Go Tell The Spartans

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Go Tell The Spartans
Dates run: July 24, 2004 - January 7, 2007
Run By: Alicia (with plots by Frito and Nute
Plots: Go Tell The Spartans

We are Spartans. Let's take what they made of us and make something remarkable out of it.

Mistra, the secret military group which trained Nathan Dayspring wants him back and will do anything to achieve that goal.


July 24, 2004 - January 7, 2007

Arc Summary

Refusing to accept the loss of their best-trained and most effective operative, the illegal former military program, Mistra, spent two years trying to reclaim Nathan Dayspring. When outright violence and threats failed, they resorted kidnapping his loved ones and brainwashing. Determined to bring Mistra down and stop the programming of young mutants into weapons, Nathan and the X-Men fought back, the war culminating in a massive assault on the Greek island of Youra. And when it appeared the lessons had not been learned and a new military program attempted to use Mistra technology and methods, is was the X-Men again who returned to Youra to shut things down when they went out of control.

Arc Plots

Collateral Damage: Mistra makes the first move, with an attack on Nathan at Columbia University which results in massive loss of life.

Trojan Horse: Nathan falls into Mistra's hands and is reprogrammed.

X-Men Mission: Wildchild: A mission to save a number of children from a Mistra training centre is only partially successful.

Reclaimed: Nathan and Alison track down one of Nathan's former team, whose conditioning has broken.

Lost and Found: When a rescue attempt goes wrong in Alaska, the X-Men get involved in a battle in the snow.

Thermopylae: End game. Nathan and the X-Men, along with US allies, take on Mistra on their home ground.

X-Men Mission: Loose Ends: Mistra might be gone, but there's always something - or someone - you forgot.

X-Men Mission: Phalanx: Some people can't leave well enough alone, as the X-Men are called in to take down a rogue Greek military group with training based on the Mistra programming.

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This arc dealt with a significant portion of Nathan Dayspring's personal history before he became a mercenary.


Plotrunner: Alicia, with plots by Frito and Nute included

This arc is still the longest-running for X-Project and one of the largest.