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Part 4 of the Go Tell The Spartans Arc.


Dates run: October 28-30, 2004
Run By: Alicia
Read the logs: Reclaimed

Each and every one of them - you remember their faces, because you might as well have killed them yourself!

When one of his old friends from Mistra tries to make a run for it, Nathan goes after him, hoping to find him before their old employers do.


Nathan Dayspring, Alison Blaire

NPCs: Colin MacInnis, Mick Foley, David and Mina Rabin


October 28-30, 2004

Plot Summary

Still reeling from the events in Vermont, Nathan was stunned to receive a second phone call from MacInnis. MacInnis informed him that Mick Foley, one of the Mistra operatives Nathan's team had faced in Vermont, had made a run for it, his conditioning broken by the events at the safehouse. Foley seemed to be using one of Nathan's old exit strategies, heading for a safehouse in Belgium, but MacInnis warned Nathan that Mistra might very well have the same information

Nathan immediately departed the mansion with Alison, hoping to catch up to him before Mistra did. Landing in Brussels, they went to one of the Pack's safehouses to acquire the necessary gear and transportation. Nathan checked the relevant bank accounts and airline reservations, finding out that Foley was indeed following the escape route to the letter. He called the Pack in Berlin, arranging for David and Mina to stand by with a helicopter in case they needed to move fast.

They reached the safehouse in Tournai where they expected Foley to be, only to come in at the very end of a pitched fight. Nathan knocked one of the retreating helicopters out of the air - unfortunately, not the one holding the recaptured Foley. In a rage, Nathan started to interrogate the only conscious person on the downed helicopter, and an equally angry Alison ordered to him to cease and desist with the physical abuse of their prisoner if he didn't want to continue the search alone. They managed to trick the information out of the woman without injuring her further, and Nathan called David and Mina for backup and a ride to Leuven.

Together, the four of them hit the safehouse, meeting quite a bit of resistance. In the chaos, Foley killed the telepath attempting to restore his conditioning and managed to flee the safehouse, only to run into Alison in the woods outside. She tried unsuccessfully to talk him down, and only Foley's flashback to the sequence of events that had broken his conditioning allowed her to get the drop on him, knocking him out.

She brought him out of the woods to Nathan, who was just emerging from the safehouse with the grim news that it was actually a conditioning facility - and an unsuccessful one, with the bodies of eleven children who hadn't survived the process sitting in the morgue. Seeing the distraught, semi-conscious Foley's reaction to the news of more dead children, Nathan realized what needed to be done to finish the job of deconditioning him.

Leaving David and Mina to watch the perimeter, he and Alison took Foley inside, where Nathan forced him to face the dead children, berating him savagely for his failure to act in Vermont. The strategy was successful in fracturing Foley's remaining conditioning, although it also sent him into a deep state of shock. Somewhat traumatized themselves, Nathan and Alison watched over him until they were sure his physical condition was stable.

Alison started to call for a Blackbird pick-up, just as Mina radioed in a call for help from outside. Nathan ran out to help them and discovered David unconscious and Mina being restrained by some of MacInnis's people. They held David and Mina while MacInnis let Nathan lead him and a woman armed with an EM weapon (one of the few type of 'guns' that Nathan had any reason to fear) back into the safehouse to see Foley. Thanks to Nathan's telepathic warning, Alison was prepared for them, jumping MacInnis as soon as he entered the room. After a tense confrontation, they came to an agreement - MacInnis would take the bodies of the children for identification and proper burial, and Nathan and Alison would take the harddrives from the safehouse computers.

They returned to the mansion with Foley, and the Professor helped repair some of the damage done by the fractured conditioning. Nathan decided to call upon the last Mistra operative he'd rescued to help both Foley and Kyle adjust to their respective experiences, and Anika Bender thus made her first of several trips to the mansion.

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Shortly after the events in Belgium, it was discovered that Nathan had not in fact lost all of his conditioning with the triggering of the Trojan Horse that August; when the Trojan Horse had first been implanted, MacInnis had ordered his people to install several new, unrelated triggers to help control Nathan's behavior if necessary. Charles Xavier removed the triggers, and Nathan gave Alison permission to answer any messages from MacInnis for the time being, so that he could get a little distance from the man while he processed everything that had happened.


Plotrunner: Alicia

The 'working title' for this plot was 'Pheidippides' Run', a reference to a figure from Greek myth who supposedly ran from Athens to Sparta to warn them that the Persians had landed at Marathon, and then from Marathon to Athens to announce the Athenian victory, dying on the spot as he delivered his news.