The Fury

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The Fury
Portrayed by None
Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Tapestry
Introduction: Fury Said To A Mouse

The Fury was a mindless but implacable techno-organic weapon created for the sole purpose of annihilating every living thing in a designated area.


Name: The Fury

Aliases: None

Affiliation: Slorenian government (assumed)

First appearance: August 17, 2014

Family: Lionel Jeffieries (creator)


The Fury was a meld of robotic and organic parts known as a cybiote created by the fleshcrafter Lionel Jefferies during his time with a private bio-weapons manufacturer based in the Eastern European country of Slorenia. Intended to be sold to the highest bidder as a depopulation weapon, at some point the Fury apparently went berserk and killed its creators. By the time the X-Men arrived the entire facility and the town housing it had been annihilated. Though the exact circumstances are unknown, there was evidence it had cannibalized Lionel Jefferies and incorporated his ability to manipulate flesh into its arsenal.

While it ranked barely above an animal in terms of intellectual complexity, in its short lifetime the Fury demonstrated a frightening tactical learning curve that an included the ability to grasp such things as the link between communication devices and the arrival of reinforcements. Its lack of fear or empathy enabled it to severely injure several X-Men before it was partially disabled by Emplate and physically beaten to death by Penance, Dominion and Anchor.


The Fury possessed an array of lenses rather than eyes and had no face to speak of. If its movements were restricted any supplementary organic materials were harpooned by a spear housed in its thorax and reeled into its "mouth", which was in fact a cavity located beneath a hinged ribcage. After its initial defeat due to psychic and electro-magnetic attack it learned to distribute its consciousness among several redundant nervous systems.

In its original state the Fury possessed only exceptional durability and an innate ability to rebuild itself with any materials it found on hand, including corpses. However, after exposure to the X-Men it began to mimic and mingle the powers used against it. Its adaptations included:

- Magnetism from Polaris, used to speed repairs to its robotic chassis

- Optic blasts from Cyclops

- Microwaves from Firestar

- Plasma bombs from Meltdown, deployed by an arm-cannon crafted for that purpose

- Telekinesis and rudimentary telepathy from Phoenix

- Tactical analysis and dermal manipulation from Dominion

Notably, it was unable to counter Blink's power of spatial displacement or purely physical punishment inflicted by melee fighters.


Fury Said To A Mouse


Socked by: Tapestry

PB: None


The Fury was created by Alan Moore as part of the Jasper's Warp storyline written for Captain Britain. It is named for the antagonist in Lewis Carroll's poem "The Mouse's Tale".