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Dates run: August 31, 2014
Run By: Frito
Read the logs: New Mutants: Scribblenauts

You know, I hate to be a cliché, but 'I have a bad feeling about this

An art fair at District X and the New Mutants. What could possibly go wrong?


Hope Abbott, Johnny Storm, Molly Hayes, Susan Storm, Tandy Bowen, Topaz, Tyrone Johnson, Angelica Jones, Artie Maddicks, Kyle Gibney, Matt Murdock, Megan Gwynn, Namor Mazur

Ishmael Hernandez


August 31, 2014

Plot Summary

Angel brings the New Mutants and a few tag alongs to a street art fair in District X. It's far from peaceful, with anti-mutant protesters gathered in the area, but they're easy enough to ignore. At least until they go after Ishmael Hernandez, a mutant and an artist with a mural on display. A couple of the protesters destroy the mural, and Artie steps in to stop Ishmael from going after the protesters. He flashes strobe lights in Ishmael's eyes in an attempt to stun him, which sends Ishmael into a seizure and his powers flare out of control, bringing all the paintings in the area to life.

As things start to spin out of control, Angel, Kyle, and Namor try to gather up the students, which leads to Kyle being eaten by a painting. Matt and Tandy are also pulled into paintings and have to fight their way out, while Topaz and Hope find Ishmael - Hope tries to treat Ishmael, who is showing signs of a stroke, while Topaz does crowd control. Molly, Sue, and Johnny fight their way through paintings, while Ty has a strange powers interaction with a painting, saving Kyle in the process.

In the aftermath, Artie and Pixie team up to lie to the police and keep Ishmael out of trouble, while Angel keeps her firefighter friends busy. Ishmael is transferred to the mansion, where he's taken care of before being transferred to rehab. The stroke damaged the Brodmann Areas 18 and 19 part of his brain, affecting his control over his powers.

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Plotrunner: Frito

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