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Dates run: June 3-9, 2008
Run By: Frito
Read the logs: Fenrisulfr

"Avatars of chaos and destruction? I have those on -speed dial-."

Three years on, the students kidnapped to Asgard find themselves with a rather violent reminder to the episode in their pasts.


Doug Ramsey, Marie-Ange Colbert, Amanda Sefton, Shiro Yoshida, Angelo Espinosa, Jubilation Lee, Illyana Rasputin, Manuel de la Rocha, Wanda Maximoff, Cain Marko

Fenris, Bjarne Olsen


June 3-9, 2008

Plot Summary

In the course of his usual Snow Valley investigations into unusual events, Doug came across a series of bloody murders. All the victims were young and exhibited the Blood Eagle, purportedly a Norse method of torture and execution. Tagging them as of potential interest, Doug continued his researches. An attack on Muir Island Research Facility followed, foiled by the security system and prompting demands for answers from both Nathan and Pete as to the potential culprits. Another attack, this time an attempted kidnapping of Shiro by men speaking an Asgardian language, provided the final piece of the puzzle - all of the victims bore some kind of resemblance to the group of students that had been kidnapped by Loki to Asgard in 2004.

Spurred by this, Doug, Marie-Ange and Amanda went to Norway to investigate potential Asgardian cults, believing it might be some kind of play for power by the Enchantress, who had recently reappeared on Earth. At the same time, all those who had been to Asgard were warned to be extra careful, something Manuel did not appreciate. It turned out the warnings were perhaps mis-aimed, as Doug and Marie-Ange were distracted by a spell and all three taken from the Oslo library.

Coming to, Doug found himself dealing with a neo-Lokian cult, attempting to open a gate to Asgard and bring about Ragnarok, the Norse apocalypse. He attempted to bluff his way into a better position, but when he refused to injure or kill Marie-Ange, his bluff was called and he was returned to his cell. Fortunately, it was also the room that contained the remnants of their cell phones and he was able to cobble together something strong enough to get out a call for help. Jubilee and Illyana gathered the bulk of the remaining Asgardian refugees and, with Wanda and Cain providing backup, the cult's base was stormed in mid-ritual. Whilst Wanda Cain dealt with a very enthusiastic Chaos-Puppy and a portal to Asgard, the rest of the group released Doug, Marie-Ange and an almost catatonic Amanda. Eventually Fenris was returned to his own dimension and Wanda used her powers to close the rift.

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Trivia and Meta


Coming on the heels of Bedlam, Amanda regressed in her therapy and was unable to cope for several weeks.

Cain used a bucket of chicken, stolen from the still-recovering Jubilee, to lure Fenris back through the rift.

Like the the Warwolves ambush, incident in London, the Enchantress' return and the later astral wackiness in Wakanda, the ability of the cult to scry for victims and open a gate was the result of dimensional weaknesses opened by the use of magic on the astral plane in an attempt to defeat the Shadow King.


Plotrunner: Frito

This plot was created primarily for the line "Agents of chaos and destruction? I have those on speed dial!"