Murder They Tweeted

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Murder, They Tweeted
Dates run: November 15- December 2, 2018
Run By: Ben
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It won’t bring Trevor back, but perhaps Raph and Diane can say their vows now knowing justice has been served.

A family wedding becomes more interesting than Quentin Quire expected when there's a good old-fashioned murder to solve.


Quentin Quire, Hank McCoy

Quartus and Lucia Quire (Quentin's adoptive parents); Diane and Raphael Quire (the bride and groom), Felix Madison (Raphael's uncle), Trevor Portsmouth (best man)


November 15- December 2, 2018

Plot Summary

After receiving and invitation to his favourite cousin's wedding in the Adirondacks and being threatened with his parents removing their financial support if he didn't go, Quentin asked Hank, with whom he had been pursuing a relationship, to go with him. Things were both better and worse than Quentin had expected - his parents were as cold and cruel as ever, but the groom was pleased to see him and the wedding was at a winery, so there was plenty of booze. Slipping away for some private time, however, Quentin and Hank witnessed Raphael berating his obnoxious friend Trevor, who was doing his best to antagonize everyone he interacted with, Raph no exception. Things only became more complicated when Raphael's Uncle Felix came on the scene, trying to keep the peace in his own crude way. Quentin threatened to stop Trevor's heart, Trevor showed his outright bigotry, Hank tried to keep things calm and logical and Raph loudly threatened Trevor if he pulled another stunt. Things ended on a tense note.

Trevor seemed to take things to heart and was not present at the rehearsal dinner being held in the wine cellar. The winery owners tapped a newly-aged cask of wine for the celebration, but something was very wrong with it. When the cask was opened, they found out just how wrong - Trevor's dead body had been stuffed in it. As a result of his earlier threats, Raph was taken for questioning by the police, leaving a distraught bride, shocked wedding guests and a furious Quentin, determined to solve the crime even without his telepathy.

Hank, using his knowledge of science and anatomy, determined that Trevor had been killed by a blow to the head from behind with a heavy object. A cast iron skillet was found in a sink of dishes, raising suspicion, and they were able to lift a set of partial fingerprints from the handle. Although the prints were unable to discount Raphael, a meeting with a strangely-distraught Uncle Felix raised another possible motive - Trevor had developed an app which was a "guaranteed money maker". With further investigation proving fruitless, Quentin went to talk to Diane, who was in the process of getting very drunk. She made a comment about Uncle Felix investing in Trevor's app which proved the connecting piece of the puzzle.

Confronting Uncle Felix as he was inexplicably checking out of the venue, Quentin and Hank questioned him regarding the app and Trevor's murder. Believing they had irrefutable proof, Felix tried to run and was apprehended by Hank, before making a blubbering confession. Raph was released and the wedding went ahead and Quentin and Hank became closer than before, having shown each had the other's back and they were a good team. The next morning held one more surprise, however - a hungover Quentin awoke to discover that his long-absent telepathy had returned.

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Plotrunner: Ben

The plot name and basic outline was inspired by the classic murder mystery series, Murder, She Wrote