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Dates run: March 25, 2005, April 27,2005, July 5-27, 2005, August 4-24, 2005
Run By: Willow
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'Lost - small purple kitten.' Taking in unsteady breaths, the paper wavering before her eyes in watery patterns, Catseye deciphered the rest of what could be read. 'I miss her. Please call-'

Catseye gets more than she bargained for when she seeks some closure about her past.


Catseye, Forge, Kylun

Elspeth, Evan Smith


March 25, 2005

April 27,2005

July 5-27, 2005

August 4-24, 2005

Plot Summary

After a few months at Xavier’s, Catseye headed into the city with the intent of checking on Cat Lady, the woman she had lived with prior to her time at the shelter. Kylun saw her leave and followed to make sure she stayed safe. When he saw Catseye sneak a ride aboard a truck, he lamented his ability to continue tracking her. Luckily, he earned himself a ride by coming to the rescue of a trucker in trouble with a couple of brutes nearby.

When Catseye reached her old home, she was disturbed to find it has changed quite a bit since the time before she had lived there. Kylun caught up with her and convinced her to let him aid her in her search. By questioning Elspeth, one of the neighboring residents, the pair were able to find out that Cat Lady was placed in a retirement home.

Elspeth came by the mansion a month later to give a flyer her kids had found to Catseye, but as fate would have it, ended up running into Forge instead. The flyer was actual a lost sign…for a small purple kitten. Forge continued doing research into Catseye’s past on his own and found the hospital record of Gabrielle Elizabeth Smith, born with a caudal appendage. Though records indicated the infant died of SIDS, Forge was able to determine via fingerprints that Catseye was the infant. Catseye was shocked by the news that she had a human family, having always thought of herself as a cat who turned into a girl rather than the other way around.

After a few days of hiding, Catseye sought out Forge. He was able to offer her some comfort, but also realized that there were no easy answers he could give. She continued to be fairly contemplative during the week, having some quiet moments with Terry and Dani. Though the two girls may not have realized it, the time Catseye spent with each of them helped her find the strength to approach Forge with her decision to learn more about her past.

Catseye, Forge and Kylun headed off to find the Smiths, taking Scott's car for the trip. Just as Catseye worked up the courage to ring the doorbell, she noticed an FoH sticker in the window. The three quickly left, but not before Catseye’s brother (Evan) noticed the unusual car and a flash of purple hair.

It took a few weeks, but Evan made his way to the mansion to find out more about the purple haired girl. When Terry answered the door, Evan quickly told a story about his car being scratched, rattling off the license plate numbers he had memorized. Recognizing the plate of Scott’s prized RX-7, Terry scurried off to get him. While Scott and Evan talked, Terry went to tell Forge what was going on. Recognizing Evan, Forge was able to put the pieces together, realizing that Evan was the boy who made the flyer 15 years ago.

Evan had to deal with his initial feelings of shock as he discovered that his sister was still alive and that she was the purple kitten he had lost so many years ago. He and Catseye shared a tearful reunion and began spending time together in order to get to know each other.

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Catseye later left the mansion to live with her brother Evan. The rest of her family are unaware of her existence at that time.


Plotrunner: Willow