Operation: Louisiana Lowdown

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Louisiana Lowdown
Dates run: February 12-19, 2011
Run By: Frito
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"Oui, and dat's why you so mad at her. Because she did what you couldn't bring yourself to do."

X-Force stumbles into a web of poison and lies while Marie-Ange's exile comes to an end.


Jubilation Lee, Wanda Maximoff, Doug Ramsey, Jake Gavin, Carmilla Black, Remy LeBeau, Amanda Sefton, Nico Minoru, Marie-Ange Colbert

New Orleans Guilds| Zoe Ishihara, Shirow Ishihara Tante Mattie


February 12-19, 2011

Plot Summary

While helping Ororo out with her travel plans, Amanda gets a ping from Doug's tracking system and finds out that the Mosley Initiative are looking at property rentals. A day or two later, Doug posts about having found a building via the Mosely Initiative's bank accounts and sends Jubilee to New Orleans set up some surveillance.

Under cover of darkness, Jubilee cases the building that the Moseley Initiative has purchased. In the process of setting observation cameras, she has plenty of time to play advice columnist for Doug, who's on the other end of the line. Afterward, while the surveillance Jubilee set up does its work, Doug and Wanda do research back at the office into the movements of the Moseley Initiative personnel, their travels creates an alarming pattern. Doug posts to the X-Force comm with some dire news about the Moseley Initiative's possible intent, with mention of hazmat suits and deadly chemicals.

Remy posts to x_snowvalley asking for the rest of the team to join Jubilee in New Orleans. Amanda, already in New Orleans with her student Nico, visiting Tante Mattie, tries but is not able to get in touch with Marie-Ange. Due to the toxic nature of the threat, Remy recruits Cammie for the New Orleans operation.

In between fending off Jake's inability to sit still and his stomach, Wanda and Jake stumble across something interesting at the building the Mosely Initiative has rented.

Marie-Ange finally takes action to kill Shirow Ishihara, regardless of the consequences; saying goodbye to Tante Mattie, Amanda receives a message for Marie-Ange, in usual Tante fashion, they then meet up with Remy in order to go rescue their friend - Remy going to meetwith the Guildmaster while Amanda breaks Marie-Ange out of her closet-prison. In the discussion with Shirow's sister, Remy reveals that Belladonna Boudreaux-LeBeau has sold the information on Shirow's deadly power to the Mosley Initiative, associated with Baron Wolfgang Von Strucker and his people. Marie-Ange, in killing Shirow, has averted disaster.

Meanwhile, the rest of the group find the equipment ready to hold Shirow and disperse his toxins across the state, however, with the man dead, the plans have been abandoned.

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Operation: Louisiana Lowdown

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Trivia and Meta


This was Cammie's first job with X-Force - in the words of Remy, "If you live, you have a job."


Plotrunner: Frito

Due to Unforeseen Acts of Real Life, the logs for this plot weren't finished.