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After several misunderstandings and a screaming match in the hallway adjudicated by Betsy and Scott, Lorna and Alex began their relationship. There were some hiccups to Sam and Alison's relationship given Sam still had some feelings for Piotr, but these were sorted out. Paige spoke to Pete about a number of things, including Jono, the future and the Professor's Dream and Pete realised Paige was nursing Feelings for Tall Dark and Broody. Jubilee sent a letter from China where she was visiting previously unknown family. Kurt returned home to the circus to be with his family for a time.

Movie outings abounded. Pete took a group of students (and particularly some of the shut-ins like Jono and Marie) to New York for the day. Alison took a group to the Ridge Folk Festival and several concerts as part of her music classes. Betsy (unwelcomely) accompanied Sarah on a trip home to the Morlock Tunnels where the bodies of those killed in the massacre still remained and got a certain insight into the Morlock's psychology. There was a big Fourth of July barbeque, the start of a tradition.

Alison confided to Lorna that the reason she came to the school and why she wears an image inducer outside was because there is a crazed stalker trying to kill her. John had several IM conversations with residents and secrets were told - Alison worried when he abruptly dropped offline in mid-conversation but he later posted to the journals in response to her emails asking for a sign of life.

Essex took on the training and treatment of several students. Kitty's powers training stepped up, resulting in the unfortunate death of her pet rat Algernon but she continued on regardless. Her experiments caused Marie to freak out somewhat and the staff got involved - Betsy gave her a lecture on restraint and ethics which wasn't very well received. Essex studied Sarah's mutation with aims of finding a way to control her bone production and perhaps help her look more 'normal'. He also continued his tests on Betsy with regard to her blindness and enlisted Kitty to assist him in the procedure. Betsy started putting her affairs in order and made her will. She also found out some disturbing details of Essex's personal history and was unsettled by some of his behaviour. Rahne spent more and more time as a wolf. Alison learned to use her lightshow as a shield. Lorna and Marie arranged (at Alison's behest) to start hand to hand training together. Alison and Betsy discovered the training they have been doing on psychic defences had created a psychic link between them. Haroun's repairs and rehabilitation progressed to the point he was able to walk and fly again, which meant his impending departure from the school.

Pete returned to work for the British Government and had several jobs, including the Arctic, New York and New Orleans. Rahne became concerned that he was getting run down as he returned to the school looking less than well after the New York job went badly. There was an undisclosed mission in the Middle East which tied up Storm and Wolverine for most of July. Cyclops went on a secret fact-finding mission for the Professor.


Jul 1 - Sam still had feelings for Piotr despite being with Alison. Lorna and Alex's relationship begins after they fight in the hallway.

Jul 2 -

Jul 3 - Kitty has a powers mishap with her pet rat Algernon and accidentally kills him.

Jul 4 - Fourth of July barbeque. Crimson Dawn: Betsy has a follow-up appointment with Essex and he outlines his plan to restore her sight. She also finds out more about his personal history than she perhaps wanted.

Jul 5 -

Jul 6 - Jubilee sends a letter to the school whilst visiting family in China. Kurt rejoins the circus and visits his family for a time.

Jul 7 -

Jul 8 - Pete has an incident in New York.

Jul 9 -

Jul 10 -

Jul 11 - Haroun undergoes cybernetic repairs and regains the ability to walk and fly.

Jul 12 - Betsy realises she and Alison have inadvertently created a psychic link through their training together on psychic defences.

Jul 13 - Rahne is concerned about Pete looking run down and unwell.

Jul 14 -

Jul 15 -

Jul 16 - Alison arranges for Lorna and Marie to train hand to hand together.

Jul 17 -

Jul 18 -

Jul 19 - Alison and John online chat and several secrets are disclosed relating to Bobby. John disappears in mid-conversation.

Jul 20 - Alison has a breakthrough with her powers and learns how to make a personal shield.

Jul 21 - Pete and Paige talk about Xavier's, the Dream and Jono.

Jul 22 - Kitty enlists Marie's help in her training and discovers she can phase other people by touching them. She then freaks out Marie by trying to touch her whilst phased after saying she wouldn't. Sarah enlists Essex's help in controlling her bones. X-Men Mission: Pyro: Scott goes on an errand for Charles. Crimson Dawn: Essex enlists Kitty's help in Betsy's treatment.

Jul 23 - John posts signs of life after his sudden disappearance. Essex researches Sarah's mutation with aims of developing control.

Jul 24 -

Jul 25 - Betsy talks to Kitty about her training and restraint.

Jul 26 - Pete takes a group of students to New York for the day. Alison takes others to the Ridge Folk Festival.

Jul 27 -

Jul 28 - Sarah returns to the Morlock tunnels with Betsy. Alison reveals to Lorna the existence of the stalker who tried to kill her after she came out as a mutant.

Jul 29 - Pete goes down to New Orleans for a job.

Jul 30 - Betsy receives a parcel of legal documents. Rahne practices being a wolf.

Jul 31 -


X-Men Mission: Pyro

Crimson Dawn

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