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The theme of the month was atonement. Is it possible to make up for your past transgressions, and if so, how? This started about halfway through September, when Scott Summers got drunk and posted to his journal for everyone to see. While a few people just told him to get off, drink some water, and go to bed, a number of mansion residents (both staff and students) were rather vocal on the impropriety of this act. Scott felt guilty, and Betsy Braddock posted to her journal about the possibility of doing right and forgiveness. Rahne Sinclair replied by saying that absolute forgiveness is not possible, which bothered Angelo Espinosa, who was having a particularly difficult month after an unknown hacker posted to his journal about his pre-Xavier’s life as a prostitute in LA.

On the relationship front: when Leyu accidentally told Lorna Dane that Alex Summers had been having trouble sleeping, Lorna confronted her boyfriend and demanded to know why he’d been keeping secrets from her. The argument ended in their decision to break up, and those people close to the two started taking sides. Eventually, though, Shiro Yoshida (with Alison Blaire's help) managed to force the two into a room together so that they could make up. Moira MacTaggart and Nathan Dayspring grew closer, and towards the end of the month, he began to shop for an engagement ring. And Amanda Sefton finally said the three magic words to Manuel de la Rocha.

The big fun of the month came thanks to Shinobi Shaw and Jean-Paul Beaubier, who decided to put together a banquet/fundraiser for HeliX. Some people were reluctant to attend, but got dragged there by their more enthusiastic friends. It was for the most part a fun, angst-free night, barring Clarice Ferguson's parents being utter ignoramuses, and Manuel poking at Amanda’s friend/lover-on-the-side Bethany Moore.

The mansion saw a few new arrivals this month. Sam Guthrie and Paige Guthrie's brother Jay "Icarus" Guthrie manifested and came up to New York, though he was none too happy to be out of Kentucky. Jean-Paul’s twin sister Jeanne-Marie "Aurora" Beaubier found her way down from Canada. Erik Lehnsherr’s daughter Wanda "Scarlet Witch" Maximoff was rescued from a remnant of Stryker’s force. Remy LeBeau was brought back by Madelyn Bartlet and Betsy after turning up in a hospital, and Jonothon Starsmore returned too, having nowhere else to turn to help him control his mutation.


Sep. 1 - Moira announces that she’ll be working with anyone who’s interested to learn more about their powers this term. After another argument, Amanda finally says the words “I love you” to Manuel. Nathan lectures Angelo about Amanda and Manuel, and goes to Harry’s with Haroun, who spent the day repairing the Blackbird with a powerless Shiro. Nathan also meets Cain Marko|Cain’s new cat Mao and schmoops with Moira. Rahne e-mails Hank to discuss altering Jean-Paul’s diet now that he’s recovered. Joshua “Jay” Guthrie, the third of the clan, arrives and makes his feelings about his family and life in general known. Illyana Rasputin and Kitty catch up and inform each other about their respective summers.

Sep. 2Shinobi contacts a few people about the possibility of throwing a fundraising banquet for HeliX, and everyone is amenable to the idea. Clarice has a busy day, commiserating with Nathan, getting advice from Jean-Paul, being girly with Terry, and meeting Jay. Manuel and Amanda do some confessing the morning after. Nathan e-mails Charles to inform him that he won’t be training Manuel anymore. Doug and Marie-Ange are schmoopy in the morning, too. Shinobi and Moira discuss options for further powers development, Kitty and Jubilee catch up, and Jay lets Sam know exactly how he feels about his older brother. And after Leyu tells Lorna that Alex hasn’t been well, the couple have a very public argument/break-up, and are then comforted by Kitty and Paige.

Sep. 3 – Nathan cordially ends his lessons with Manuel, which Moira approves of. He then goes out to play pool with Shinobi, and proves an amusing sight to Angelo. Manuel helps Amanda with her withdrawal, and she and Angelo start to patch things up. Angelo and Shinobi also talk about everything that’s going on, while Madelyn informs Moira that her ulcer is almost gone.

Sep 4 – Manuel has a pity-party though Scott doesn’t fall for it. Jean-Paul and Shinobi scope out a location for the HeliX ball and discuss important life matters, and later, Jean-Paul proposes a strange training exercise with Nathan, though Cecilia insists that Jean-Paul take a night off to relax. Late at night, Shinobi keeps Alex company.

Sep 5 – Someone hacks into Angelo’s journal and reveals how he lived on the streets years before coming to Xavier’s; Nathan and Paige are among the many to whom this doesn’t matter, and Shinobi keeps Scott from being livid. At Nathan’s suggestion, Jean-Paul and Hank tell everyone to regularly update their passwords to prevent this from happening again. Terry posts about Hurricane Charley clean-up in Florida, and Kitty goes to Jamie to keep him calm. Jamie consoles Lorna, and Jean-Paul and Scott go to Alex. One Wanda Maximoff e-mails Charles to ask for help. Paige goes to church for the first time in years and asks for help for Jono, Kitty and Jean-Paul talk about the HeliX ball and the new academic year, Nathan and Rahne talk more about Asgard, and Clarice meets (and instantly despises) her new stepfather, and Kitty sympathizes with her. Manuel and Amanda manage some cute, while Shinobi and Sarah have a serious conversation. Jean-Paul and Amanda also meet up to talk a bit about magic, while Cecilia and Nathan have a surreal talk about crises.

Sep. 6 – Marie-Ange lashes out on her journal, accusing her friends of not trusting her and plotting behind her back, but instantly regrets it once people start talking sense to her. Alex wakes up in Scott’s room and they agree to a brotherly day out. Nathan offers an ear to Paige, who’s pummeling the new punching bag, and engages in a full duke-out with Haroun. Amanda answers some questions Kitty has about her roommates, and she then goes to Nathan to talk about everything that is happening. Jean-Paul makes Lorna aware of what she’s done to Alex, Alison tempers Terry’s apprehension about training with her father, and Shiro goes to see Leonard Samson for the first time.

Sep. 7 – Jono announces that he’s returning to the mansion because no one else can help him with his mutation. Pete is appointed guidance counselor for the year. Nathan and Marie-Ange commiserate pre-cog style, and Doug helps his girlfriend get some sleep. Amanda gets sucked into Jubilee’s dream and meets a five year-old Jubes who gives a tour of her past. During the day, Nathan “discusses” Arabic language teaching strategies with Haroun, bonds further with Jean-Paul over their pets, and quotes poetry with Moira.

Sep. 8 – Shinobi invites everyone to the HeliX ball, much to the mansion’s excitement. Angelo collects his hug and reassurances from Kitty, and is surprised by Scott’s intense reaction to the post. Charles announces that the situation is being properly dealt with. Shiro convinces Alex that they’re BFF by kissing him, which confuses the both of them. Lorna offers to help Jean-Paul with the banquet preparations, and Nathan asks for Doug’s help in finding his wife’s and son’s cemeteries.

Sep. 9 – Angelo speaks with Samson and demonstrates a newfound resilience. Nathan promises Sarah to help Jono, discusses the definition of terrorism with Manuel, and has a detergent fight with Moira. Manuel also decides to attend the HeliX ball as Charles’s personal assistant, and asks Kitty for a dance there. Lorna finally faces Scott, and then gets some surprising reassurance from Samson.

Sep. 10 – Shiro reveals the existence of his sense of humor to Doug, and Amanda and Angelo bond further. Angelo also spends time with Nathan and their pets, while Nathan has a Danger Room run with Lorna, and with Haroun’s help talks down a young pyrokinetic from killing himself and a gang of FOHers. Sarah e-mails Kylun about her past, having found out with Shinobi’s help that they share similar stories.

Sep. 11 – Lorna reads a letter she wrote to Alex, but they continue on their separate ways. Shiro almost overhears the conversation, and suggests some professional help. After a breakfast of instant oatmeal with Angelo, Nathan takes Moira to San Francisco, where they visit the hotel where Aliya and Tyler were killed, and the shared experience draws them even closer. Back at the mansion, Jean-Paul’s twin sister Jeanne-Marie shows up at the doorstep; Sam takes her down to the infirmary, where she promptly flips out and attacks Hank, but is calmed by the intervention of her brother.

Sep. 12 – Jean-Paul and Aurora discuss their falling out, and begin to make up. In Sacramento, Nathan visits Aliya’s and Tyler’s graves and finally tells them goodbye. On the flight back, he and Moira look forward to their future.

Sep 13 – Jean-Paul talks to Nathan about his sister, and then gets Cecilia to look after her while he takes Clarice to get her driver’s license. Manuel thanks Amanda for helping him with his homework with sex intensified by their psychic link. Lorna continues to keep herself together, while Angelo inadvertently invades Betsy’s hermitage.

Sep. 14 – Betsy helps Scott get wasted, and he makes a fool of himself in public. Posts in support and in condemnation spring up. Jean-Paul lends support and a cup of tea to Betsy, while Amanda prepares a hangover remedy for Scott. Later, Jean-Paul intrudes on Shinobi’s self-imposed isolation with Hank’s help. Jubilee tries to move on from her fling with Manuel, and to rebuild a friendship with Amanda. Nathan offers a new training regimen for Manuel. Angelo meets Jay and learns that the little Guthrie isn’t a family man, signs up for Moira’s open powers-training seminar, and also shows Jono his newly redecorated room. Jono is Not Impressed, and flees to Sarah and later Paige for relief. Nathan and Moira are cute over hermit crabs, while Alison teases Haroun about his love affair with the Blackbird. Alex bumps into Lorna as she comes back from a not-date, and she then hits things and isn’t too nice to Betsy.

Sep 15 – After a self-defense lesson with Angelo, Nathan decides to start up his Askani club again, has his first stability training with Jono, and Lusanya pops out to talk to Manuel about their training. Pete chastises everyone for their reactions to Scott’s post, which earns him a couple fangirls. After reading what she views as hostile comments, Marie-Ange withdraws as Jean-Paul’s French teaching assistant. Alison and Jean-Paul both corner Scott to talk about the previous day, while Cecilia apologizes to Xuân about her reaction. Angelo also introduces his puppy to Kitty, and gets some career advice from Madelyn and Cecilia. Jamie introduces Jane to comic books, Madelyn finds herself troubled by some of Shiro’s comments on the journals about crime and punishment, Lorna and Alex have another unfortunate encounter, the medical staff invite Rahne, Clarice, and Amanda to the x_medical board, and some remnants for Stryker’s force discover Wanda’s existence.

Sep. 16 – Betsy ponders the reality of atonement, Sam offers Alison a shoulder to cry on (literally), Lorna goes on a date with a rather sweet fellow, Charles helps Scott to lighten his workload, Nathan and Moira ponder the events of the past month, Illyana tells Kitty the truth about her teleportation, and Jean-Paul speaks with Angelo about making amends over a pack of smokes.

Sep. 17 – When Amanda feels down about her own ability to become a new person, Terry offers chocolate and Dogma to cheer her up. Angelo tests the limits of his powers with Moira, and then learns a bit about Illyana from Jamie after she gets a rise out of him because of her view on atonement. Madelyn cajoles Betsy to come down for a check-up after the latter confesses her insecurities on the x_staff board, Lorna writes a letter to Betsy to ask for forgiveness, and then with Alison’s prodding, asks out Brent on another date.

Sep. 18 – In response to Scott’s e-mailed apology, Alison sits with him and he admits what he feels is wrong. She also decides against sending Betsy an e-mail calling her out on her alcoholism. Angelo’s personal quest for redemption leads him to Nathan, and Alex meets (and doesn’t disembowel) Brent. Nathan also receives an e-mail from MacInnis informing him that Mistra knows that Nathan’s psyche is safe from them.

Sep. 19 – Nathan has insomnia and is interrupted from pacing by Alison, to whom he tells about MacInnis’ e-mail. When he finally does get to sleep, he drags Betsy into his dreams. When she manages her way out, she tries to lose herself in alcohol, but Alison will have none of that. During normal waking hours, Alison visits Kurt in the greenhouse after he’s returned from church.

Sep. 20 – Nathan has another conversation about atonement, this time with Amanda. He then is almost ambushed by Sarah and learns more about her appreciation of violence, and then power-trains with Shinobi. Scott and Haroun take the Blackbird out for a test flight, Shiro organizes a Plan to bring Alex and Lorna back together and then tries to explain to Madelyn why he’s so insistent on punishment for August, Alison “bumps” into Alex and tells him how Lorna is really doing, and Amanda and Manuel manage some cuteness when she gives him an amulet to help him with written English.

Sep. 21 – Amanda finds her way into Angelo’s dreams and witnesses him being forced to kill someone from his gang. When she wakes up, Manuel uses his powers to show her exactly how he sees her. Scott goes to get a check-up from Madelyn, and Nathan manages to set Haroun on fire during an obstacle course. Clarice tries to badger Jay into going to the HeliX ball but fails.

Sep. 22 – A day for Nathan to get things off his chest. First, the theme of atonement comes up with Jubilee, then Alison snaps at the Askani to leave him be, and then he unloads his concerns about Manuel on Amanda. Also, Angelo and Sarah chat while they fight, and Shiro gets Leyu to ask Alex to the HeliX ball.

Sep. 23 – Singing with Terry summons Jay’s muse and he begins to compose a new song. Sam asks out Alison just moments after she accepts a proposal from Haroun, so he takes out his frustrations on an innocent tree, much to Cain Marko|Cain's dismay. Nathan and Haroun push each other in the DR again, and then Nathan goes out shopping with Moira for clothes for the HeliX ball.

Sep. 24 – Amanda talks to Domino over IM about the fight with Jubilee, Jubilee finally goes to visit Samson, and Nathan asks for Amanda’s help to find an engagement ring for Moira. When Illyana announces that she regularly takes trips to Russia to read through classified archival documents, the staff is clueless as to how to deal with her.

Sep. 25 – It’s a night of fun and magic at the HeliX fundraiser ball. For some, at least. Doug tries to focus all his attention on the evening and Marie-Ange, and deflects any questions his girlfriend has about what he’s been up to. Clarice enjoys her dances with Shiro and Alex, but her parents embarrass her and ruin her night. Though Manuel and Bethany seem to get on at first, he presses her buttons, and she finds comfort in Nathan’s words. Manuel also claims his dance with Kitty, and then asks Charles to take over his powers training. Haroun escorts Alison to the ball, which makes Sam intensely jealous, but also takes some time to dance with Madelyn, who also gets a dance with Scott. Alison steals Paige for a waltz. And after taking a little break from Leyu and chatting with Angelo, Alex finally steps up to Brent (with Shiro up as back-up), and he and Lorna make up. They also sneak out early.

Sep. 26 – The Morning After the HeliX formal. Alison ribs Lorna for making up with Alex while Angelo congratulates Alex and suggests they run a kid’s PE course, Amanda learns about what happened between Manuel and Bethany and tries to maintain both of her relationships with Angelo’s help, and Nathan gets on Madelyn’s bad side when he needs to recuperate after an intense spar with Sarah, who gets the lecture from Cecilia. A small team of X-Men rescues a kidnapped Wanda Maximoff.

Sep. 27 – Cecilia and Madelyn each give Wanda a look-over so she can leave the infirmary. When she’s out, she meets Shinobi, who’s been helping Nathan find a ring for Moira. Cecilia and Madelyn hit Harry’s to discuss Sarah, and once they return, the younger doctor gets be snarky to Alison and Haroun, who’d been experimenting in the pool (with powers, that is). Amanda and Sarah share a smoke and confidences on the balcony. And when strange riddles are being circulated through the mansion, Moira fingers Nathan as the culprit.

Sep. 28 – Nathan and Haroun continue with their series of training scenarios, this time sans powers. After an initial freak-out, Cecilia finds herself enjoying Kurt’s company. Kitty helps Jamie keep calm after Wanda announces her identity. Alex has a freak-out of his own when he sees Amanda cast a couple of spells, but they manage to bond over mutual hatred of Selene. Alison enjoys a game of tag with Miles, a calm Jamie (or four) deliver another riddle to Moira. Devil In My Mind: A severely injured Remy finds himself back in the infirmary, thanks to Betsy, Madelyn and the FBI.

Sep. 29 – Charles tries in vain to alleviate Remy’s fears, and the Cajun then gets treated to a meal by Lorna and an examination by Madelyn. The doctor also gets a visit from Jubilee, who’s playing hooky, and heads to the bar with Kurt to plot mischievously. Kitty opens the books on which female member of the staff Haroun will hook up with, and when Sam and Alison will get back together. Charles riddles Moira. Nathan continues his search for Moira’s ring, and gets the third degree from Angelo when he loses his balance. That night, Nathan shows the ring to an approving Alison, and then deals with Askani and an astral-projecting Amanda in his dreams. Alex and Lorna continue making up for lost cute while a lot of the student body takes a movie night down in New York City.

Sep. 30 – Clarice voices her outrage over Remy’s return, and explains her frustration to Jean-Paul, who’d had a less-than-successful DR run with Nathan in the morning. And to make his day even better, Nathan has to explain to Manuel why he gave him an A on a paper. To make Clarice’s day better, she and Kurt ponder putting together a school fencing team. Sam is working in the garage when Alison comes home from a day out and promises himself a cold shower when he’s done. Moira receives another riddle, this time from Paige, before running a few tests on Nathan to determine what’s responsible for his balance problems. He also surprises her with a mini family reunion.


Devil In My Mind

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