Genoshan Resistance

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Genoshan Resistance
Portrayed by Various
Known Aliases: Jenny Ransome, Jayresh Patel, miscellaneous others
Affiliations: Genosha
Socked By: Dex, Nat
Introduction: Genosha Arc

While not an actual discrete group, there were a number of individuals who opposed the direction President David Moreau and his brother Thomas were taking their country and who aided the Xavierites in various ways.


Jenny Ransome
Jenny ransome.jpg
Following her escape from Petrova, Jenny found herself the unwilling leader of a resistance group. See her individual page for full details.

PB: Jurnee Smollett, socked by Nat

Jayresh Patel
Jayresh Patel.png
Patal is a Genoshan bushman, who makes a living serving as a guide for hunting parties, collecting bounties on pest animals, and a little smuggling on the side. Originally brought to Genosha in the 80s, Patal decided he liked the outdoors a lot more than the hotel laundry that his work visa had been for, and simply disappeared into the bush one day. After thirty years, he considers himself Genoshan, although not necessarily a friend to the government. Over the years, he’s helped several mutant escapees disappear into the bush or helped arrange a boat off the island. He’s motivated by money and no love for officials. However, he is sympathetic to their plight, and once he’s agreed to help, he will carry it through to the bitter end. Despite personal misgivings, he led a group of escaped Xavierites to a refugee camp in the bush, only to have those misgivings proved right when the Magistrates attacked. Jayresh took it upon himself to take the survivors to safety, telling the Xavierites to join Jenny at Prenova.

PB: Frankie Faison, socked by Dex

  • various mutants and mutates who escaped with Jenny and subsequently followed her as their leader
  • Jayresh's 'village' of mutants and their families, hiding in the bush to escape the Moreau regieme. Many were killed during the Magistrate attack on their camp, the survivors fleeing to a new hiding place, led by Jayresh.


More a disparate group of individuals doing their own part against the Moreau regieme than an organised resistance. Some, with the help of Jayresh Patel, were mutants and their families or those who simply wanted to disappear, who set up a hidden camp in the deep bush of the mountains. Others, escaped from the Mutant Train with Jenny Ransome, were more active, targeting further trains and trying to save their peers from the death trap of Prenova. In the wake of the changes in the government, many of those who had gone into hiding were able to return to their families. Others, such as Jenny, left Genosha to explore a world that had been closed off to them.


Genosha Arc


Socked by: Various