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Powers: Metamorph
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Metamorphs are mutants who can change their physical shape, in matters ranging from increasing or decreasing in size and mass, to altering facial features, to transforming into another substance entirely. The word metamorph comes from the Latin; meta- meaning "beyond" and -morph meaning "form".

Types of metamorphs

There are two standard types of metamorphs: biological and molecular.

Biological metamorphs change the form of their body, in ways both subtle and major, while keeping the basic same organic composition. Biological metamorphs are often referred to as shapeshifters. In most cases, biological metamorphs retain mass when changing shape, but in certain cases, mass is not constant.

Molecular metamorphs actually change the properties of the atoms in their body, often maintaining a consistent form but changing in mass by altering their carbon-based molecular structure into another elemental form or in some cases, an energy-based form.

How it works

Metamorphs who change shape have the ability, either consciously or instinctively, to alter the arrangement of their body structure. This may be done in a number of ways, either by changing the characteristics of individual cells (Jake Gavin, Mystique), or by altering the physical configuration of their body (Rahne Sinclair).

Those metamorphs who change their bodies into another form do so by altering the subatomic particles (protons, neutrons, and electrons) of their component molecules to create a new atomic structure. It is theorized, although not proven, that such molecular metamorphs can produce and eliminate subatomic particles, in apparent defiance of physics. Many metamorphs who do not change body composition during transformation still change their mass, through similar methods.

Effects of metamorph abilities

Metamorphs are perhaps one of the widest categories of mutants, covering those whose powers are as subtle as changing skin color, to others who can transform into a cloud of sentient mist. Many metamorphs have unique aspects and limitations to their powers. For example, Paige Guthrie can only safely maintain a specific molecular form for an hour at a time, while Mondo can mimic the properties of a different atomic structure while not actually changing his own.

Metamorphs in X-Project

Phase 1

  • Fred Dukes (molecular shifting - skin and musculature)
  • Jake Gavin (molecular shifting - entire body, limited by mass)
  • Meggan Szardos (molecular shifting - entire body, effected by empathy and environment)
  • Mondo (molecular shifting - mimetic, limited to what he is touching and solid matter only)
  • Mystique (molecular shifting - entire body)
  • Vanessa Carlysle (molecular shifting - entire body, must have item of DNA for shape)

Phase 2

  • Meggan Szardos (molecular shifting - entire body, effected by empathy and environment)
  • Mystique (molecular shifting - entire body)
  • Xavin Majesdane (molecular shifting - entire body, currently restricted to changing genders)