The Boathouse

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Location: The Boathouse
First Seen: May 2003

The boathouse, located on the southeastern corner of the lake, is a short walk from the mansion. It once served as Cain Marko's residence, before he traded it for the suite formerly occupied by Nathan Dayspring and Moira MacTaggart, allowing them to take over the boathouse as their family residence and as an office for Elpis. The main floor of the boathouse had since been remodeled to divide it into an office for ELPIS and a kitchen/living room area. In February 2011 the boathouse was once again remodeled, this time under the initiative of Kevin Ford. Remodeling was done by various residents at Xavier's along with hired help to convert it into an all purpose art studio for the mansion residents.

The first floor of the boathouse still has the kitchen and the former living room has been converted into a lounge area with lots of comfortable seating and a stereo but no TV. Also downstairs is a temperature-controlled storage room for much of the supplies that are kept on hand. The room formerly used as the ELPIS offices on the lower level was appropriated by Kevin as his workshop and mostly bricked over so he could build and install a blacksmith forge. There is also a welding station in Kevin's workshop. The doors are kept locked by bolts placed high enough up that younger kids can't get in but it is otherwise unsecured thus far.

The upper level of the boathouse is now home to a well-ventilated darkroom for Angel along with a temperature controlled storage closet for her photo developing chemicals. Most of the walls have been knocked down on the rest of the upper floor to create two large spaces which open to one another via sliding doors. One room is a general use room for less serious artistic pursuits such as crafts of all sorts as well as a pottery wheel. The other room has different areas for painting and sculpting both stone and wood in a traditional or powers-related manner.

There's enough room in the way the remodel was set up to allow for other stations to be set up for any artistic medium not already accounted for.

All of the walls have been painted white in the boathouse with the understanding that they can be drawn, painted or etched upon. One wall in the main lounge room downstairs was covered in chalkboard paint by Megan and one of the walls by the front door has been set aside for her to paint or draw on as she sees fit.

In December 2014 Megan was kidnapped from the Boathouse, along with a variety of other mansion residents, by Belasco, and taken in a faux Limbo.

Phase 2

The boathouse has appeared in the post-M-Day world, with no especial use as of yet. Following his arrival in May 2015, Namor took up residency in the building.


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