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Nathan Tyler
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Portrayed by Christian Slater
Known Aliases: Lord of Light
Affiliations: SHIELD
Socked By: Jeff
Introduction: Light in the Darkness

She's my daughter, you stay back from her this instant.

SHIELD agent and father of Tandy Bowen, Nathan Tyler went rogue under the influence of the demon D'Spayre. He is currently in a high security prison called The Vault after the events of Darkness Within


Name: Nathan Tyler

Aliases: Self Proclaimed Lord of Light

Affiliation: SHIELD Currently: Inactive

First appearance: Light in the Darkness

Family: Melissa Carlisle [ex-wife, deceased], Tandy Bowen [Daughter] , Michael Bowen [ex-brother In Law]


Nathan Tyler was born in Shaker Heights, Ohio in 1970. His father was a well known politician in the City. His mother was a socialite and would often support her husband as well as local charities. They seemed like a perfect family. Nathan’s childhood was a normal one, he was sent to a prestige all boy-school and graduated with honors. When he was 15 years old, his mutation kicked in during a fight. It was then he learned that he could control his own life force and use it as projection against others. The school found out about the mutation but not wanting to stain the reputation of the school or lose the backing of Nathan’s mothers charity kept it hushed. Though it didn’t make a difference as many of his friends stopped talking to him not wanting to be seen around a boy who was different. It was then he started to suffer depression and anxiety when around people.

After graduating high school, he joined the army and served 1.5 terms. Nathan was known as the Outsider of his platoon, and earned the distrust and fear of his peers upon learning he was a mutant. As the rumors about Nathan grew it was then he was approached by SHIELD and offered him a place within the agency as his certain skill sets would be valuable to the team. Feeling like his time in the army was coming to an end with the growing concern of his mutation he accepted. In the first time in a long time, Nathan felt accepted and that he could learn to be himself. He was happier but his anxiety continued to grow.

Upon returning back home for a family visit he met Melissa Bowen. They married a year later but their marriage did not last long. Melissa became pregnant and Nathan ended up leaving his wife and unborn child when Melissa was barely six months pregnant. She made him unhappy and his depression skyrocketed during the short lived marriage. For the next 17 years, Nathan focused on work, the only happiness he could have was when killing his targets, but there was always something missing.

Phase 1

Things changed in 2013, when he was placed on assignment to go undercover to get details about the Church of Redeeming Light about the death of a mutant teenager.

During those short months, Nathan’s world was turned upside down as he became the favorite of Dana Adams, and he became one of her trusted confidants. Nathan fell in love with Dana and even turned his back on SHIELD and started to give them false reports. Willing to do anything for Dana even going back home and killing his ex-wife and her husband and kidnapping his own daughter whom he had never met before. Not knowing that he was being used by someone he thought loved him back.

The events of Light in the Darkness left him in a coma, induced by his own daughter.

In August 2014, Nathan came out of his coma, and while being moved from the hospital to the The Vault he was kidnapped by Spite and D'Spayre so they could use his powers to open a portal and bring their master to the human realm. The ritual failed and Nathan, feeling betrayed, cut a deal with SHIELD, telling them everything he knew about D'Spayre in return for life without parole in the Vault.

Phase 2


Nathan’s powers are very similar to Tandy, as she had inherited his powers from him. Nathan generates a form of 'living light' which is actually his own life force, the energy generated within his own body. Nathan’s energy is continually generating and stored within him.

Instead of creating daggers like his daughter, Nathan forms Light Balls but they do the exact damage as the daggers. He cannot control the direction of his light balls, instead he just aims with his hands and fires away. His light balls causes a person to bleed out their own life force, but only for a couple of seconds. They leave a burn mark as an aftermath. His light balls can only shock or stun his victims, as he powers haven’t developed past it.

Nonliving objects are unaffected by his light. Nonliving objects are material things, like walls and doors. Plant life and animals can be affected by his light. Plants will die right away and animals will suffer the same effects as humans.

Nathan relies more on his fire arms than his actual power.


Phase 1

Light in the Darkness

Darkness Within

Phase 2


Socked by: Jeff

PB: Christian Slater