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Dates run: January 25, 2005 - February 2, 2005
Run By: Dex
Read the logs: Brood

"When we get home, remind me to tell Doug that I got to fight cicada-people. He will be pleased."

An educational trip to New Orleans to train with Remy's mentor, Tante Mattie, turns deadly as someone appears to be trying to target the volatile New Orleans guilds.


Remy LeBeau, Amanda Sefton, Marie-Ange Colbert

Tante Mattie, New Orleans Guilds, Jean Cardin


January 25, 2005 - February 2, 2005

Plot Summary

During Marie-Ange's problems with her precognition, Remy consulted Tante Mattie and received an invitation to bring her and her roommate, Amanda, down to New Orleans for training. Tante, as always, had an ulterior motive for having Remy down in New Orleans - trouble was arising with the Guilds, and she needed him to act as her agent and prevent a potential Guild war that would destroy the careful balance of power in the city.

Upon arriving, the two girls had any means of external communication confiscated for the duration, and began their lessons with Tante. Remy began investigating the conflict, the Guilds giving him information of a series of strange deaths involving Guild members. All the victims had retinal bleeding and a strange coarsening of the skin of their faces and hands. Remy managed to buy some time from the Guilds, and went to a contact in the New Orleans police force for further information about the deaths.

It was revealed that Guild members, with no reason to be connected before, had been observed acting strangely, walking and talking in unison, all with the same red eyes and scaly skin. Two Guild members had been seen shortly before disappearing (and reappearing with red eyes and scaly skin) asking about a new criminal element in town, a small time thief and smuggler by the name of Jean Cardin. Cardin had been run out of New Orleans by the Guilds years before and had done some jail time, but had disappeared off the radar. He was also a mutant, a minor empath with no real power behind it. Police had searched his rented room, finding a stolen wallet and a metal cap with biohazard symbols.

Using the name of the cards, Remy managed to obtain information from Moira MacTaggart on the owner, a Doctor Fuller. Fuller had been killed in a suspicious car accident months before, and had been involved in working on a project with a Doctor Mackenzie Ross. The project had been on the quiet, connected to a Russian defector and a mysterious substance gleaned from the Tunguska River Basin meteorite, known as CR14. The agent had been found to be a mind control agent when used by someone with a psionic power, however minor. The psi would become the center of the hive mind, a sort of "Queen". The effect was irreversible.

With Mardis Gras only hours away, Remy encountered a group of mind-controlled drones - the Brood, as they called themselves - sent after him for poking his nose into things too closely. He managed to escape only by jumping in the river. But he knew the plan now - the Brood had moved beyond taking over the Guilds and intended to spray the Mardis Gras crowds with the agent, creating an army of mind-controlled drones.

After Remy relayed the information to Tante, she had Marie-Ange and Amanda use their powers to find Cardin's location. The two girls combined their powers in a new way, and pinpointed a warehouse not far from the main parade streets. With not enough time left to call in the X-Men, Remy was forced to go confront the Brood Queen himself, with Amanda and Marie-Ange blocking the door to the warehouse to prevent reinforcements coming in. Remy succeeded in killing the overloaded Cardin, and without the Queen, the drones all collapsed, struck down with complete shutdown of their brain functions.

Having saved Mardis Gras, Remy took the two girls to enjoy the parade whilst Tante's people retrieved what remained of the Brood and established the status quo once again.

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Trivia and Meta


For the first time, others saw the relationship between Remy and Tante Mattie.

During the reading to find Cardin, Marie-Ange dropped the Moon card. This card traditionally related to Selene and was foreshadowing of the Lost In The Woods arc.


Plotrunner: Dex

"Brood" featured several pieces of art by Ashlan.

The Brood were an adaptation of the comic canon aliens of the same name.