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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain graphic violence, blood and gore.


Fury Said To A Mouse
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Dates run: August 17, 2014
Run By: Tapestry
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A favor to Heather Hudson has horrific consequences for a small team of X-Men.


Angelica Jones, Clarice Ferguson, Fred Dukes, Garrison Kane, Jean Grey, Lorna Dane, Marius Laverne, Scott Summers, Tabitha Smith, Yvette Petrovic

Heather Hudson, The Fury, Lionel Jefferies (reference only)


August 17, 2014

Plot Summary

Heather Hudson contacts Garrison Kane regarding concerns she had for Lionel Jefferies, the fleshcrafting elder brother of Madison Jefferies, who had last been known to be working for the Slorenian government. Suspicious that Lionel mysteriously dropped out of contact when a so-called "industrial accident" occurred at the site and the Slorenians declined offers of aid, Heather requests the X-Men investigate.

The X-Men arrive on scene to discover the entire town has been massacred, apparently by a techno-organic creature with no apparent human awareness. Lacking any defense against mutants, it is quickly shut down by Cyclops, Phoenix and Polaris. The team split up to ascertain what has happened, and though search and rescue efforts are ultimately futile it is discovered Jefferies was involved in something dubbed "the cybiote project," and the creature they have encountered is a highly adaptable man-made weapon known as the Fury. No information exists regarding what went wrong, but the creature appears to have turned on its manufacturers. Hopes that Jefferies will be found are slim as Emplate remarks he has seen what looked to be mutant tissue of the appropriate power-set on the cybiote.

The mission abruptly sours when a team consisting of Penance, Meltdown and Firestar are ambushed by the newly reactivated Fury, which now demonstrates the ability to partially absorb and duplicate powers as well as repair itself with available resources, including corpses. Meltdown and Firestar are injured, and when Cyclops attempts to intervene he is blinded by a reciprocal optic blast. Phoenix's attempts at psychic attack result only in the destruction of her shields and a broken pelvis. Dominion holds the line but ultimately fares no better, and Polaris is similarly injured upon arrival. The Fury is slowed by the intervention of Blink and her teleportation powers, but succeeds in wounding her to prevent a second attempt. Anchor succeeds in temporarily burying the creature beneath rubble so the team can retreat.

Unable to escape or call for aid due to the Fury's strategic use of an EMP, the incapacitated Cyclops orders them to move the fight to a more favorable arena in hopes of destroying it. When the Fury reactivates for a third time Polaris, Meltdown and Firestar destroy the organic and metallic materials the Fury has been using to effect self-repair, simultaneously leading it to an old quarry in which Penance, Dominion and Anchor are laying in wait. While the three melee fighters engage the cybiote Blink teleports pieces of flesh carved off by Penance to Emplate, working on the assumption that enough of Jefferies' tissue might remain for Emplate to take his power. While this proves to be true, he is unable to destroy the Fury, instead only crippling it by removing its ability to self-repair. It then falls to Penance, Dominion and Anchor -- the three X-Men whose physical abilities the Fury cannot copy or entirely defend against -- to finish the job. After suffering severe damage at the hands of Dominion and Penance, the Fury employs microwaves that drive away all but a now blind, deaf and brutally wounded Anchor. Phoenix is forced to suppress her teammate's pain and act as his eyes and ears until the Fury is literally torn apart.

With the Fury destroyed, Anchor's mutilated face is repaired by Phoenix and Emplate with the help of Jefferies' borrowed fleshcrafting powers. However, when Penance collapses of heatstroke it is discovered that Jefferies' mutation is interacting with Emplate's body in an alarming way, as the extreme pull on his resources cause his long-closed marrow-extracting organs to reappear. Nonetheless, the side-effects of feeding allow them to bypass Penance's armored skin and effectively cool her.

The Fury's remains are obliterated by Polaris, Firestar and Meltdown, and half the team spend the next several weeks on a vegetarian diet.

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- The Fury was an adversary created by Alan Moore as part of the Jasper's Warp storyline written for Captain Britain. It is named for the antagonist in Lewis Carroll's poem "The Mouse's Tale".

- Lionel Jefferies, though not appearing in the plot, was revealed to have been one of the first Beta Flight subjects and a cautionary tale among Department H known as "SCRAMBLE" as a result of a grisly powers-flare.


Plotrunners: Tapestry, Emerson (plot adviser/blame partner)

Mackinzie designed the plot poster, plus an 'outtake' version for the lolz.

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