New Renaissance Man

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New Renaissance Man
Dates run: May 19, 2007 - June 15, 2007
Run By: Cora
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He thinks the Rose is a weapon? But how does he even know about it?

Jean and Scott are caught up in a mysterious philanthropist's quest to give himself superpowers.


Jean Grey, Scott Summers, Wanda Maximoff, Doug Ramsey, Ororo Munroe

Robert Haverford, Daniel Lyman


May 19, 2007 - June 15, 2007

Plot Summary

At an Amnesty International event in New York, Jean was approached by a man introducing himself as Robert Haverford, a philanthropist interested in the school. She agreed to have lunch with him to discuss the school and her work, but was forced to mention her husband pointedly when Haverford became too forward. Haverford, who showed interest in her references to having been on sabbatical in Tibet, suggested lunch and, at lunch, proposed a dinner with the Scott as well later in the week. Scott, back at home, was amenable to the idea if slightly suspicious given Jean's record with men met at political events.

Their dinner with Haverford began pleasantly enough, in a private room at a Japanese restaurant, but took a sharp turn for the worse when they ate the drugged sushi provided. Haverford proceeded to question them about the Rose, believing they had something to do with its disappearance. He asked the wrong questions to find out what they knew about its current location, but did learn of the existence of a 'better version' of the Rose: Cerebro. The drugs wore off, although Scott and Jean were left without any conscious memory of the questioning, and Haverford faked the same illness as them to provide a cover story of food poisoning.

Scott and Jean remained ignorant of what had really happened until a few weeks later, when Doug Ramsey turned up a picture of Haverford at the Cairo airport - with Daniel Lyman. He informed Scott, and provided him with evidence that Lyman had left witness protection (where he had been living after providing his testimony about Stryker's operation in return for immunity) and been traveling extensively with Haverford.

Their list of destinations seemed to make no sense, until Ororo pointed out that they were all places of historical and spiritual significance that Charles had visited in his youth. Upon consulting with Wanda, Scott and Jean found out that all of the sites were associated with ancient religions and superpowered beings. Haverford's interest in the Rose and other sites where Charles went to hone his telepathy appeared to be out of a half-insane idea that he could give himself superpowers. Wanda suggested that his next stop, judging by the pattern, would be the Temple of the Moon, on Huayna Picchu.

Scott and Jean departed for Peru and the town of Aguas Calientes, at the foot of Macchu Picchu. They beat Haverford and Lyman there by better than a day, and spied on them in the hotel bar the next evening, discovering their plans to head to the temple in the morning to steal the next artifact on Haverford's list. They beat them there, and incapacitated Haverford and Lyman easily, turning them over to the police.

Scott and Jean spent one last night at the foot of Macchu Picchu, reflecting on the week's events. Jean revealed that Lyman had apparently left witness protection out of boredom, after Haverford contacted him. She and Scott acknowledged that it was entirely possible that Haverford would buy his way out of the artifact theft charges, but made plans as to how to sabotage his reputation in philanthropic circles, in an attempt to discourage him from renewing his question.

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Jean consulted Betsy for advice on a stylist who could quickly dye her hair, so she wouldn't stand out in Peru.


Plotrunner: Cora

Like The Rose, this plot was inspired by the TV show Alias.