Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend

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Crazy X-Girlfriend
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Dates run: September 16 - September 26, 2020
Run By: Dex
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I'm sorry Mary. I really am. I thought I was helping you and I fucked it all up. And if you want to come after me alone, I deserve it. But my people are here now, and I'm not going to give you a shot at them. So it's not about me now.

X-Force gets involved in another of Kevin Sydney's old CIA cases - the hunt for the Sugar Man, and the woman who wants him - and Kevin - dead.


Kevin Sydney, Marie-Ange Colbert, Wanda Maximoff, Jubilation Lee, Emma Frost, Amanda Sefton, Doug Ramsey, Natasha Romanoff, Felicia Hardy, Artie Maddicks, Clea Lake, Gabriel Cohuelo

Mary Walker, Sugar Man


September 16 - September 26, 2020

Plot Summary

Reports came in of a particular X-Force operative - a former CIA colleague of Kevin's - being found murdered; shortly after, Wanda and Jubilee made the discovery of another one of Kevin's contacts also murdered. Kevin's private digging uncovers a connection, a member of a CIA hit team he had sent to kill the Sugar Man, a mysterious geneticist known for his experiments on humans and mutants back in the 1990s. Mary had been captured by the Sugar Man and experimented on before being rescued by the CIA. She gained superpowers and longevity, however the process shattered her mind and she escaped the private facility she was sent to for recovery. Kevin briefed X-Force, surmising she was going after contacts which would lead her to the Sugar Man and, not knowing her motives, they make a plan to set a trap and capture her. Kevin was particularly adamant that she not be killed, which is unusual. Emma, having been in Kevin's mind previously when putting him back together, sought further information and discovered that Kevin, who was her boss at the time, had also been having an affair with Mary and had made the decision to remove her from the field and declare her unfit - which also enabled him to distance himself from her and their relationship. It appeared that Mary still holds a grudge.

The ambush was set in Stuttgart, and immediately went wrong from the start. At the gate, Jubilee and Wanda were seriously injured by Mary, who gave Amanda the choice of taking her on and letting them die, or letting her go and getting them help. Amanda chose the latter. Artie and Doug fared slightly better in the sense they weren't injured, but were clearly outmatched and couldn't stop her. Marie-Ange, Felicia and Natasha were the final point and were also defeated, with Marie-Ange stunned and Felicia poisoned by Nathasha's venom. Kevin tried to talk to Mary while Emma prepared a psychic ambush, only for Emma to find herself delving into another personality, one completely psychotic and violent. Emma was unprepared for the shock and was stunned, and the new personality took the opportunity to fling Kevin and herself out of a window, shoot a bystander to steal his van, and depart, running over several pedestrians in the process and revealing her psychic ability of being able to project the pain of others into the uninjured. By the time X-Force recouped, Mary and Kevin were gone.

While X-Force were recovering and searching for Kevin, he found himself handcuffed and wearing a powers inhibitor, which slowed down his recovery from the fall. Mary was there, only it isn't the woman he knows - this Mary was far less confident, almost childlike, and wanting to talk. He managed to find out why Mary wanted the Sugar Man; her powers grafts were deteriorating and she was slowly dying and she needed him to treat her. Kevin convinced her that he would help her find the Sugar Man and get her fixed.

Gabriel let the team know Kevin anticipated this situation and implanted a tracker on his person that has gone off; Kevin's explanation for not telling anyone else was that he was unsure of Mary's psychic abilities and didn't want her picking up the plan. X-Force prepared to go back in, this time to take down the Sugar Man as Kevin led them - and Mary - to him. Kevin fulfilled his promise and took Mary to the Sugar Man, and was promptly shot in the heart by her once the Sugar Man agreed to treat her. X-Force infiltrated the building, with Amanda and Clea cutting the power and Marie-Ange, Felicia and Artie creating the entrance. Gabriel, Natasha and Emma went after the Sugar Man, finding themselves almost outmatched by the man's surprise power enhancements and resorting to a use of Gabe's speed and Emma's diamond form to kill him. Kevin, who had 'hidden' another heart in his stomach to keep himself alive, awoke in a body bag in a lab and tracked down Mary... only to find she was fully recovered and it was her third, psychotic personality in charge. After a bloody fight, Mary fled, agreeing that it was no longer about him.

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Operation: Crazy X-Girlfriend

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Trivia and Meta


  • Sugar Man was a mysterious figure; a geneticist and scientists whose methods were extremely unethical and profit driven. No one knew how old he was or where he came from. He appeared first in the 70s with extremely crude methods that were refined over the years. Due to the nature of some of his experiments, the intelligence community believed he originated out of Russia’s psionic program of the 50s and 60s, but there was no proof. Sugar Man himself was extremely resistant to damage, could survive remarkable damage, and used a razor sharp and variable length tongue in addition to knives in combat. While believed to be killed during combat with X-Force, his consciousness transferred automatically to a cloned body hidden half the world away.

  • During the first ambush, Jubilee had her neck broken, and while there was no damage to her spinal cord, she will be unfit for active duty for some time.
  • Marie-Ange discovered a new "price" system to her pre-cog while trying to do readings concerning Jubilee and Wanda's safety.


Plotrunner: Dex

The title of the plot and the post headings come from the television show, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend.