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Eight months after her depature, Jean Grey returned from the West Coast Annex, to assist in the medlab and to bolster the ranks of the X-Men following Ororo Munroe's crisis of faith. It was an awkward situation for Bobby Drake, following the Jane incident of three years previously, but inroads were made into laying that to rest. Also awkward was Logan's reaction to Scott Summers remaining behind; he wasted no time in reminding Jean of her attraction to him and his own awareness of it.

The search for Nicholas Gleason continued, with Amanda Sefton attempting a location spell upon her return from Nova Roma. The spell failed, deepening Amanda's concern for her mourning brother.

In New Orleans, Marie-Ange Colbert continued to excel in her new career as an Assassin, while her cousin, Jean-Phillipe Colbert, received advice on his own future; joining the X-Men. Laurie Collins became Bishop's part-time assistant in the agency, which had landed its case, looking into mutants missing from District X; and Megan Gwynn attempted too get in touch with her estranged sister.

The prevailing issue of July, however, was the "miracle cure" of the Untouchables. With Crystal Amaquelin confirming with the holistic healer Haven that the change was permanent, each of the four faced "normal" life in their own ways: Yvette Petrovic threw herself into it with gusto, taking a trip with best friend Angelica Jones to Seattle; Jared Corbo made various clumsy attempts to experience new things; Carmilla Black raged, blamed Yvette for the predicament and got drunk; and Kevin Ford held back, fearing an accident should his powers suddenly return without warning. His caution was to be proved well-founded, although not for his powers; when he and Jean-Paul Beaubier carelessly fell asleep together, Kevin was blasted across the room and into a wall when Jean-Paul had a nightmare. Kevin broke several ribs and wound up in the medlab.


July 1 - Lorna announces grocery shopping for the Fourth of July weekend and requests minions.

Jul 2

Jul 3 - Jared sees Crystal out flying and asks her out.

Jul 4 - Jan asks about people's plans for the Fourth. Grounded by fireworks, Jean-Paul texts Vanessa about her plans for the night. Megan asks Kurt about tracking down her sister and trying for a reconciliation.

Jul 5 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Kevin makes food for Laurie after a Danger Room session and she asks him about his sudden powers-free status.

Jul 6 - Jean posts to the staff comm telling people she's coming back to the mansion. She then posts to her own journal complaining about airplane travel. Butterflies and Hurricanes: Crystal meets with Haven and finds out that the change in Yvette, Kevin, Jared & Cammie's mutations is permanent. Logan picks up Jean at the airport.

Jul 7 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Yvette finds Kevin hiding in the treehouse and he asks her about her fears on their mutations coming back; Crystal posts to the medical comm informing the doctors and medstaff of Haven's attitude and responsibility for what has happened. Megan posts to her journal asking people how their Fourth of July went.

Jul 8 - Cammie gets drunk and calls Kurt for help. Nico and Megan talk about shoes, fashion and boys.

Jul 9 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Crystal e-mails Yvette, Kevin, Jared and Cammie about their mutation issues; Yvette posts to her journal about the fact her mutation loss is permanent; Jean-Paul leaves Yvette a Granny-Smith apple; Kevin sms's Cammie asking why she's pissed and telling her to lay off Yvette; to get her away from the journals, Kurt lures Cammie over for beer and given her mood, this is a good thing.

Jul 10 - Nico runs into Artie watching TV. Headaches ensue. Kevin and Jean-Paul play a bit of frisbee. Yvette posts to the journals saying she'll be staying with Angel's mother for a week or so, she also apologises for not asking the others before having Haven take away their powers.

Jul 11 - Angelo posts about Spain's soccer World Cup win. Crystal e-mails Cammie and Kevin to explain why she gave them the news about their mutations.

Jul 12 -

Jul 13 - As offered, Jean-Paul makes Cammie bacon when she recovers from her residual poisoning.

Jul 14 - Megan decides to send a letter to her sister, Molly, and writes about it in her journal.

Jul 15 -

Jul 16 -

Jul 17 - Homeward Bound: Amanda leaves Amara in Nova Roma to continue helping the inhabitants, and offers some advice. Jean-Paul successfully grills for Kevin's birthday.

Jul 18 - Jean runs into Bobby in the kitchen and they get to talking about what happened between them three years ago.

Jul 19 - Amanda announces her return on the journals and finds out about Nick; Amanda emails Kurt and offers to help with a location spell; the spell fails and Amanda does her best to be supportive of Kurt; Amanda drops by to check on Meggan and see how Kurt's really been doing.

Jul 20 - Kyle points out the difficulty in telling male and female cyclists apart from the back.

Jul 21 -

Jul 22 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Vanessa emails Bishop about a number of missing mutants. Wanda gets back and lets her work mates know. Amanda wishes Angelo a happy birthday. Yvette announces her and Angel's return from Seattle and is surprised to find out Angel's cousins were flirting with her. Jubilee ambushes Jean-Paul in District X and throws a muffin at his head.

Jul 23 - Yvette finds Kyle by the pool and an awkward hug happens.

Jul 24 - Jean runs into Garrison late at night in the Danger Room control room working on some training modules Scott sent to him; the two joke about a few things and then decide to go to Harry's Hideaway for some wings and burgers.

Jul 25 - Angelo pranks Jean-Paul by turning his wardrobe pink. Jean-Phillipe visits Yvette and teases her about Angel's cousins, before the conversation turns to Jean-Phillipe's future and Yvette has a suggestion for him.

Jul 26 - Laurie and Jean-Paul talk about astronomy and then Laurie asks Jean-Paul if he'd fly with her. New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain: Marie-Ange ends a life under the watch of the New Orleans Guilds|Assassin's Guild, and talks to their leader about his sister's spying. Laurie suggests Jean-Phillipe look at joining the X-Men.

Jul 27 - Laurie e-mails Vanessa about plants in the office, she goes a little far. Jean-Paul comes by the X-Factor office and finds a new face with a familiar voice.

Jul 28 - Jake's just eating a breakfast sandwich, minding his own business, when Jean-Paul turns up and things get complicated, as they do.

Jul 29 - When Jean-Paul asks Garrison about Lil, they wind up having it out about Jean-Paul's non-attendance at the funeral for the Alpha Flight members killed the previous year.

Jul 30 - Butterflies and Hurricanes: Vanessa goes to the hospital to check up on her various missing persons and finds someone she didn't expect as well as a potential lead; Vanessa texts Jean-Paul, asking him to spy on Haven; Vanessa then e-mails Bishop about her findings, and she trades Laurie to him as his new assistant.

Jul 31 - Megan begins her first attempt at cooking macaroni and cheese with onions, and Meggan wanders in during the process; Meggan agrees to be Megan’s guinea pig for the duration. Vanessa e-mails Laurie about her being traded to Bishop. Jean-Paul texts Vanessa to ask her how often she wants him to report. Kevin is injured after he tries to wake Jean-Paul up from a nightmare after the two accidently fall asleep together; Jean-Paul gets Kevin down to the medlab where Jean checks him over and makes sure of his injuries.


Butterflies and Hurricanes

Homeward Bound

New Orleans: The Pontchartrain Strain

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