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Known Aliases:
Affiliations: Limbo
Socked By: Needs socker
Introduction: S'ym (plot)

"No, S’ym will not regret killing her. He has been waiting for so long. Cruel of her to deny him when he has been waiting."

Once a servant of Belasco, S'ym is Illyana's reluctant representative in Limbo.


Name: S'ym

Aliases: None

Affiliation: Limbo

First appearance: October 9, 2004

Family: None


Little is known about the demon known as S'ym, if that is in fact his real name. Eight foot tall, with skin a bruised purple, he served Belasco with as much loyalty as any demon has. When Illyana ousted Belasco, he switched allegiance to her.

In October 2004, he attempted to challenge Illyana Rasputin for ownership of the hell dimension, believing her life on Earth had made her soft. She defeated him using the Soulsword after sustaining several injuries, and banished him back to Limbo, where he remains.


S'ym's size, strength and natural viciousness make him a dangerous opponent in hand-to-hand. He also possesses basic demonic magic, although he is not very powerful outside of Limbo.


S'ym (plot)


Socked by:

Formerly socked by: Lauren

PB: Taken from Marvel comics.