly negates the effects of Elizabeth’s powers. Socked by AJ.


Plotrunner: Rei & AJ

This is Rei’s first plot.