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Several new teachers arrived: Sean 'Banshee' Cassidy, Kylun and Jean-Paul 'Northstar' Beaubier. Haroun 'Jetstream' al-Rashid also returned. Cecilia Reyes joined the school as a graduate student. Angelo Espinosa's mother moved to New York permanently. Pete offered Domino freelance work with himself and John Cully. John Allerdyce was accepted into a local college and spent less and less time at the school, eventually moving out.

Lorna Dane and Alex Summers celebrated their first anniversary. Sarah was told she couldn't see Miles Blaire and Artie Maddicks unsupervised and reacted badly. Jubilation Lee and Manuel de la Rocha's friendship developed into flirting, much to Amanda Sefton's unhappiness. The feud between Amanda and Jubilee worsened, with several nasty exchanges on the journals. A number of the students went into New York overnight to celebrate Angelo's 18th birthday.

Jubilee's online investigation into Amanda's scars led her to be contacted by a man called Patches. In return for some blood he told her the scars were an augmentation spell Amanda might have done to herself for more power. Nathan Dayspring's dreamwalking worsened, with him visiting several people's dreams and them being drawn into his. Many secrets were revealed. Nathan's stress about Mistra revealed itself in a new telekinetic trick during an argument with Betsy Braddock - he turned several plants into glass. Manuel continued his empathic training with the Askani. Marie-Ange Colbert avoided sleeping for five days trying to pin down a particularly disturbing vision and had her cards and sketchpads taken away by Doug Ramsey, resulting in a fight. Dr. Strange's researches into Belasco resulted in him confronting Illyana Rasputin about his concerns with her upbringing in Limbo and then telling Charles Xavier. Piotr Rasputin disowned Illyana and she announced the nature of her powers on the journals. Several people encouraged her to talk about her experiences but Pete's offer was the one she decided to follow up.


July 1 - Marauders: Clarice and Shinobi talk to Nathan over the Sarah issue and the email he sent calling them accessories to murder. Alex and Lorna's one-year anniversary and Lorna tells him about her decision to join the X-Men. Pete emails Amanda about healing his gun wounds. Jubilee gets an email about her online enquiries about Amanda's scars.

July 2 - Amanda is cleared to Heal again and offers to heal Alison, who refuses. Kitty comes back from Chicago and she and Jamie visit his family in Kansas. Pete tells Sarah he'll help her against the Marauders next time. Manuel and Askani disagree during one of Manuel's training sessions.

July 3 - Nathan and Amanda discuss Manuel's empathic training.

July 4 - Fourth of July fireworks at the Madrox farm. Moira takes a group to see the fireworks in New York.

July 5 - Collateral Damage: Mistra sends Nathan a Spartan sword. He and Charles plan to go through his memories of the program, with Pete's input. Dr. Samson decides to try Angelo on antidepressants. Jubilee contacts Patches.

July 6 - Moira trains Nathan's TK by having him manipulate algae. Marie-Ange and Doug run into some FOH-ers whilst in Colorado visiting Doug's family. Shinobi and Scott discuss Shinobi earning his place back on the team. Paige approaches Moira about powers training.

July 7 - Scott talks to Paige about Sarah's email.

July 8 - Manuel and Jubilee flirt. Manuel talks to Moira about powers training and sneaks a peek at Angelo's medical file.

July 9 - Bobby talks to Jane about being at home ill. Nathan proposes summer rock climbing trips.

July 10 - Domino visits, bringing Nathan an old friend - Bella the parrot. Nathan and Amanda talk about Mistra.

July 11 - Domino and Manuel spar.

July 12 - Nathan and Angelo spar and make headway repairing their friendship.

July 13 - Pete offers Domino freelance work with him and Culley. Angelo and Illyana trade barbs. Betsy confronts Nathan about Mistra and his fears and he turns various plants into glass. Jean-Paul "Northstar" Beaubier arrives at the school as a teacher. Sarah plays a prank involving pasting photos of Betsy's modelling days around the mansion and gives Manuel a wiggins.

July 14 - Nathan shuts himself away in his room and refuses to talk to anyone for half the day. Sarah and Clarice fight. Amanda thinks she's pregnant and Manuel reveals his true feelings. Sean "Banshee" Cassidy contacts Charles about a teaching position. Madelyn emails Clarice about working in the medlab as a helper.

July 15 - Nathan tells Jubilee about Mistra. Manuel confronts Betsy about Kwannon and what happened with Nathan.

July 16 - Manuel and Nathan discuss Kwannon. Dr Strange and Moira meet and discuss Amanda's training. Pete talks to Illyana about Limbo and her facade of being normal. Amanda warns Piotr about what Limbo might have done to Illyana. Shiro and Jean-Paul have a flying race. Strange contacts Charles about examining Illyana. Amanda tells Manuel she's not pregnant. Shiro's cousin Mariko invites him to visit her in Japan.

July 17 - Domino IMs Doug after having blown herself up. He calls in Nathan who has her rescued from Russian Intelligence. Marie-Ange dreams of Nathan in Spartan armour. Dr Strange finds out details about Belasco and confronts Illyana about them. Strange tells Charles about what he has found.

July 18 - Nathan starts dreamwalking and Amanda sees far more of his history than he intended. Later she warns him about Illyana. Nathan and Sam discuss Sam's lack of direction. Shiro invites Alex to come to Japan with him. Nathan trains in sparring with Angelo and Illyana.

July 19 - Angelo finds himself in Nathan's dreams of his childhood in Alaska. Nathan begins training Amanda in defence. Kylun writes to Charles asking for sanctuary. Haroun "Jetstream" al Rashid emails Charles also asking for sanctuary. John is accepted to a local college. Angelo's mother moves to New York.

July 20 - Alison is the next to find herself in Nathan's dreams. Illyana and Piotr fight and he disowns her. Nathan turns a sandcastle to glass for Moira's powers training session. Amanda and Jubilee fight on the journals and Pete warns Jubilee off. Illyana emails Pete about talking about Limbo.

July 21 - Sarah finds out she's not allowed to see Artie or Miles unsupervised and doesn't take it well. Betsy shares what she knows of Kwannon with Scott and the rest of the team. Patches emails Jubilee arranging a meeting.

July 22 - Sean "Banshee" Cassidy becomes a teacher at the school. Amanda finds Manuel and Jubilee kissing. Marie-Ange frightens Nathan with one of her visions. Various students go clubbing for Angelo's 18th birthday. Haroun returns to the school. Betsy offers to teach an advanced mutation control class.

July 23 - Jubilee meets Patches and receives information that Amanda may have cast augmentation spells on herself. Doug and Nathan take Marie-Ange's cards and notes after they discover she hasn't slept for five days trying to do readings.

July 24 - Marie writes to several people from Canada. Collateral Damage: Mistra sends a team to recover Nathan at Columbia University. Colin MacInnis emails Pete and Charles warning them Mistra is no longer being predictable. Nathan's psychiatrist finds a listening device in his office.

July 25 - Collateral Damage: Nathan blames himself for the deaths at Columbia and checks out of medlab.

July 26 - Nathan tries to return to teaching still injured and his students tell Charles. Illyana tells Miles what happened to her in Limbo. Jean-Paul takes Clarice out without her inducer. Haroun returns to the mansion. X-Men Firefountain mission in Iceland.

July 27 - Pete logics Nathan into not blaming himself for Columbia as much.

July 28 - Bethany Moore visits Amanda. Askani visits Alison in her dreams for advice on Nathan.

July 29 - Jean-Paul finds Betsy getting drunk and takes her to bed.

July 31 - Cecilia Reyes arrives at the school in the aftermath of Columbia.


Collateral Damage

X-Men Mission: Firefountain

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