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"Annalee" - real name unkown
Portrayed by Stock photo
Known Aliases: Annalee
Affiliations: Morlocks
Socked By: Rossi
Introduction: My Long Forgotten Son

Survivor of the Morlock Massacre, Annalee was a low level empath living on the streets until her attempt to rebuild her 'family' caused her to kidnap the mansion's students. She is currently in SHIELD custody.


Name: Unknown

Aliases: Annalee

Occupation: None - homeless

First appearance: April 29, 2011

Family: Artie Maddicks - "adopted" son


Empath, Morlock, more than a little crazy. She’s in her mid fifties and looks to be fifteen years older, disenfranchised even in District X and wanting a return to an idealised day before the massacre when she was part of something. She’s also driven by loneliness, wanting nothing more than to rebuild the family she lost twice, first with the Morlock Massacre and then when she gave up Artie.

Annalee was a long-term Morlock, her origins unknown. She was the 'mother' of the group, taking in and protecting the younger children brought into the tunnels. Somehow she managed to survive the Morlock Massacre with a young Artie Maddicks, but in the time following, the other survivors eventually forced her to abandon him: with so few survivors after the massacre and the bulk of those not Morlocks but Tunnelers who saw themselves as being at war with the upworlders, it grew harder and harder for Annalee to justify keeping him in the face of their opposition. She was, eventually, forced to abandon Artie at the Mansion.

In April 2011, Artie came across Annalee, living on the streets. Overjoyed to find her 'son' again, she renewed her empathic bond with him, encouraging him come back and live with her in the tunnels. Wanting to recreate the Morlocks, she also encouraged him to bring the other students with him, to keep them 'safe'. A powers interaction with Nico Minoru boosted her empathy to the point she was able to influence all of the students into coming into the sewers, and then protecting their 'home' against the X-Men who came to claim them. She is in SHIELD custody until the courts decide what to do with her.


Low level empath, who generally needs contact in order to effect the emotions of others. When under strain, she can project without contact, but for a very limited time and at great physical risk.


My Long Forgotten Son


PB: Stock photo

Socked by: Rossi