Robert Haverford

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Robert Haverfod
Portrayed by David Anders
Known Aliases: Vargas
Affiliations: Independent
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: New Renaissance Man

A wealthy eccentric, Haverford's desire for power led him to follow in the footsteps of Charles Xavier although he chose to steal rather than learn. He is currently at large, after being incarcerated in Peru for theft but resurfacing in early 2009 and then being dumped far from civilization by Scott and Jean.


Name: Robert William Haverford

Aliases: Vargas

Affiliation: None

First appearance: May 19, 2007

Family: Unknown


Robert William Haverford (aka Vargas) is a British eccentric in his mid-thirties, blessed with a large family fortune, he's spent his adult life investigating mysticism and the occult, traveling the world. In his travels, he wound up at the temple in Tibet where Charles Xavier and Jean Grey studied, and spent some time there learning about the Rose and the monks' focused meditation. It led him to develop a theory that it might be possible to give a normal human mutant-like powers through a combination of mysticism and technology. The monks, growing suspicious of his motives, politely sent him packing, and he went back to traveling the world, now searching for things he referred to as Objects of Power. He is in peak physical condition, highly trained in a number of martial arts.

On discovering a link between Jean and the Rose, Haverford sought her out in his philanthropist guise. Acting on information obtained from drugging her and Scott Summers, he joined forces with Daniel Lyman in seeking out other objects of power at various sites visited by Charles during his younger years. In Peru, they were stopped by Jean and Scott, who had been alerted by Doug Ramsey to their activities, and directed to the pair's next destination by Wanda's research.

Haverford was arrested by Peruvian police and spent time in custody pending inquiries into a number of thefts of artifacts in several countries. He resurfaced nearly two years later, stealing WWII-era papers from Christopher Summers in Madripoor, in hopes of finding a legendary orchid that was said to gift anyone who ingested it special powers. When Scott and Jean became involved, his confederate, a mutant with the power to possess another's body, briefly kidnapped Scott before deciding that discretion was the better part of valor when faced with a furious Jean. Haverford himself was tracked down in the Borneo rainforest, eating one of the aforementioned orchids in hopes of being able to defend himself. Disgusted and not at all amused, Scott and Jean dumped him far from civilization.


No powers. Highly trained in a number of martial arts.


New Renaissance Man

The Orchid


Socked by:

Formerly socked by Alicia and Lauren

PB: David Anders

Haverford is based on the Alias character Julian Sark, although he was also loosely inspired by the comics-canon character Vargas.