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Derek Barnes - Deceased
Portrayed by none
Known Aliases: none
Socked By: Cai
Introduction: Butterflies and Hurricanes

Derek is a teenager who just wanted to help people after losing his parents during Day Zero, what he got for his efforts wasn't exactly a gift.


Name: Derek Barnes

Aliases: none

Birth date: October 3, 1994

Height: 6'0"

Appearance Brown hair, brown eyes, grasshopper body (including two sets of wings and two sets of legs) from the shoulders down excluding his arms which are normal until you reach his elbows which are crab pinchers. His skin has patches that are translucent (these spots are cool to the touch and almost gelatinous or silicon feeling), onyx black and patched like a calico cat.

Occupation: None

First appearance: August 12, 2010


Derek was orphaned during Day Zero. He, himself, was also caught in a crossfire and was shot which triggered Derek's mutation to manifest and he healed his wound. He wound up at a shelter without anywhere else to go. Six months later he was taken in by a mutant foster family, allowed by the city because no one else wanted to take in a mutant. The people were nice and they never tried to outright replace his own parents so Derek adjusted to his new home alright. Feeling like he didn't really belong, however, he took up volunteering various places in the neighborhood so he could stop thinking about his parents and how much he missed them. All of Derek's volunteering left him with a very strong drive to help others.

He'd been seeing a community therapist in the wake of Day Zero so he turned to the clinic to help which is how he ended up meeting Haven. She was a nice lady and she worked hard to help the community. When she asked if he wanted to help a little boy he wasn't going to say no. From there he became a sort of team with Haven until he no longer was given the choice to help or not and had mutation after mutation thrust into him. Soon he was left in the basement of the clinic, unable to get out because of the physical mutations he'd taken on. It wasn't until Bobby Drake found him down there that he got to see the sunlight again.

After being found by Bobby Derek was taken to the mansion and discovered what Haven had done could be undone through physical contact. Unfortunately, once Jared's forcefield was taken back Derek was a danger to anything he touched. Despite that danger and ensuing injury Kevin, Cammie, and Yvette took their mutations back from Derek.

Derek was eventually sent to Muir Island in the hopes that the team of doctors and researchers there could find a way to help Derek learn to live with his many mutations if not remove them from him completely. He was killed during the Brotherhood invasion of Muir in January 2015.


Derek himself possessed a very strong healing factor. Because of Haven and her "cures" he can also communicate with cats and has a number of physical manifestations. Physically he has crab pinchers from the elbow down on otherwise normal arms. From the shoulders down he has the body of a grasshopper complete with two sets of legs and two sets of wings (which are functional and can carry his weight). He has patches patterned like the fur of a calico cat, onyx black areas on his skin and also translucent, gelatinous areas that are cool to the touch. Physical contact causes detonations of varying intensities.


Butterflies and Hurricanes


PB: none

Socked by: Cai