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International Infonet Inc.
Portrayed by N/A
Known Aliases: Ariel Richmond, Devi Gavin, formerly Jacob Gavin Sr., miscellaneous couriers
Affiliations: New Son, Hellfire Club, X-Men - anyone who pays
Socked By: Various
Introduction: December 2003

An international courier company based in Europe and founded by Jake's parents, Infonet has spent many years balancing the line of what is ethical and what is profitable. The recent takeover by the Richmond women may see that line blur even more.


Ariel Richmond
Ariel Gavin.jpg
60% shareholder and with her daughter, Devi, Ariel now runs Infonet, having removed her former husband - Jacob Gavin Snr. - and her son - Jacon Gavin Jr. - from having any kind of position within the group.

PB: Charlotte Rampling; socked by Rossi

Devi Gavin
Devi Gavin.jpg
CEO of Infonet, Ariel's daughter has proven to be a capable leader of the corporation after the takeover bid that removed her father and brother.

PB: Jamie Murray; socked by Jen

Jacob Gavin Sr.
Gavin Sr.jpg
Founder of and former CEO of Infonet, Jacob is now reluctantly 'retired' following the takeover bid. He retains various contacts of his own, however.

PB: Jonathan Goldsmith The World's Most Interesting Man

Jacob Gavin Jr.
Former courier, Jake is a shapeshifter who used his powers to make himself virtually untraceable in his duties.

PB: Drew Fuller

Hans Mittlesteadt
A former sergeant in the East German National People's Army, Mittlesteadt is one of a handful of mutants employed by Infonet. He is able to control and release bioelectric energy with a fine degree of control. He was hired to deliver the package with what Cammie believed to be her parents' fingers, but which actually turned out to be from Jake's missing arm. Hans was also the subject of several experiments while in the army, and looks much younger than his actual age.

PB: Steven Mather


International Infonet Inc provide couriers for clients. The couriers have varying specialties, and bases. Some work solely in South America, some work solely with moving packages, etc. They have mutants working for them, but most of the couriers and the other employees are humans.

The mutant couriers are the ones that Infonet values the most for either their abilities to blend in or their abilities to get quickly from one place to another. Clients can specify which courier they want - but to know the name of a courier you have to be pretty special. Causing the death, incapacitation, etc, of a courier causes immediate blacklisting.

Infonet keeps track of their clients, of ways to blend in, ways to get to the client, ways to get to handy people (mercenaries, thieves, assassins, politicians, cops, drug dealers, weapons dealers, pilots, etc), handy contacts (for beds, food, weapon caches, etc in case things go down the drain, or for relevant information which can be anything, really), etc.

Due to their 'ask no questions' business practices, they have become highly successful. In 2009 a successful takeover bid by Ariel Richmond and Devi Gavin saw a number of changes occur in the organisation, including the 'retirement' of its founder, Jacob Gavin Sr. What operational changes might result from this is yet to be seen.


X-Men Mission: Stalemate

Rappaccini's Daughter

Operation: Dead Letter Office


Socked by: Rossi - Ariel; Jen - Devi

Hans Mittlesteadt is based on the comics canon