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Following the disappearance of Attilan, the students and staff of the school spent the following month trying to cope with the apparent deaths of Forge, Crystal Amaquelin and Medusa Amaquelin. Jennie Stavros and Laurie Collins in particular took things hard, with Laurie having several out of character bouts of anger, and Jennie walking to Ploughkeepsie and back. Amanda Sefton and Angelo Espinosa took to the road, finally taking the break they'd talked about and being joined by Doug Ramsey and Marie-Ange Colbert along the way. The burden was eased somewhat when a powers interaction between Illyana Rasputin, Wanda Maximoff and Amanda resulted in Illyana 'porting to the displaced island and discovering the inhabitants were alive and well. On the island itself, time continued to flow at a faster rate, with Medusa marrying Blackagar Boltagon, Forge eventually making contact with the royals and taking a job with the palace and taking on Attilani citizenship whilst Crystal taught at the school founded by the royal family, before being driven by her need to know the truth to seek out her cousin Maximus Boltagon, who had been missing since Attilan was relocated.

An Elpis mission to Africa resulted in a meeting with the king of Wakanda and an encounter with vibranium smugglers, whilst Christian Kane, Garrison Kane's father, enlisted the aid of the X-Men to help him with a situation involving freighters going missing in the China Sea.

Upon discovering that her dog Lili was pregnant by Alex's dog Crush and that Cain Marko was building a kennel to house the mansion's increasing animal population, Lorna Dane moved out into a house in Salem Center. Jamie Madrox's old treehouse was damaged in a storm and the mansion's students and younger grads helped with rebuilding it. The second anniversary of Charlie Plunder's death passed, with Remy LeBeau finally being convinced by Pete Wisdom and Sarah Morlocke not to take out Belladonna, Arcade and anyone else who might pose a threat to the school or the Snow Valley crew. He headed to Africa to repair his relationship with Ororo Munroe, making something of a fool of himself in the process. And the release of the new Harry Potter book ensured things were very quiet for a few days.


Jul 1 - Logan asks Farouk to use his telepathy to find a clue to Logan's past, with uncomfortable results. Scott and Amanda talk about the things they have in common, post Voodoo Child. Nathan is released from the infirmary and apologises to the mansion telepaths for Rachel's panic. Sound of Silence: Pietro emails Scott with some news - the plane has been found and bodies recovered; the royal wedding, and Forge has no luck trying to see the Amaquelins. Amanda pulls the scarring and goes to Jean for a checkup.

Jul 2 - Jono announces he will be teaching music come the new school term. Forge's parents arrive to sort out their son's effects and various legal issues; Angelo promises Richard Forge that he'll look after Forge's things; finding Angelo shattered by the encounter, Amanda suggests they go on that road trip the next day, and Angelo agrees.

Jul 3 - Scott and Jean discuss the futility of the year's events. Cain announces the construction of a kennel on-site for the mansion's pets. Cain encounters Jennie, who is not coping at all well with the Attilan disappearance and then goes to talk to Ororo about the trainees. Marius and Kyle have a discussion that erupts into violence before Scott intervenes.

Jul 4 - Fourth of July BBQ.

Jul 5 - Amanda and Angelo make a stop for a talk about communication. First anniversary of the San Diego earthquake and Julio vanishes for the day. Laurie encounters an escaped Shamu Jnr. and talks to Kyle about various things. Sound of Silence: Forge decides to enroll at the powers school as a way of getting Crystal's attention; the plan works, although she initially thinks he's a shapeshifter imitating Forge for nefarious purposes and she eventually offers him a job; the daughter of his host family is upset at him wanting to leave them.

Jul 6 - Laurie plans a surprise birthday party for Julio. It becomes known that Alex's dog Crush has gotten Lorna's dog Lili pregnant and there's issues between the owners.

Jul 7 - Julio's birthday. Scott plans to take Jean out for the weekend. Laurie and Kyle have a rather nasty argument on the journals.

Jul 8 - Scott and Jean go out. Various people respond to Laurie and Kyle's fight. Sound of Silence: Crystal finds advance copies of the Harry Potter book to give to her students.

Jul 9 - Yvette has a powers accident. Jennie breaks the Danger Room. Julio meets with Farouk and becomes his student. Nathan returns from his vacation. Scott talks to Laurie about the fight with Kyle.

Jul 10 - Lorna goes looking at apartments in Salem Center, after arguing with Cain on the journals about the kennel. Doug emails the junior trenchcoats with his concern about Marie-Ange and her obsession with water. Jan and Kyle discuss training, missing Forge and grief.

Jul 11 - Marius posts about the Danger Room being broken and having to do fitness training on the lawn.

Jul 13 - Jan and Laurie go shopping. Rumours spread throughout the school that Jennie is pregnant to Marius - after a suitably amusing interval during which there are many confused emails and posts, it's revealed that it's the hamster Jennie who is pregnant. Laurie and Garrison have their first advanced hand to hand session. Great Rift: Nathan emails Ororo about an African Elpis mission. Scott and Kurt discuss Kurt's quest to get his GED and get a teaching degree. Cain praises Jennie on her Danger Room breaking capabilities. Sound of Silence: Forge decides to become an Attilan citizen. Marie-Ange receives some work and Doug trains with Remy and it's obvious things are not well with the Cajun; Marie-Ange and Doug decide to join Amanda and Angelo in North Carolina. Sofia emails Garrison about some profiling work he asked her to do.

Jul 14 - Laurie helps Cain with the kennel and they talk about family. Jean gives Farouk an examination to try and determine the cause of his powers loss. Marie-Ange and Doug arrive in North Carolina. Jennie goes clubbing and meets Mark at Silver.

Jul 15 - Great Rift: Nathan and his team head for Tanzania. Scott heads to Portugal to retrieve Pietro. Insomniacs Doug and Amanda talk about recent events.

Jul 16 - Yvette finds a letter to Kurt from Father Michael and they discuss it, and various other things. Lorna finds a potential new place to live. Great Rift: In the Tanzanian highlands, Ororo and the Elpis team arrive at their destination, a local village, and meet with T'challa. Scott convinces Pietro to come back to the school and Pietro is immediately summoned for Tea. Amanda returns and immediately plots a break for Wanda with Mark. Sound of Silence: More than a year has passed in Attilan, and Forge is frustrated with the peace and calm of the marooned island nation. Marie contacts Scott and Ororo about teaching a psychology class.

Jul 17 - Great Rift: In the early hours, the village is attacked and Rahne is shot; the Elpis team, Ororo and T'challa drive off the attackers and help the wounded; Ororo contacts the mansion. Pietro goes to talk to Jean about him staying so long away. Amanda and Mark boobytrap Wanda's office to make her take the day off. Yvette and Laurie talk about the incident on the journals and Laurie apologises publicly.

Jul 18 - Amanda plots with Marie and Sarah to have a surprise 21st birthday party for Angelo. Jennie comes across Jono in the music room. Great Rift: Recovering in T'Challa's guest house, Rahne gets a visit from his mother and plans are made for an Elpis presence in the area; Nathan and T'Challa are snarky. Tommy's birthday is marked by presents from Terry and Yvette and by Jan dragging him out to Silver.

Jul 19 - Great Rift: Nathan, Ororo, Angelo, John and T'Challa raid a vibraniam smugglers' camp; Rahne makes progress on Elpis' presence and a plan is laid to take down the leader of the smugglers, William Moses, at his home base; the attack goes off with only a minor hitch in the form of a roof being dropped on Nathan and T'Challa by Moses. Thankfully, Ororo is there to provide a quick save. Scott announces a whitewater rafting trip. Family Portrait: Laurie visits Snow Valley, where Amanda has news of her father. Second anniversary of Charlie's death and Amanda goes to visit his grave alone.

Jul 20 - Amanda emails Remy about his non-appearance at Charlie's grave the day before. Sound of Silence: Attilan Independence Day 2009 and Forge joins in the celebrations as a new citizen. Great Rift: Angelo and Nathan discuss what happens next; Nathan talks to John about his actions. Amanda and Logan talk about the events of Voodoo Child, among others.

Jul 21 - Great Rift: Nathan checks on Rahne and discusses the progress she's made. Remy's plans to take down everyone are derailed by talks from Pete and especially Sarah; later, he talks to Amanda at Charlie's grave and decides to go to Wakanda to save his relationship with Ororo; Remy crashes T'Challa's function and makes a fool of himself before resolving things with Ororo; Ororo lets Nathan know she and Remy are staying on for a few days.

Jul 22 - Jim thanks Lorna for reading the new Harry Potter book to Davey. Sound of Silence: during a training session between Wanda and Amanda, Illyana has a powers interaction and is accidentally teleported to Attilan and back, bringing back news that Forge, Crystal and Medusa are alive. Angelo's 21st birthday and Amanda gives him the news of Attilan.

Jul 23 - Jan has a singing session outside for the hell of it, to Farouk's horror. Nathan returns from Wakanda. Sound of Silence: Scott announces the Attilan news.

Jul 25 - Jono announces his return to England to visit his family. X-Men Mission: Fin Fang Foom!!!: Pete gets an email from Christian Kane, Garrison's father, about a situation in China and Pete directs him to the X-Men. Laurie works with Jean in the medlab and they discuss medschool; Laurie meets Kurt in the laundry and talk gets silly, then serious.

Jul 26 - X-Men Mission: Fin Fang Foom!!!: Christian Kane arrives at the school and despite a less-than-friendly reception from Garrison, manages to get the X-Men's help with his problem. Cain announces the treehouse has suffered damage and is off-limits.

Jul 27 - X-Men Mission: Fin Fang Foom!!! The X-Men fly to China and split into two teams - one to protect a cargo freighter, the other to infiltrate the Mandarin's casino headquarters and and stop whatever he is doing to make the ships disappear; the ship team finds themselves fighting a giant purple dragon - Fin Fang Foom - and just manage to save the ship; the casino team encounter the Mandarin and break the spirit fount he is using to control Foom, returning the dragon to his composite pieces - 99 Chinese villagers; the Chinese government takes custody of the villagers.

Jul 28 - Amanda runs into Nathan as she visits the mansion and they chat. X-Men Mission: Fin Fang Foom!!! Christian thanks Scott for the help of the team, before leaving; Jean has issues with her impromptu swim in the ocean and Scott supports her. Laurie is rescued from being hit by a car by Wanda.

Jul 29 - Sound of Silence: Forge comes across Crystal leaving the palace secretly to track down Maximus and offers to give her cover. Operation: Treehouse - the students and the younger staff/graduates help build a new treehouse to replace the destroyed one.

Jul 30 - Tabitha announces the card cataloging is finished. Yvette is pleased with the treehouse. Scott complains about his crutches.

Jul 31 - Kyle comments on the giant purple dragon. Lorna reappears after moving house and asks for volunteers to help her paint. Angelo is not happy to find Nathan has been meeting with Tara Trask in order to keep an eye on her. Sound of Silence: Crystal, in disguise, continues to search for Maximus.


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X-Men Mission: Fin Fang Foom!!!

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