Stavros Family

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Stavros Family
Portrayed by Colin Firth (Ari)
Known Aliases: Penny Stavros; Ari and Grace Niarchos; Dorian, Olivia, Andrew, Colin and Marcus Niarchos
Affiliations: Jennie Stavros
Socked By: Sockers required
Introduction: October 2005

The immediate family of Jennie Stavros, consisting of her father (Ari), her mother, (Penny, deceased), her stepmother (Grace), her siblings and her grandparents.


First appearance: October 2005

Aristotle "Ari" Niarchos - father
Jennie's father is in his mid-to-late forties, of medium height/build with dark hair and blue eyes inherited from his English mother. He is the head of the family shipping company, Niarchos Industries. He was born in Athens, Greece and traveled between there and London, England. He attended Oxford for buisness school and is well-versed in international buisness relations.

PB: Colin Firth

Penelope "Penny" Stavros - mother, deceased
Was in her mid-forties and of medium height and slightly pudgy, with brown hair and brown eyes. Daughter of Greek restaraunt owners on the Island of Santornini in Greece.

PB: None

Other family members include:

  • Dorian Niarchos - Older half-brother from Ari Niarchos' first marriage. Runs the business in Athens and is something of a playboy.
  • Olivia Niarchos - Half-sister. Olivia adores her newfound older sister, as she was previously the only girl in the family. She tried to make Jennie stay longer when she was Italy and has visited the mansion on several occasions during Jennie's stay there.
  • Colin Niarchos - Half-brother. The first of Jennie's three younger half-brothers, he does not like his new sister.
  • Andrew Niarchos - Half-brother. Second of Jennie's three younger half-brother, he also does not like his new sister.
  • Marcus Niarchos - Half-brother. The youngest of the family, Marcus is young enough to like anyone who feeds him, which Jennies does.
  • Grace Niarchos: Ari's second wife, Jennie's step-mother.
  • Patience, Grace's mother, Jennie's step-grandmother. Neither she or her daughter approve of Jennie.
  • Nikos Stavros, Penelope's brother and Jennie's uncle. He also does not approve of Jennie, but because she is a mutant, rather than because she is illegitimate.
  • Kostas and Maria Stavros, Jennie's maternal grandparents, who stay in contact with her.


Jennie's father currently lives with his second wife, Grace Greenwood-Niarchos, in a penthouse in Manhattan, with his four children from his second marriage.

His first marriage, to an English heiress, produced one son, Dorian. That marriage ended in divorce and shortly thereafter he met Penelope Stavros at a charity function. They had a brief affair which Ari ended. He was unaware that he had concieved a daughter with Penelope until the summer of 2006 when Jennie contacted him. He invited her to visit in Italy over the summer, and when she subsequently disapeared he helped in the search for her.

He keeps in regular contact with his daughter after her return from Europe, and often encourages her to spend the night when he is not away on business.

Jennie's mother was an extremely talented dancer, recieving a scholarship to attended Julliard in New York City. From there she danced with various troupes in New York City and toured extensively. The rigors of dancing professionally were too much for Penelope and she developed a substance abuse problem. It caused her family to cut off contact with her and ended her realtionship with Ari Niarchos.

When she discovered she was pregnant, she decided to keep the baby. Penelope accepted a job offer with a dance company in Las Vegas and took Jennie with her. A string of odd jobs followed, along with her worsening drug habit. When she was left by her last boyfriend, her substance abuse went off the deep end. She threw Jennie out after a particularly bad binge, when Jennie was just barely 15.

When Jennie's friend Julia was murdered, and Jennie was taken into custody by the FBI, Peneople was shocked into cleaning up her act. She was rewarded when Jennie sought out contact in the fall of 2005. They continued rebuilding their relationship until Penelope died suddenly of a stroke in late March of 2006.

Jennie also has maternal grandparents she keeps regular contact with. She does not speak with her Uncle Nikos, who openly disaproves of her.


Mother - Jennie finally begins to speak with her mother, and over the winter of 2005/2006 rebuilds their strained relationship. But Penny suffered a stroke and died in late March, and was buried in the family mausoleum in Greece.

Bleeding - After asking Forge to find her father, whose identity was still unknown, Jennie discovered that her father was living in New York. She was accompanied to his building by Marius Laverne, and there they met Jennie's step-grandmother Patience. After a mistunderstanding, Ari made contact with Jennie and asked her to join him on vacation in Italy with the rest of his family. Which has no unforseen consequences at all.


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