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Summer vacation meant trips away: Moira and Nathan went to the Greek Islands; Amanda and Manuel visited family and friends in Europe; Doug and Marie-Ange went to France and Kitty was forced to go back to Chicago for the entire month at her mother's insistence. Paige, Jono and Angelo managed to come to an agreement as to their three-way relationship. Piotr accused Illyana Rasputin of avoiding him. Moira returned to Muir for a weekend due to a family emergency.

Nathan offered classes in Arabic and Mandarin, as well as the Askani language, for which there was an enthusiastic response. Askani wanted to telepathically teach Amanda their language, but Amanda refused. Manuel discovered that not studying and failing all his courses meant a summer of study with Nathan on top of the empathy training arranged with the Askani, much to his displeasure. He did however learn how to shield himself from others' emotions. Moira arranged a therapist dealing with post-traumatic shock for Nathan. Manuel had a powers accident in Amsterdam when Domino unlocked his inhibitor.

Pete went to Uganda to help the daughter of a friend and came back with bullet wounds. Sarah was approached in Boston by a stranger with information on the Morlock Massacre. She emailed several students with her intentions and then left Shinobi behind to confront the Marauders (new) on her own. She was killed, but the X-Men were able to retrieve her and thanks to her powers she survived. Alison was injured in the mission. Various students were confined to grounds at the time for wanting to go and help her and once news of the prior email leaked out, there were many arguments and confrontations. Marie-Ange and Doug met with Domino in France to ask her to help with a problem.

Nathan went without sleep for almost a week and suffered a blurring of his mind with the Askani. Alison and Amanda teamed up to deal with him. In order to understand what the problem was, Amanda agreed to the language transfer and lost the ability to speak English for several days. Nathan received lectures on all sides.

Lorna requested permission to become a full time X-Man and Jono asked for information on how to join the team as a trainee.


June 1 - Kitty goes home to Chicago for summer vacation at her mother's orders. Nathan thanks Marie-Ange for her suggestion of a memorial and gives her insight into her pre-cog. Nathan talks to Jane about the Skippies. Sarah and Shinobi return to Boston.

June 2 - Alison and Nathan discuss his memorial post. Manuel meets with the Askani empaths regarding training.

June 3 - Warren and Amanda start talking again after the Skippy incident. Jamie is having Skippy nightmares.

June 4 - Jamie, Marie-Ange, Doug go to a Magic: The Gathering tournament. Skippy: Moira tells the school that Skippy was genetically modified and would have eventually died.

June 5 - Nathan and Moira go to Greece for a well-earned vacation. Manuel is unhappy with Amanda for telling people about the Mirror and she tells him about manipulating him with it a month ago.

June 7 - Amanda and Manuel go to England to meet her 'family'. Clarice returns to the school from a visit home.

June 10 - Romany Wisdom and Amanda talk about her staying at the school.

June 11 - Amanda and Manuel visit Nathan and Moira at Muir Island.

June 13 - Manuel and Amanda meet with the Pack in Amsterdam. Domino unlocks Manuel's inhibitor and things get out of control at a nightclub.

June 14 - Moira and Nate return from their vacation. There are presents. Doug volunteers to help with Nate's summer language classes. Domino, Amanda and Manuel each deal in their own way with what happened at the club. Pete goes to Uganda to help a friend.

June 15 - Marauders: A stranger comes to Sarah and tells her who was responsible for the Morlock Massacre - the Marauders. She emails certain friends about the situation. Amanda and Manuel arrive in Spain and meet his father.

June 16 - Moira arranges a therapist, Jack Leary for Nathan. Amanda meets Manuel's father Alphonso de la Rocha.

June 18 - Pete emails Nathan from Uganda mentioning he's been shot helping a journalist friend. Amanda and Manuel end their vacation in Spain with an ancient pagan fertility site.

June 19 - Nate has his first therapy session. Amanda and Manuel come back to the school. Askani wants to implant her language in Amanda's head and Amanda refuses. HeliX meeting.

June 20 - Paige, Angelo and Jono come to an agreement over the threesome thing and agree to share.

June 21 - Manuel discovers that failing all his courses means he has to have tutoring from Nathan over the summer. Pete returns from Uganda with bullet wounds. Alison arranges a contract for Guido's band.

June 22 - Marauders: Sarah faces the Marauders and is killed, however she has two hearts and manages to be revived. The staff find out about the email Sarah sent and there are many journal arguments. Any student showing signs of wanting to go save her are confined to the grounds. Nathan throws Angelo in the lake. Sarah is brought back from the Morlock Tunnels severely injured. Alison is also injured during the rescue. Shinobi returns to the school. Jamie tells Pete what he knows about Grey Crow. Pete explains to Jamie why he thought kidnapping Betsy was a good thing. Manuel has his first empathy lesson with the Askani and learns how to shield. Pete receives an email from John Cully, an old intel associate. Clarice volunteers to help in the medlab.

June 23 - Doug and Marie-Ange leave for France. Doug discovers his ability to read body language makes airports difficult. Lorna emails Charles wanting to join the X-Men full time. Jono emails Charles about what's required to join the team.

June 25 - Sarah wakes up from her coma. Shinobi acts as mediator between Nathan and Angelo. Piotr accuses Illyana of avoiding him. Moira goes to Muir for family reasons.

June 27 - Nathan is sleep-deprived and the Askani begin to take over. Alison and Amanda intervene. Amanda gets the Askani language-dump and Manuel is not pleased. Angelo and Jubilee talk about living on the streets. Moira returns from Muir.

June 28 - Charles tells Nathan about nearly being lost in the collective unconscious as a young telepath. Marauders: Alison emails Charles re not letting Sarah be alone with Miles.

June 29 - Pete grills Askani on her intentions. Marie-Ange and Doug ask Domino for help with a problem with the French government.


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