X-Men Mission: Wildchild

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain the death of a significant character/NPC.

Part 3 of the Go Tell The Spartans Arc.


X-Men: Wildchild
Dates run: October 27, 2004
Run By: Frito
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One... one out of six... the rest were gone, we were too late...

Operating on information from MacInnis, Cable takes a small team to Vermont to raid a Mistra conditioning facility. They wind up bringing a new student back to the mansion. Only one, however.


Cable, Pete Wisdom, Cannonball, Husk, Madelyn Bartlet, Kyle Gibney

NPCs: Colin MacInnis, Timothy Morgan, Mick Foley


October 27, 2004

Plot Summary

MacInnis contacted Nathan to tell him the location of a conditioning facility in Vermont, claiming that his own people would be unable to reach it in any sort of timely fashion. Nathan, angry and mistrustful, resisted the idea of 'playing along' until MacInnis told him that the conditioning was far enough along that the children would start dying if they weren't rescued promptly. Nathan went to Pete, convincing him to help him raid the conditioning facility, and they later recruit Madelyn, Sam, and Paige to help.

Upon arriving at the facility, they discovered that a Mistra field team was there, including Morgan and Foley, whom Cable had last encountered in August. Nathan managed to incapacitate both of them and head into the facility. Pete, already inside, took out a couple of operatives on his own as well and then proceeded to the control room to get what he could from the computers. Outside, Cannonball and Husk found themselves defending their helicopter.

Inside the facility, Cable located the conditioning room, killing the team there when he found them in the midst of working on Kyle Gibney, a young feral. He tried to soothe the heavily drugged boy, but some sort of weird telepathic interaction ensued and Kyle ran, making it outside where he was stopped by Madelyn and her tranq gun. Nathan, dazed, searched for him inside and instead found the sensory deprivation cells. Each was empty, and he searched desperately for the children who should have been inside - only to find five bodybags in the freezer at the end of the hall. When the team searched the facility for him once the surviving Mistra staff and operatives retreated, Husk found him kneeling in the freezer in shock. She convinced him to get up, and they took the bodies to the helicopter with them.

Back at the mansion, Nathan counseled Madelyn on how to treat Kyle, then collapsed on Moira, close to breaking. Charles contacted Kyle's family to let them know that their son was alive. Once they were sure that his partial conditioning didn't make him a danger to anyone, Kyle was properly welcomed to Xavier's.

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Kyle was not told that he was the sole survivor of the candidate group at that conditioning facility until January of 2006, over a year later.

Madelyn and Kurt ended up going to dinner to make up for her using him as a punching bag.


Plotrunner: Frito