Aureus Canis

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Aureus Canis
Dates run: February 22-24, 2008
Run By: Azzy
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I wish you weren't a dog, you would know what to do!

Jennie's first official duty as an X-Man goes rather horribly awry, and she winds up having to spend a few days in a different shape.


Jennie Stavros, Forge, Rahne Sinclair

Phoenix, Wildchild, Emplate

Mariah Whitaker, Whitney Ford, Madison Raya


February 22-24, 2008

Plot Summary

Two of the "heinous bitches" from Jennie's dance class have disappeared. No big worry, as it's figured they're off partying up in Cancun. Jennie on the other hand, is asked to talk to a mutant that Xavier has detected, one of the other girls the heinous bitches like to pick on, Mariah Whittaker. When Jennie does, she finds out that Mariah has accidentally turned the girls into dogs. She wanted to teach them a lesson for tormenting her, only she went too far. And now she can't turn them back, so she's having a major wiggins. Unfortunately for Jennie, because of said wiggins Mariah accidentally turns her into a dog as well.

Mariah freaks out further when she can't change back any of the girls and decides to run for it, and take the girls with her. Jennie manages to get away from her and escapes onto the streets of New York. She very nearly gets picked up by animal control, but she fortunately happens to be near Marius and Forge's college, right as the two boys are outside. Marius recognizes her signature, and the two boys convince animal control to let "their" dog go.

Along with many "what's the matter girl, did Timmy fall down the well?" jokes, Jennie is able to explain what happened. Xavier begins to track Mariah down, who's fled to her parent's cabin in North Carolina. Jennie however, is stuck in dog shape during the three days it takes to find Mariah. She uses the opportunity to get revenge for a long-held grudge against Marius, who in turn retaliates by borrowing from Rahne and kicks Jennie's ass. Jennie also almost got into several arguments on the journals stemming from some very unfunny jokes at her expense.

Mariah is finally tracked on the third day of Jennie's misadventure, and some of the trainees accompany on the retrieval mission. Mariah is getting progressively more freaked. It doesn't help when some X-Men show up. Her power + Kyle = us finding out that Kyle is a fox-based Feral. Marius and Jean are able to calm her down, and they take her back to the mansion along with the other girl-dogs. Jean is able to help Mariah calm enough to change Jennie, Kyle and the girls back. The girls are convinced not to press charges (due to sheer embarrassment) and Mariah begins classes at Xaviers’ in order to prevent another mishap.

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Trivia and Meta


The girls who tormented both Mariah and Jennie received their karmic come-uppance by losing their lead roles in the spring dance show and getting bumped to ensemble. Jennie retained her spot of mechanical doll #3.

Kyle, as it turns out, is a fox-based feral. So the dogboy comments are just a wee off.




The first names of the NPCs are all taken from students who have tormented the plotrunner during her days as a substitute teacher.

The name of this plot translates roughly into "The Golden Dog" in latin. The name and subject of the plot stem from a book Azzy read in college, "The Metamorphoses of Lucius Apuleius, or The Golden Ass." One of the first novels in latin, it features the titular hero, Lucius, getting turned into an ass (the kind that has ears and a tail) and who goes on to have a series of wacky misadventures.

Aureus Canis is much the same, minus the graphic kinky sex and the entirely random conversion to a mystic cult there at the end.