Mutation Sternutation

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Mutation Sternutation
Dates run: July 12-26, 2009
Run By: Avital and Cat
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"It's cruel. It's like. Here, remember normal? Well, don't get too comfortable. It's not going to last."

When a young mutant manifests at an art gallery, several of the mansion’s residents are left with someone else’s powers.


Marie D'Ancato, Callie Betto, Jean-Phillipe Colbert, Julian Keller, Amara Aquilla, Kurt Sefton, Crystal Amaquelin, Laurie Collins,

Phoenix, Wasp, Pants On Fire

Jakal Bhadsha


July 12-26, 2009

Plot Summary

Nothing seems out of the ordinary when a special exhibit by a mutant artist comes to an art museum in the city, and in fact the exhibit itself is quite normal. But one Sunday morning, the mutants from the school who are touring the exhibit are in for the surprise of their life when a random mutant manifestation leads to a confusing power swap. This swap became evident several hours later when Julian, walking arm in arm with Callie, fell into a coma. Upon further investigation, it was discovered that she now possessed Marie's powers.

Marie, on the other hand, had a completely different set of worries. While having lunch with Garrison Kane in the city, she found herself teleporting away, coming across Illyana Rasputin. The confusing events continued with Monet St. Croix being the target of Kurt's newly acquired pheromone control, much to her disapproval, Crystal igniting herself on fire with Nathan Dayspring coming to her rescue, and Amara wondering why she was feeling cold. Early the next morning, Julian awoke from his coma after twelve hours, only to discover that he was now a human electric eel, while the original eel Jean-Philippe was at a lost to explain why he had dry mouth and didn't electrocute his alarm clock. And Laurie blew up a microwave.

With everyone now manifested, the only thing people could do was wait for the blood tests to be completed. Some people embraced, or tried to embrace, their new powers, others struggled and found them to be less than ideal. In order to prevent complications and disaster in the mansion, many of those who were swapped sought out the person with their old powers to help them adjust.

As Jean says, the good thing about blood tests is that they'll finish on their own. Between the minds and the mansion and those at Muir Island, the cause of this power switched was revealed to be a virus, all created by the same person. As the only commonality between the group was their presence at the modern arts museum. Charles Xavier used Cerebro to locate the mutant responsible for this virus. And after an easy an uneventful (save for the mutant hitting on Janet Van Dyne and Angelica Jones) pick-up, Jakal was shipped off to Muir before continuing his education at Attilan.

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Marie got Kurt's teleportation; Kurt got Laurie's pheramones; Laurie got Crystal's elemental control; Crystal got Amara's volcanic powers; Amara got Julian's telekinesis; Julian got Jean-Phillipe's electrokinesis; Jean-Phillipe got Callie's chloropathy and Callie got Marie's life-absorbing touch.


Plotrunner: Avital and Cat