Gabrielle Haller

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Gabrielle Haller
Portrayed by Lynn Cohen
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Israel's ambassador to the UK
Socked By: Ben
Introduction: October 25, 2005

Skilled politician and psychiatrist, Gabrielle Haller is Israel's ambassador to the UK, former lover of Charles Xavier and mother of his son, David Haller, although this information was only recently uncovered and few are aware of it.


Name: Gabrielle Haller

Aliases: None

Occupation: Israel's ambassador to the UK

First appearance: October 25, 2005

Family: David Haller (son), Benyamin Haller (brother, deceased), Rebecca Haller (sister-in-law, deceased)


Gabrielle is a survivor of Dachau who became a trauma specialist. She went to grad school with Charles Xavier and Erik Lehnsherr and lived with them for a time around 1980, becoming active in civil rights movements and conducting research into the mutant gene. She had an affair with Charles during that time, but the couple's ambitions and personal missions caused them to separate amicably. At a chance meeting at a conference in 1981 led to a one night stand which resulted in the conception of David Haller: it was decided the child would be raised by Gabrielle's brother and his wife and his parentage kept secret.

She eventually became a medical doctor and worked full time at the hospital, becoming a celebrated name in the field of psychology. She also lectured extensively on the subjects of terrorism, genocide, and bigotry. She was named Israel's ambassador to the UK in the late 1990s. She remained in contact with Charles, and in October 2005 she asked him for help with a difficult situation involving mutant terrorists. In August 2007 she accompanied her son and Nathan Dayspring on a trip to Dagestan to investigate a program helping mutant child soldiers from Chechnya reintegrate into society. The trip turned disastrous when a crazed Ilyas Saidullayev broke out of a prison on the outskirts of the city and Magneto became involved. When Nathan and David were taken into Russian custody after a semi-successful attempt to intervene to protect the city, it was her diplomatic ties that won their release.

Gabrielle is both a psychiatrist and a politician, so she knows exactly what to say in order to manipulate a situation until she gets what she wants. Not that she's cold-hearted or ruthless, and she desperately wants to believe the best in people, but rarely finds herself in the position to do so.


Gabrielle Haller is a baseline human with no powers. She is, however, a skilled psychiatrist and politician, and has considerable influence in mutant-related matters in Israel.


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PB: Lynn Cohen

Socked by: Ben