Brock Rumlow

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Brock Rumlow
Portrayed by Ed Norton
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: HYDRA
Socked By: Dex
Introduction: Operation: Godhand

"I need to evaluate these attackers more closely. Gustaw and Thomasz will be more than enough support. Now please leave. I have guests to prepare for."

Brock Rumlow was a half-Polish, half-American son of a US Army Master Sergeant stationed in Germany. He was at one time the head of security for all of Strucker's businesses and criminal concerns.


Name: Brock Rumlow

Aliases: None

Occupation: Former head of security for Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker

First appearance: Operation: Godhand

Family: None known


Brock Rumlow was a half-Polish, half-American son of a US Army Master Sergeant stationed in Germany. His mother died when he was very young, and his father was as brutal a disciplinary as his father. On returning to the US, Brock was subjected to a childhood rigorous in terms of physical conditioning and education. In his first year in high school, Rumlow was the leading student, star of a half dozen sports teams, but to no praise from his father. The young man began to rebel, getting associated with local gangs, learning the first stages of street crime. However, at the age of fifteen, his father died in a car accident where there was some speculation that the brakes may have been tampered with. Brock moved over to Krakow to live with his only surviving relative, his grandfather.

Rumlow's forays into crime continued, although they were no longer a form of rebellion. His grandfather, a bitter, xenophobic, fanatically anti-Communist, stoked in Brock his own twisted sense of morality, where preying on the weak and the different was the right of the strong. Rumlow graduated secondary school with honours, and moved to Stuttgart to attend university. There he studied history and philosophy, and made local headlines in national fencing and martial arts championships. He graduated early, again with honours, and enlisted into the US Military, eventually serving in the Army Special Forces. Rumlow was a distinguished soldier, although his harsh personal philosophies alienated him inside his unit. After six years, Rumlow left the Army, and took an offer from Sandline, a British mercenary company. He served in numerous engagements, earning a reputation as an able field commander, although utterly mercilious in command.

It was at a major arms convention that Sandline was providing security for in Argentina that Rumlow met Baron Von Strucker for the first time. Strucker was impressed with Rumlow's obvious capability, his keen intelligence, and the neo-fascist personal worldview that Rumlow espoused. He quickly offered him a job managing security for his South American operations, and began to introduce him to his own updated Nazi beliefs. Rumlow rose rapidly through the ranks and through Strucker's instruction, welding both philosophies into a single scope by the time he was appointed the head of security for all of Strucker's businesses and criminal concerns.

When Strucker was killed, Rumlow focused on saving as much of the 'off the books' assets of Strucker as possible, including secret caches of Nazi-era files and research, hidden accounts, and covert projects that were even hid from the company. Since then, he's focused on maintaining the network, carefully contacting 'safe' former allies, and piecing together what happened. Some of those files contained information on the Nazi's various super soldier programs, including the Satan's Claw, which appealed to Rumlow as a way to add to his power and hurt the Russians at the same time.

With the 'rebirth' of Strucker as the Red Skull, Rumlow resumed his position as head of security. He was personally involved in the torture of Remy LeBeau following his capture and was very close to breaking him completely. During the rescue attack by X-Force, Rumlow found himself facing a furious Ororo Munroe and Jubilation Lee and decided it was better to live to fight another day than to face off with the two mutants. He fled the scene using the sewers.


Brock Rumlow has no mutant abilities, but he is one of the deadliest hand to hand combatants in the world. His extensive training includes weapons of all types, elite military and paramilitary training and tactics, and superb physical conditioning. An intelligent commander, Rumlow has no problems retreating if a situation turns against him, and he has no interest in honour or glory. He works intelligently to defeat his enemies as effectively as possible, for the least risk and cost to his own forces, and is utterly merciless in victory.


Operation: Godhand

Operation: Louisiana Lowdown (referenced)

Operation: Sanguinicity

Operation: Red Letter Day


PB: Ed Norton

Socked by: Dex