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Karolina "Lucy In The Sky" Dean arrived at the school from California, brought by an alumni from her school, Lorna Dane. Lorna, during her trip to California, realised the she had fallen out of love with Alex Summers, After a brief side trip to New Orleans, she broke up with Alex and returned to the school to try and become an X-Man again. Theresa Cassidy and Bobby Drake had a pregnancy false alarm, during which Bobby proposed and was turned down and then hit on both Jay Guthrie and Marius Laverne. Haller's alter Davey was caught out by Catseye and Jean Grey. Kyle Gibney and Jay continued their relationship.

During a field trip to DC, Jean abruptly left as the result of an interaction with a would-be suitor. She later posted to the staff journals about feeling smothered at the school and Scott Summers tracked her down. She broke off their relationship rather brutally, leaving him in pieces. Upon his return to the school (after crashing his car), Scott took himself back off active duty.

Nathan Dayspring continued his research into birth rates in South East Asia and ways to combat his uncle Gideon Faraday. Haller suggested a lawsuit for personal injury, but Val Cooper later asked Nathan to hold off in order for the government to take their own action. His pre-cognition began to spark again also. Rachel required a baby harness to stop her flying away.

Kyle tested his healing factor when he accidentally chopped off several toes whilst cutting wood. Clarice Ferguson had difficulty accepting various things she had to give up as a result of her mutation. Shiro Yoshida's X-Man training with Haroun al-Rashid progressed, despite his personal doubts. Danielle Moonstar trained with Haller, revealing she had far more control than she realised. Forge made a prothetic eye for Scott. Cain Marko had a word with Terry about her drinking and it being a problem for her being on the team.


Feb. 1 - After a Danger Room session, Haroun and Nathan head upstairs to find some lunch and run into Jim, leading to philosophical discussion and soup. Haroun takes Jennie flying, then proceeds to fly headfirst into the lake to test something. Alison makes Jamie do aerobics for his training. Lorna is subjected to a hula.

Feb. 2 - Terry emails Alison begging for help with a sound that's hurting her ears and won't stop. Alison goes looking for whatever the sound is, finds it in the form of a slightly malfunctioning clock, and calls in Forge to fix it. Ororo and Haller catch up and talk about the weather. Paige is terrified by her exercise class.

Feb. 3 - Davey goes out exploring, and is caught by Catseye playing with the pool table, before Jim takes back control and is very embarrassed. Clarice is upset about the various things she's had to give up. Shiro misses Setsubun for the third year running and gets homesick.

Feb. 4 - Nathan takes Kyle down to the Mistra memorial at Arlington Cemetery. Survivors guilt, deserving to live, old memories and friends, conspiracy theories and hope for the future are discussed.

Feb. 5 - Terry and Bobby babysit Rachel, until Bobby leaves to avoid upsetting Rachel - complete with her escaping down the stairs. Meanwhile, Moira and Nathan have a night on the town. Jubilee tries not to panic about a surprise test and her upcoming weapons training.

Feb. 6 - Haller finds Nathan doing some legal research as another way to bring Gideon down, and suggests suing him for abuse for what he did to Nathan's mind. Forge and Clarice work on redesigning Haroun's uniform. Bobby declares his intention never to have kids. Terry tries to apologise to Bobby for the previous night's disaster, but they don't really get anywhere. Moira thanks them both for babysitting Rachel.

Feb. 7 - Jim and Dani work on her powers in his office, with some progress - but Dani is already in more control than she thinks. Cain hears about Terry's hangover and calls her to the boathouse for a little intervention of his own. Forge completes Scott's prosthetic eye, asks Kyle if the underage drinker he was talking about was Terry, and passes on an invitation from Catseye's brother to go to a movie. Cain lets Terry know he knows she broke curfew, and calls her in to talk about it. Jamie has questions about past team missions.

Feb. 8 - Cain recruits Scott to sweep the dorms for contraband, claiming the bad cop role for himself. Angelo and Bobby eat Chinese and talk about how busy Elpis is.

Feb. 9 - Bobby seeks out Nathan to offer his services with paperwork; Nathan accepts, with a word of warning. Sam finds a sleep-deprived Jay in the kitchen and manages to work out exactly what's going on.

Feb. 10 - Sam finds Kyle and has a word with him about not keeping Jay awake all night with sex before taking him to chop wood to burn off energy. Kyle, being Kyle, manages to cut off two of his toes by trying to lift an axe too heavy for him. Angelo and Nathan have an SMS conversation while both bored with filing and a meeting respectively.

Feb. 11 - Angelo and Haller meet on the smokers' porch and have a completely non-traumatic conversation. Nathan has trouble putting together the big picture. Jay makes his displeasure with Sam very clear. Lorna has some trouble with small-minded college students. Scott puts himself back on active status.

Feb. 12 - Terry and Haller have a nice chat and she manages to almost break him. Lost Generations: Moira and Nathan talk about his Southeast Asian mystery and come closer to a clear if unpalatable answer... then decide not to have another baby. Bobby builds a luge run made of ice in the backyard, but Nathan is not allowed to play on it in case he breaks himself. Kyle is also banned since his toes haven't finished growing back. Scott takes the afternoon off to watch the Olympics. There is, however, a mansion-wide snowball fight including the staff. Moira introduces Rachel to the concept of a baby harness, to Rachel's great displeasure.

Feb. 13 - Catseye and Forge go to the mall with her brother; she leaves the boys alone to visit the ball pit and they have a Little Talk. Nathan helps Haroun shop for Valentine's Day, then they eat steak. Moira's relaxing in her suite when Davey comes to visit, for high cute. Moira asks Jamie to teach her to rollerblade.

Feb. 14 - Terry discovers that she missed taking her birth control for two days, and a pregnancy test comes up positive. But at least it gets her talking to Jay again? Shiro buys Clarice a Hello Kitty plushie for Valentine's Day. Someone distributes roses around the mansion, including a thornless one for Rachel. Haroun gives Alison a Disco Bear called Anathema. Cain's Elementary History class, orchestrated by Catseye, cover his hallway, kitchen and living room in scented paper rose petals.

Feb. 15 - Nathan hands his research on Gideon to Val Cooper, and is told that if he wants her to be able to act on it, he has to drop his own lawsuit. Later, he goes flying with Haroun and clears his head a little. Jamie and Haller have a long and somewhat rambly conversation, in which Haller fails to be broken, and find that they generally get along.

Feb. 16 - Bobby takes Terry out to New York City for a Valentine's dinner and says exactly the wrong thing, because he's an idiot. Nathan breaks the news to Haller that his lawsuit against Gideon has been dropped at the government's request, and then almost breaks himself with a vision of things to come. The two men proceed to have far, far too much in common.

Feb. 17 - Jay lets slip to Bobby that Terry may be pregnant. Marius issues a general invitation to go clubbing with him and Manuel.

Feb. 18 - Bobby asks Terry to marry him, but makes the mistake of telling her why, leading her to turn him down. Haller goes drinking with Nathan and Domino, and Domino proceeds to make the situation awkward for everyone. Bobby begs the mansion at large for some mindless X-Box time in refuge from his suddenly complicated life.

Feb. 19 - Bobby talks to Angelo about the Terry situation and gets some useful advice, whether he likes it or not.

Feb. 20 - Jean hunts Terry down to the library and drags her to the lab for a blood test and a little dose of reality - the result being that Terry's pregnancy test was wrong. Over coffee, Scott gets a semi-outside perspective on the student body, and Haller gets disturbed. Bobby goes to Scott for reassurance over he and Terry's situation and doesn't find it. Jean invites all the students and graduates on a field trip to DC.

Feb. 21 - Davey goes looking for Moira, but there's more than one brilliant redhead in the medlab, and Jim gets to deal with the surprise. They end up talking shop. Kylun makes the final decision to read his blood test results. Terry finds Bobby to tell him that she isn't pregnant and to ask him for some time apart; he takes it calmly, but escapes as soon as he can. Lorna is called in to reassure a newly-manifested mutant girl at her old school. Jennie dyes her hair blonde. Lorna considers leaving Hawaii for a college offer in California.

Feb. 22 - Haroun tries out a new sparring style on Alison. Lorna goes on with life in Hawaii, and finds herself starting to doubt her relationship with Alex. In California, on a visit to Berkeley, she finally realizes that she's fallen out of love. Forge is asked for three letters of recommendation for his college scholarship and panics slightly. Haroun invites anyone not going out of the mansion that weekend to watch the new Pride FC PPV with him. Marius goes clubbing with Manuel and Jennie and manages to lose his shirt - literally.

Feb. 23 - Scott brings Jean some dinner as she finishes her paperwork. They banter a little, then talk about what she plans to accomplish in DC that weekend. After two days of avoidance, Terry hunts Bobby down. She tries to explain and he completely fails to understand, and things get angsty. Jean announces the rules and the departure time for the field trip. Lorna announces her application to Berkeley and that the interview went well. Japan win the Olympic figure skating, much to Shiro's satisfaction.

Feb. 24 - Bobby takes the afternoon off of work to return the engagement ring he bought less than a week ago, and takes a walk when he gets back. He runs into Marius, they talk, Bobby flirts, and is shot down. But that's cool. Doug surprises Marie-Ange with dinner out. Nathan discovers that his newest medication, miraculously, does not react badly with any of his others or make him sick. Marie-Ange suffers a bout of insomnia. Scott announces a new arrival - Karolina Dean.

Feb. 25 - Ororo and Scott discuss students and training techniques, and decide to shake things up for their too-complacent XO's. Jean goes to an evening cocktail party, and is much more the centre of attention than she knows. Head like A Hole: Wanda comments on her strange recurring dreams about owls. Ororo organises a welcoming party for Karolina.

Feb. 26 - Shiro and Haroun spar, then discuss promotions; Shiro voices his doubts about himself, and Haroun tries to beat him over the head with some good advice. In the aftermath of the whole pregnancy mess, Jay finds Bobby and they talk about what happened, before Bobby crosses a line by kissing Jay. Cain makes a visit to the Vietnam Wall and reflects. Haroun meets Karolina and invites her to watch Pride Fighting Championship, which she politely declines. Kyle finds out about Bobby hitting on Jay, and reacts surprisingly maturely - for Kyle. Bobby tries to apologise to Terry, but she's not ready to be gracious. Shiro is horrified by pictures of a giant jellyfish in National Geographic, and decides to share. Haroun decides to take back the Powered Flight class. Not So Plain Jane: Parker Matthews, Jean's admirer from the cocktail party, pushes his suit a little too far and gets way more than he bargained for, as a result of which Jean - or Jane - abandons the field trip and the school with only a note; Haller asks Kylun and Cain if they know what's going on; Forge also notices her absence; Jean sends Scott a brutal email telling him she's leaving the school, the X-Men and him, after making a similar announcement in the staff community.

Feb. 27 - Haller visits Scott in his office and tries very hard to be helpful, if only by offering a listening ear. Lorna returns to the mansion and hides out in Alison's suite, watched over by Alison and Jamie, and also offers her own perspective on Jean's departure. Jay and Paige catch up over ice cream, with conversation that briefly turns dark but manages to recover. Forge manages to piss off just about everyone by commenting on Alex's failure to cope, after he posts angrily to the journals about Lorna. Shiro emails Alex to demand answers. Not So Plain Jane: Scott publicly announces Jean's resignation; Moira calls an all-hands emergency medical staff meeting to reorganise schedules.

Feb. 28 - Not So Plain Jane: Scott searches DC for Jean, and she finds him; questions are asked, answers are given, lies are told; Scott loses control of his car on the way home and hits a tree; Sam is sent to fetch him from the hospital; Scott tells Ororo and Alison roughly what happened and takes himself off active duty. Forge accidentally eats Karolina's vegan pancakes. Karolina introduces herself on the journals and asks about animal shelters to volunteer at.


Lost Generations

Not So Plain Jane

Head Like A Hole

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