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Somewhere More Familair
Dates run: September 7, 2008 - September 30, 2008
Run By: Sarah
Read the logs: Somewhere More Familiar: Logs

"Welcome back, Miri. It's good to have you home."

Jane gets closer to the truth of her origins, but isn't sure she's happy with what she's found.


Jane Doe, Amanda Sefton, Monet St. Croix, Jean-Phillipe Colbert

Lula Terwilligar, James Dwyer, Elisha Quinan, Harlan Macabbe


September 7, 2008 - September 30, 2008

Plot Summary

After an accidental electrical jolt after an encounter with Jean-Phillipe, Jane starts recovering fragmented memories and renews her search for her past. The search is further driven forward by a chance encounter with a stranger in New York (Lula Terwilligar) who recognizes Jane, citing their shared membership in something called 'The Well Earth Program' but disappears before she can be questioned. Jane asks for Amanda's help in tracking down Lula, and Amanda is able to link the Well Earth to Nascor Associates, a large consulting firm that focuses on environmental issues. Jane, Amanda and Monet travel to Vermont to the facility that seemingly hold the keys to her past.

Upon their arrival at Nascor, the women are held up in the lobby. Jane is recognized by a security guard who panics and takes off. Jane follows him and attempts to corner him, but as she questions him, she starts feeling the effects of telepathic interference from the guard. Luckily, Monet arrives and despite having the guard turn his telepathic assault on her proceeds to stop him, with Nascor head of security Elisha Quinan interceding at the end.

The team is escorted to a large, secured conference room and Nascor PR director Harlan Macabbe reveals to Jane that she and her family were part of the Well Earth Project, an initiative that aims to place beneficially gifted mutants in areas of where their gifts would be the greatest use such as developing countries, but the recruiting methods used by Nascor appear to be quite suspect.

When Jane vanished from the commune several years ago, Nascor expended resources to locate her but she was presumed lost. Her disappearance was later discovered to be the result of having been mindwiped by a inexperienced security guard, who attempted to cover it up by abandoning her alone in New York. Jane is invited back to participate in the project, despite having what they consider to be an undesirable mutation, and is offered a visit with her parents. She declines and they is escorted off-premises.

The following day, Jane received an anonymous e-mail that evening with her personal information in it, including her real name, birthdate, and parents' names.

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Name: Mirabelle Azure Hemmings
Birthdate: 10/23/1987
Born: New Hope Health and Science Center, East Eden, Vermont
Mother: Linda Taylor Hemmings
Father: David Hemmings


Plotrunner: Sarah (player)

Elisha Quinan socked by Alicia
Lula Terwilligar socked by Azzy