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August was a busy month, with old face Marie D'Ancato - now going by Rogue - returning, new face Jessica Jones arriving and Sarah Morlocke and Jennifer Walters both leaving. Jean Grey also had an encounter with a street hustler by the name of Gabriel Cohuelo when he tried to steal her wallet.

Tandy Bowen's father, having come out of his coma, managed to escape, which prompted Scott Summers to order Tandy and Susan Storm to come home from their Europe trip. Too late, unfortunately, as both girls were abducted at the airport by the demon Spite for another attempt at freeing her master, The Dweller in the Dark. This time Spite and her sister D'Spayre were more successful, with Namor Mazur providing the missing piece in the ritual. The Dweller was freed and possessed Tandy, before attacking New York; the combined forces of Amanda Sefton and her students, Billy Kaplan, Topaz and Megan Gwynn (plus Namor and Sue) weren't enough to repel the demons and their forces, but with the entrance of Abigail Brand and SWORD, the Dweller was defeated and Tandy freed, although not without repercussions. Namor, too, had problems, with his family threatening to withdraw him from Xavier's.

The X-Men also faced a seemingly impossible foe, this time in Slorenia where a team faced The Fury, a cybiote created by Madison Jeffries' brother, Lionel. Sent to investigate by Heather Hudson after Lionel's disappearance, the X-Men discovered the cybiote had slaughtered an entire town and almost became the Fury's next victims during a brutal, drawn-out battle that resulted in various serious injuries and some disturbing behaviours. Marius Laverne was able to take on the cybiote's flesh-crafting power to both defeat it and to repair the damage to his teammates, but discovered it came at a price as his mutation reverted to its original state and the marrow-seeking mouths on his palms returned. Yvette Petrovic and Fred Dukes in particular were severely traumatised by the incident and spent the next few months not-coping in their own particular ways.

In better news, Hope Abbott learned about a potential opportunity with the Foundation for Genetic Harmony from her friend Amy Wright. Jean and Scott renovated and moved into the attic suite that had formerly belonged to Ororo Munroe and Marius was able to use the last of the Fury's power to repair not only the eye Scott had lost during the recent battle, but also the eye damaged in Seattle. Arthur Centino sent a strange coded text to Cecilia Reyes, who was unable to understand it and the New Mutants went on a field trip to an art show. Of course, the latter ended in yet another example of the Field trip curse, as a young mutant's out of control powers resulted in the art coming to life and the students having to fight their way free.


Aug 1 - Cecilia reflects on it being 10 years since her first arrival at Xavier’s, and feeling old. Yvette leaves Catseye some birthday gifts.

Aug 2 - In response to the recipe box Yvette gave her, Catseye asks people to provide her with favourite or special recipes.

Aug 3 - Darkness Within: The news reports on the escape of Nathan Tyler, Tandy’s father, during a prisoner transfer after he came out of his coma; Scott emails Tandy and Sue, on their Europe trip, to tell them about Tandy’s father and to order them to wait somewhere safe for pickup; Scott then notifies the girls that Nathan has been captured, but asks that they come home any way, for safety’s sake. Matt leaves a birthday card and a gift for Rachel.

Aug 4 - Darkness Within: At the airport, Tandy and Sue attack each other due to the influence of the demon, Spite, and quickly succumb; while Spite goes after Tandy, D’Spayre abducts Namor; two SWORD agents and the local police arrive at a cave in Italy, but are overwhelmed; Spite and D’Spayre use Tandy and Namor to open a portal and release their “father”, the Dweller in the Dark”, who then possesses Tandy; Sue uses her powers to protect herself, Namor and the SWORD agents from the Dweller, who then teleports with Spite and D’Spayre to New York; in the middle of a magic class, Amanda is disturbed by Sue and Namor abruptly appearing, having used the staff from the ritual to teleport to the cave in New Jersey and as they are explaining what has happened, the lights go out, signalling the Dweller’s arrival; Molly and Jubilee, and Ty and Rachel, are caught up in the chaos as New York is attacked by Shades - the souls of the Dweller’s victims, yanked from their bodies; while SWORD director Abigail Brand and her two agents, Paulletz and Ortiz are battling Shades on the streets of New York, Amanda and her magic class, Nico, Namor and Sue hit the streets with a plan (sort of); Laurie, in New York to visit her father, texts Doug to check on him and then posts to her journal with an update; Cecilia texts Amanda to ask what is going on; with Namor acting as “leader” of the group to request Brand’s help, the group teleport to the top of the Empire State Building and after a battle, Topaz manages to free Tandy from the Dweller, who is then driven back into the portal to its dimension, along with D’Spayre; Spite is killed by Namor and the SWORD agents; Scott posts to the team comm to update them on what happened; Amanda provides her own update to everyone; Haller emails Amanda about aftercare for Tandy and the other students; Amanda provides her report to X-Force; Adrienne decides she is going to stay in Boston, where nothing ever happens.

Aug 5 - Cecilia mentions her medschool friends are wanting to take a trip to a cabin in the woods, and reflects on how badly that could go. Darkness Within: Scott posts to the staff comm to update them on what happened; Doug emails Amanda and Marie-Ange about Sue staying with him for a while and asking if she can use their bathroom, and emails Artie to warn him to put on pants; Topaz texts Matt from the Box, asking for company; Tandy emails Amanda and Haller, asking to see them both; Adrienne comes back from Boston to help Tandy and they talk over what happened. Matt visits Topaz in the Box and they discuss going to the zoo by themselves, returning to school, and driving.

Aug 6 - Darkness Within: Jubilee emails Haller, asking him why Molly would hesitate in combat, which nearly caused casualties; Scott emails Namor to tell him that his parents are very unhappy about his abduction and wanted to remove him from Xavier’s. Jean shows Scott Ororo’s old attic apartment, and suggests they move in.

Aug 7 - Angel posts that she will be taking over driving the bus and that there will be a field trip to District X to view an art show. A news article was posting of the CEO of Keller Industries has been arrested by SHIELD agents and being charged with tax evasion and contributing money to terrorist groups (and other things).

Aug 8 - Second Thoughts: Jean meets a Gabriel Cohuelo who tries to rob her but at the end she offers him a home. Doug helps Sue work through some issues she had after the run in with the Dweller and Spite.

Aug 9 -

Aug 10 -

Aug 11 - Adrienne proposes a party on the lawn for the impending meteor shower.

Aug 12 -

Aug 13 - Tandy texts Artie to ask if he can procure her a new fake ID since she lost hers in Germany. Megan emails Jean to make an appointment to see if her dust has been altered by demon magic.

Aug 14 - Marie-Ange posts to tell Lorna that Wade enjoyed his birthday presents (a female mariachi band and taco truck) so much he proposed marriage to Lorna, which Marie-Ange unfortunately can’t go along with. Cecilia emails Marie-Ange to express her wish that Marie-Ange and Wade enjoy Wade’s birthday celebrations and to remind them to put the steaks she gave Wade in the fridge. Tandy meets with Artie to get her new fake ID and they talk about what happened to her.

Aug 15 - Adrienne texts Tandy wanting to talk after finding out Tandy has dropped her college courses. Matt posts about upcoming college classes. Jean posts to announce that she and Scott are moving into Ororo’s old attic suite and offers food-and-drink bribes for anyone who helps with the renovations the next day. Maddie meets with Scott to join the X-Men.

Aug 16 - Jean emails Megan to tell her that her dust tested normal. Lorna and Matt serve as welcoming committee for Jessica Jones and Matt gives her a tour. Jessica Jones introduces herself on the journals. Garrison picks up Rogue at the airport.

Aug 17 - Hope A. gets an email from Amy Wright telling her about a forum discussing how politics and sociology and philosophy relate to mutants, run by a group called Foundation for Genetic Harmony. Adrienne and Sue discuss the events of Europe. Fury Said To A Mouse: Garrison gets a call from Heather Hudson and offers to send an X-Men team to Slorenia to investigate Slorenian military intervention in a supposed accident at a lab where Lionel Jeffries was working as a scientific mercenary developing a new skin graft; the team arrives in Slorenia and finds a massacre in the town so they break up into groups to search the lab and the town’s outskirts; Fred, Lorna, and Clarice search for survivors in the town; Scott, Jean, Marius, and Garrison find out that the skin-graft is being marketed as a weapon and is called The Fury before Jean alerts them to something wrong outside; after searching their side of the town Yvette, Tabitha, and Angel encounter The Fury, a cybiote, and the rest of the team joins them to battle it, some getting seriously injured before Fred collapses a building on it; everyone regroups after the battle and develop a plan to take down The Fury; Scott and Jean have a snuggle before the battle and Scott convinces Jean to use him as a filter for everyone’s thoughts so she won’t get overwhelmed coordinating the battle; when The Fury has been reactivated Lorna, Tabitha, and Angel lead it to a quarry where the rest of the team is waiting to ambush it; while Fred, Yvette, and Garrison are slicing The Fury apart Clarice transports the pieces to Marius who searches for the piece they need to defeat it; Marius makes sure The Fury can no longer heal so Fred, Yvette, and Garrison can take it apart and then Angel, Lorna, and Tabitha use their energies and flames to make sure it’s destroyed; after the battle Jean and Marius treat the wounded.

Aug 18 - Fury Said To A Mouse: Scott announces the return of the battered Fury team on x_team; Marius asks Kyle for a “donation” of the old kind; Cecilia announces the medlab is closed to visitors; Sooraya offers food to the medlab team and its patients; Adrienne encounters an exhausted and odd-looking Garrison in his suite and is unhappy at the situation; Yvette asks Cecilia if she can sit with Fred provided she does as she’s told, and asks Sooraya to bring down her spare bodysuit; Cecilia posts an update on x_medical; Jean announces she’ll be offline for a few days.

Aug 19 - Rogue announces her return on the journals. Adrienne texts Amanda about wanting Heather Hudson beaten up for what happened to Garrison. Namor and Megan have lunch and a chat at Deli-CAT-essen. Clarice posts, reflecting on her injuries and comparing them to the time she was irradiated. Cecilia apologises to Matt about having to put off X-Corps work for another week. Jean texts Amanda, apologising for not updating her on the Fury situation.

Aug 20 - Adrienne leaves Sue a birthday gift. Topaz emails Maddie about a set of pink handcuffs.

Aug 21 - Haller checks up on Lorna after the Fury mission and provides food. Marius is surprised by Yvette at Fred’s bedside and they talk about the mission and their own fears. Rogue visits Jean in the Box.

Aug 22 - Fred wakes up for the first time and he and Yvette comfort each other. Matt helps Scott cope with being blind.

Aug 23 - Rogue and Kurt talk and have a sibling moment.

Aug 24 -

Aug 25 - Fred posts a message assuring everyone he is still alive and ok, he then sends Jean a text thanking her for helping and apologizing for having to go into his head. Jennie stops by the medlab to help Marius and the two of them talk. Jean and Marius try to use the fleshcrafting powers on Scott’s eyes and manage to regenerate both the eye the Fury destroyed and the eye which was destroyed years ago.

Aug 26 - Jean and the Professor work on re-establishing her mental defences.

Aug 27 - Cecilia posts stating that term is about to start and she is looking forward to having permanent adult swim. Topaz and Rogue meet in the gym and chat before Rogue offers to spill the gossip on anyone, particularly Amanda.

Aug 28 - Amanda contacts John to arrange for a night out for themselves, Marie-Ange and Rogue. Billy contacts the other new seniors to point out how unbelievable it is and start planning a senior prank. Longshot sends a mysterious text to Cecilia who contacts Haller to ask what he makes of it. Molly complains she’s bored and isn’t sleepy late at night and ends up going down to spend time in the medlab with Cecilia.

Aug 29 - After her post the previous night Molly contacts Rogue to see if she can practice the fastball special on her.

Aug 30 -

Aug 31 - New Mutants: Scribblenauts - Topaz finds Pixie setting up her booth, becomes her first customer, and helps her finish setting up; Artie meets a fellow classmate while working on his booth; Ty outeats Kyle, and Namor generally disapproves; when things go to hell, Artie becomes the voice of reason among bigots; Hope A. and Molly are attacked, but thankfully Molly's hat survives; Angel, Kyle, and Namor set to work trying to gather the students, which doesn't go well; Johnny S. tries to play hero when things go bad, and Sue is unhappy with his antics; Matt and Tandy end up pulled into a painting, and have to fight their way out; Topaz and Pixie find Artie, and have to think fast to keep from being eaten by a chalk monster; Ty's powers react weirdly to a painting, which is good for Kyle's sake; Hope A. and Topaz find Ishmael (whose powers are out of control), and Hope A. takes over first aid for him while Topaz tries to run crowd control; Molly, Sue, and Johnny S. fight their way through art; Matt and Tandy get creative while trying to get home; in the aftermath, Angel plays nice with her EMT and firefighter buddies while Pixie and Artie lie to the police to make sure no one is blamed for this; Angel posts to let people know that the art exhibition got a little crazy and she is trying to write up a report. Topaz ends up down in the Box after burning out her shields and finds herself rooming with Jean.


Darkness Within

Second Thoughts

Fury Said To A Mouse

New Mutants: Scribblenauts

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