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Dates run: March 1, 2008
Run By: Squot
Read the logs: Cornered

She knew what was happening. She'd thought that if she could avoid it, if she was safe... Then her mutation didn't matter. That it wasn't real. And she'd been so careful, but now- God. She had to get away.

Tatiana Caban, homeless and on the run after a powers accident, attracts unwelcome attention.


Tatiana Caban, Jean Grey

Roulette, Siryn,


March 1, 2008

Plot Summary

After her manifestation, Tatiana fled her home and wound up in Osweigo, working at a diner as a kitchen hand and denying the existence of her mutation. An incident with a cat cornered by some rats, however, triggered a transformation into a rat-feral in front of staff and customers in the diner. Chased by an anti-mutant mob, Tatiana was cornered. Fortunately for her, Jenny and Terry arrived, at the behest of Charles Xavier. Jennie dealt with the mob while Terry comforted the injured Tatiana.

Upon their return to the school, Jean saw to Tatiana, and explained that she could stay at the school as long as she liked. Unused to anything coming for free, Tatiana was suspicious and confused, but acknowledged she had no-where else to go at that point.

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Retrieving Tatiana went far better than Jennie's last mission.


Plotrunner: Squot

This plot was Tatiana's entrance plot, and Squot's first.