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Portrayed by Robia LaMorte
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: District X
Socked By: Aura
Introduction: Butterflies and Hurricanes

A doctor and holistic healer who used her powers to help people, even though it meant putting those burdens on someone else.


Name: Unknown

Aliases: Haven

Birth date: 1974

Height: 5'4"

Coloring: Olive complexion, shoulder-length black hair and green eyes.

Occupation: Doctor focusing on homeopathic and holistic methods

First appearance: June 26, 2010


A reality warping mutant, she was slowing garnering a reputation as a "savior" working out of a holistic and homeopathic health clinic in District X. She did amazing things for those with illnesses, diseases and very destructive mutations. She gave people back their lives.

She showed up in District X following the beginnings of reconstruction after Day Zero and had been helping in a local clinic there. The woman holds a medical license for general practice as well as holistic and homeopathic treatments. She also has a reputation for being a healer. Unfortunately, her mutation is more complicated than that. She started out helping the wounded in District X and seeing to them having proper medical care. She called in favors for funding to make sure they had supplies and really did a lot of work to get these people the medical care they needed. Medicine can't fix everything and that was always the hardest thing for her to accept as a doctor. Her mutation, however, could fix anything - though it came with a price.

One day when a couple came in pleading for help for their dying son Haven made the decision that whatever the price she needed to help. She found Derek, a teenager who volunteered at the clinic, and asked if he wanted to help save a little boy's life. He said yes, of course, and so she used her mutation on the boy. She took the leukemia out of the little boy and put it into Derek. At first the teenager grew very sick but within a day his body had killed the disease. The little boy's body contained no sign of ever having had the cancer and so he was in no danger of relapsing. Word of mouth quickly and quietly spread through the neighborhood of Haven's abilities.

After the events of Butterflies and Hurricanes, however, Haven found herself arrested and taken into custody by SHIELD.


Haven is a reality warper. Specifically, she can displace bits of reality and put them somewhere else. She's never done this with physical objects such as tables, lamps and chairs and is, in fact, incapable of doing so. What she can do is displace genetically expressed traits such as blonde hair, genetic disorders and mutations. She can also take diseased cells out of a person's body and replace them with healthy cells.

What her power does, literally, is substitute. In order for this to happen she has to put what she is taking out somewhere. If she has nowhere to put it then the exchange is automatically made with her own body. Having a vessel to put these things into leaves her own body unharmed. Her powers only take effect after the target person has slept, working to make the exchange while their body is at rest.

Her mutation's effects can be reversed through direct skin-to-skin contact between the person from whom something was taken and the person to whom it was given. Haven, however, is unaware of this herself.


Butterflies and Hurricanes


PB: Robia LaMorte

Socked by: Aura