Smith Family

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Smith Family
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases: Harold and Rebecca; Evan and Harrison Smith
Affiliations: Catseye
Socked By: Mon
Introduction: August 2005

The Smiths are the immediate family of Catseye. Members of the FOH, her elder brother Evan and her mother are the only ones she has reunited with so far.


First appearance: August 2005

Harold Smith
A stern kind of man, Harold works two jobs to provide for his family, which leaves him little time to spend with them. He has sympathies towards the Friends of Humanity, seeing mutants as a threat to ordinary working joes like himself.

PB: To be determined

Rebecca Smith
Quiet and timid, Rebecca tends to default to her husband in 'family matters', considering him the head of the household. There are signs of small rebellion, however, such as her agreeing to meet her 'lost' daughter Sharon/Gabrielle at her son's behest. Her timidity, however, still outweighs her love for the child she was told had died as a baby.

PB: To be determined

Evan Smith
older brother
Evan adored his baby sister when she was born, both as a human and as a kitten, and was devastated when she was lost. He sought her ought after seeing her outside their house and for a time she lived with him in his New York apartment. He is currently in college.

PB: To be determined.

Harrison Smith
younger brother
Born after his sister's 'death', Harrison knows next to nothing about her.

PB: To be determined


In 1989, Harold and Rebecca Smith were a low-income family living in a small town in northern New York state, with their son Evan. When Rebecca became pregnant a second time, Harold took a second job at the local printing plant to make ends meet. When their daughter Gabrielle was born, both parents were shocked by her signs of obvious physical mutation.

That winter, a freak snowstorm stranded the Smiths in their home for over a month. Unable to cope with the thought of having to raise a physically abnormal (and in his eyes, disabled) child on their low income, and Rebecca suffering major post-delivery complications, Harold became increasingly irrational and despondent. When his infant daughter showed the ability to turn into a small purple kitten, Harold took her out into the snow and abandoned her, telling his family that the baby had died a crib death, and that he had "taken care of things". As a cat, Gabrielle was taken in by a pack of feral cats, and eventually adopted by an elderly woman known only as "the Cat Lady" after outliving her entire pack.

After being brought to Xavier's School for Gifted Youngstersin November 2004, Gabrielle, now calling herself Catseye, slowly learned how to act human. In August 2005, Forge managed to find her birth family, and arranged for Catseye to meet them.

Upon journeying to where the Smiths had moved, ironically only an hour's drive from Salem Center, Catseye was horrified to discover a Friends of Humanity placard on the home window. During their departure, they were spotted by Evan, who tracked his sister to the school and after a tearful reunion, began spending time with her. She spent a year or so living with Evan before deciding to return to the school to allow him to have his own life. During this time overtures were made to her mother, who is aware of her existence if not entirely comfortable with her mutant daughter. Catseye also has spent time with her father, having dyed her fur to black and pretended to be an ordinary stray cat, in order to understand the man better.




Socked by: formerly Firewillow (Catseye's player)