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Newcomer Laura Kinney introduced herself on the journals, dropping the news of her parentage in what would become typical Laura fashion. Callie Betto left for Brazil, to work with Alvorecer Novo, Suzanne Chan got a job in Chicago, Clarice Ferguson decided to focus on her schooling and moved off-campus and Jane Doe joined her boyfriend Malcolm in Tel Aviv, working at the Elpis office there. Jay Guthrie also left, going to Muir Island Research Facility following an incident where he almost killed his new boyfriend Warren Worthington. Crystal Amaquelin and Forge's relationship ended under the strain of Forge's obsession with his new work at the West Coast Annex and John Allerdyce and Jean-Paul Beaubier sought to relieve each other's stress (John's after a tense scene with Bobby Drake and Jean-Paul's due to his unstable powers) with the time-honoured method of no-strings sex. Yvette Petrovic became frustrated with Kevin's gestures of friendship in romantic situations, but the two managed to talk it out and Nico Minoru and Julian Keller began dating after a fight.

X-Force went on the alert following an abduction attempt on Valentia de la Rocha by agents Amanda Sefton identified as working for Selene in the Black Court. Manuel de la Rocha reacted immediately to the threat, whisking himself and Valentia to anonymity in Spain.

Nicholas Gleason and Julian continued to aggravate each other, with a botched training session leading to Nick attacking Julian and then fleeing, convinced he was a monster. In the course of his wanderings, he came across a Church of Humanity sect called the Purifiers, headed by a man called Matthew Risman. Nick skulked around the camped zealots, realising they were holding a mutant against his will, and when Kurt Sefton, Catseye, Alexander Lexington and Kyle Gibney finally tracked him down, they helped him rescue the mutant. Still one shock remained - one of the Purifiers was Nick's little sister Natalie, who had been fostered by Risman and who denounced her brother as tainted by Satan. There was a happy ending for Nick that he hadn't expected, when Kurt offered to adopt him into the sprawling Szardos clan.

Julian had his own visit from the past as Simon Gutierrez attacked him on Valentine's Day while several of the New Mutants were at a Salem Center cafe. In the confusion, the New Mutants - Julian, Angelica Jones, Yvette Petrovic, Catseye and Nico - were arrested for property damage by the anti-mutant Salem Center Police Department, but video footage of the incident proved their innocence and they were later released. Two-man X-Men teams - Beast and Cheetara, Meltdown and Knuckles, Cannonball and Pants On Fire and Wasp and Discharge - combed the local area for Simon, hoping to find him before the local police. Monet St. Croix - Phase 1 and Lazybones succeeded in locating him and after a brief fight, handed him over to SHIELD, where it was determined that Simon was being blackmailed by Gordon Macphearson into attacking Julian, for fear his family would be killed.

And finally, John was coerced into going to Chicago to celebrate his mother's birthday, with the occasion ending in John getting a broken nose, his step-father's car being set alight and Angelo Espinosa getting hit with a bat, events which ended John's relationship with his mother.


Feb 1 - Jay texts Lex, telling him it's okay that he moves in. Jay and John hang out, then go drinking. Nico meets Morgan and the two get along well until Morgan declines to tell the younger woman her name, which has Nico's interest in her faltering. Crystal emails Lex asking if she can stop by to ask him some questions about his survival training weekend. Lex texts Vanessa to apologize for his gaffe on the journals about his survival training weekend. Amanda and Jean-Paul nearly collide in the halls and Amanda apologizes for the poking and prodding she'd been doing and expresses her glad tidings for his return. John and Jean-Paul encounter one another in a bookstore and John helps to cart a car-ful of books around while discussing Jean-Paul's return. Vanessa visits Adrienne so the two can talk about their respective boyfriends, but both realize they have no idea how to do girly gossip. Catseye drags Kevin to the quarry to look at a large stone that she wants him to carve and give to Angel, because she can tell from his scents when Angel is mentioned (and by the fact he talks about her in his sleep) that he likes Angel, but her matchmaking scheme is stymied by Kevin who is afraid of getting close and hurting Angel.

Feb 2 - Manuel catches Crystal coming back from the West Coast Annex, the anniversary with Forge cut short and the relationship ended due to their long separation and he escorts her back to her room. Jay walks into John's room to find him hungover and presents hangover remedies before John shows a sign of affection. Jay tells John about Angelo's car being impounded from their fun the night before. Tabitha runs a rain simulation in the Danger Room for Lex to train with and they discover he is still 'bleeding' lethal energy at places other than his intended target but Lex pushes himself too far and essentially tasers himself into unconsciousness; he wakes up in the Medlab and Hank announces that he will not suffer lasting damage. Catseye visits Cammie with a present of new bleach and tries to get Cammie to stop hating herself, but Cammie deflects her with massive amounts of sarcasm. Yvette apologises to Fred - again - and they establish that they're still friends.

Feb 3 - Warren finds a jacket in Jay's suite and Jay confesses that he has a new roommate, Lex. Jay finds a tabloid on Crystal and Forge, and he goes to her suite, asking what's going on between them and why Forge is avoiding his questions. Lex collides with Jean-Paul, who learns the name of Morgan's boyfriend at last and threatens Lex, who assures Jean-Paul he only wants Morgan to be happy. Jan reminds everyone of the Superbowl airing on Sunday and proposes a party.

Feb 4 - Crystal announces that she is shipping Forge's things to the West Coast Annex as he will be remaining there permanently. Dori joins Catseye in the Danger Room to run the Zelda simulation with plastic swords. Catseye brings a book to Jean-Paul but falls asleep as he is reading and is reminded that she cannot stay with Jean-Paul while he sleeps because she may be injured by his new powers, even if she is in stealthy cat form; she returns later as BigCat and Jean-Paul allows her to stay and watch over him while he sleeps.

Feb 5 - While flying, Monet drops her purse in the ocean and calls Jubilee from a payphone to ask for directions as she is lost, discovering she is over Long Island. Monet notifies people she dropped her phone in the ocean. Jan posts to the x-team comm announcing that she is back on active duty. Julian inquires about a new car in the garage. Catseye seeks out Jay's new roommate Lex for napping with, and is pleased to find that Vanessa is already napping with him too- she is even more pleased to learn that the two are not in fact having sex and that she can stay and nap with them. Warren and Amanda catch up over coffee and discuss their relationship statuses.

Feb 6 - Laurie emails Crystal inviting her over for ice cream and movies due to the break-up with Forge. Laura Kinney announces her arrival on the journals and explains her mutation; later, she runs into Catseye in the woods and they go hunting after comparing mutations. Valentia is nearly taken while out with Amanda and Manuel decides it is time for he and his sister to leave New York. Manuel announces his return to Spain on the journals; he emails Emma and Julian to let them know as well. Catseye wishes Red X a happy birthday. Amanda lets Snow Valley know about the attempted kidnapping of Valentia and informs the Trenchcoats that one of the goons looked like a henchman of Selene's from the Black Court.

Feb 7 - Julian emails Emma with his resume, pointing out that he is now unemployed after Manuel's return to Spain and asking for a job at Frost Enterprises. Crystal posts about her birthday and invites people to Harry's for Superbowl. John takes Amanda out for lunch and later visits Jean-Paul at a bad time and helps him repair the damage to his bookshelves.

Feb 8 - Laura meets Kevin in the woods, they talk about mutations, healing factors and that Kevin is pretty. Angelo and Fred meet, and discuss finding him someone invulnerable to help with powers practice. Megan meets Jay and is excited about another flyer.

Feb 9 - Kyle comes by to replace Jean-Paul's window and they chat, pizza is offered. Call of the Wild: A training accident with Nick sees Julian in medlab with a wound to the butt; Catseye sms's Kyle a little later worried about not finding Nick; Kyle and Catseye go to find Kurt who also has not seen him, and then Lex. When he also turns out not to have seen Nick, they decide to broaden their search; Julian posts about being in the Medlab. Callie lets Fred know she's going to Brazil, and they agree to still be friends. Jane posts about moving to the Elpis office in Tel Aviv. Julian gets a visit from his good friends Dori and Monkey Joe, he also receives visits from Nico and Crystal. Suzanne e-mails Professor Xavier and Kyle about moving to Chicago.

Feb 10 - Fred posts, telling people he'll be in the garage. Amanda wishes Wanda happy birthday. Wanda posts about forgetting her birthday. Call of the Wild: Nick sidetracks from his run back to Wisconsin to watch a Preacher of the Church of Humanity and finds himself witness to a possible atrocity; as he's trying to think of a way to save the young mutant, he manages to find a way into the camp of the Purifiers; Kyle, Catseye, Lex and Kurt eventually track down Nick and help free the trapped mutant, but not before Nick finds his sister in league with the CoH and the Purifiers. Kevin posts about being glittered by Clarice before she moves off campus. Adrienne brings Cammie a cupcake in celebration of their one year anniversary of working together. Warren and Crystal go out for drinks. Laura moves in with Cammie.

Feb 11 - Call of the Wild: Nick wakes up in medlab and finds he has Julian as a temporary roommate; Kevin later brings Nick some comfort food and Crystal checks on Nick's physical and emotional state; Lex posts to the staff community noting that they found Nick, and then to the team community to let them know about the Purifiers; Nick gets a visit from Kurt, and after a little talk, gets an offer of adoption. Laurie and Hank meet over lunch and discuss summer intern work. Warren finds Jay in the middle of a nightmare, when it gets out of hand, it's up to John and Lex to lend a hand. Kurt talks to Catseye in the medlab, and lets her in on a secret.

Feb 12 - Call of the Wild: - Nick posts to the journals about his recent issues. Adrienne and Jean-Paul talk over pies. Julian posts about being out of Medlab and asks for visitors. Adrienne and Garrison play Dignitary Bingo as Jason Wyngarde watches them. Catseye visits Jean-Paul in the evening, until he flees from a sense of wrongness he can't explain. She also visits Nick after he leaves the Medlab. Warren and Jay say goodbye.

Feb 13 - Jean-Paul seeks help for suppressing the new powers he's been experiencing. Jan posts about Valentine's Day.

Feb 14 - Kevin sends a package to Yvette for Valentine's Day and invites her out. Morgan sends Jean-Paul some heart shaped cookies. Catseye posts about Chinese New Year. Kurt posts announcing his adoption of Nick. Noise and Confusion: Nico, Catseye, Angelica, Yvette and Julian end up at the same restaurant on Valentine's Day; the day is interrupted by the appearance of Julian's old friend Simon, intent on killing Julian; Hank later posts to the staff community about the group being arrested; the group cool their heels in a jail cell until Bobby and Hank can retrieve them; Simon escapes from the hospital; Beast posts to the X-Men community about Simon, asking for volunteers to track him down; with a trainee each, the X-Men split up to search; Cannonball and Pants on Fire get creative about searching the woods; Beast and Cheetara search the quarry and discuss agility; Wasp and Discharge have a run-in with some townies; Meltdown and Knuckles search a corn maze and get a fright; M and Lazybones find Simon at an abandoned farmhouse and after a fight, manage to subdue him; Nico accosts Julian once he gets back and they work out a mutual attraction and decide to date.

Feb 15 - John and Bobby have a late night talk that doesn't really achieve much beyond more animosity; Jean-Paul comes across a brooding John and they seek distraction from their problems in the time-honoured way. Laura asks how everyone's Valentine's Day went. Adrienne and Vanessa go over potential careers for the former mercenary now she's left the Trenchcoats. Angel comes across Julian contemplating leaving to take care of MacPhearson on his own and thwaps sense into him. A typical interaction with Catseye at the Elpis office tries John's patience.

Feb 16 - After a magic training session with Amanda at her apartment, Nico runs into Remy and is mystified by him. Noise and Confusion: Hank reports that Simon, now in SHIELD custody, was forced to attack Julian by Gordon McPhearson, who has his family hostage. Marie-Ange announces she is making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday.

Feb 17 - Laurie teaches Megan how to meditate as part of her powers training and later runs into Jean-Paul eating Chinese take out in the kitchen and questions him about his non-cooking.

Feb 18 - Laurie tags along with Garrison to Harry's and he winds up giving her some advice on how to act around people. John and Angelo have roomie bonding time and the subject of Angelo's new relationship comes up.

Feb 19 - Amanda and Nico train in magic, but a grumpy mood interferes and turns into a serious conversation. Doug takes Laurie back to the dojo to resume training and rewards her with lunch after a brutal workout.

Feb 20 - Jubilee finds herself in a difficult position after clubbing when her date gets physical and Doug comes to the rescue. John and Jean-Paul have a slightly awkward conversation after their one night stand. Amara comes across Angelo in the process of moving out and they talk about HeliX.

Feb 21 - Megan posts about Jay's departure and hoping to meet Warren. Kurt finds a slightly homesick Megan and offers some constructive advice.

Feb 22 - Angelo comes across Nico studying a magic text with a bowl of ice cream and reveals a few more things about Nico's mentor she wasn't aware of. Adrienne is envious of the Olympic ice dancers.

Feb 23 - Jean-Paul texts John about a particular book he can't find. Laurie visits Vanessa in her penthouse and makes her dinner and they indulge in girl chat.

Feb 24 - Angelo and John go furniture shopping at Ikea.

Feb 25 - Megan comes across Dori having a fight with Monkey Joe over her locket and while he takes off with it, they wind up talking about D&D; Monkey Joe winds up taking the locket to Julian in the hope he'll remove the picture of Vic inside, but Julian misunderstands and puts it in his pocket, earning squirrelly wrath; Catseye runs into Dori and is also excited about learning D&D; later, Catseye talks to Yvette about the game, but also about Valentine's Day and Kevin's gifts, which are bothering Yvette; Catseye seeks out Kevin to talk to him about Yvette and winds up growling at and pouncing on him. Morgan and Lex have cute silly times in their own particular style. Kevin leaves an anonymous sculpture for Angel. John delivers the book Jean-Paul wanted and winds up staying. Yvette finds Fred in the garage and gives him her own manner of a pep talk.

Feb 26 - Laurie leaves breakfast for Jean-Paul. Catseye emails Yvette about talking to Kevin and offers to be with her as moral support when Kevin comes to seek her out; Kevin finds Yvette in the library before she's read her email and they work things out themselves. Catseye finds Fred moping in the garage and manages to cheer him up a little as well as get a lesson in vehicle maintenance. Angel emails Kevin to thank him for her sculpture. Jean-Paul thanks Laurie for breakfast and turns down her offer to use him as an assistant baker. John walks in on Amara in the mansion kitchen while returning his keys and winds up flirting and getting fed.

Feb 27 - John emails Angelo, letting him know he has been summoned to Chicago by his stepfather for his mother's birthday in not-so-pleasant terms; Angelo announces he's going to Chicago to retrieve his roommate; Jean-Paul texts John to ask him to not get arrested in Chicago; a grumpy Angelo posts from the airport, revealing that John has a broken nose, his step-father hit Angelo with a bat and that John torched his step-father's car. Kevin and Jean-Paul have an unusual cooking conversation. Megan posts about her birthday approaching on Monday.

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