Ktenology 101

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Content Warning: This page or the logs related to it contain depictions of torture.


Ktenology 101
Dates run: November 22nd - December 28, 2008
Run By: Dex
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"It's not time to kill him yet." Christian's voice was suddenly at her shoulder, and Kane reached down to the stunned Byron, quickly lashing his hands behind his back. "This piece of garbage has a long afternoon ahead of him."

Following Garrison Kane's apparent death, Marie embarks on a mission of revenge with his father, Christian Kane, and in the process, discovers a vital truth about herself.


Marie D'Ancato

Christian Kane, Byron Calley


November 22nd - December 28, 2008

Plot Summary

Marie took it upon herself to contact Christian Kane and inform him of what happened to his son. Kane seemed to take the news in a very controlled manner, thanking her for her call and asking her to keep him updated. A week later, Christian showed up at the school to speak with her. His own formidable contacts had confirmed many of the details of the attack, leading Christian to believe that his son and his former pupil were dead, at the hands of the Brotherhood. Kane decided to seek revenge, and he when he showed up, he made a one-time offer for Marie; if she wants blood, he'll make sure she gets it.

Marie took a leave from the X-Men, and the two of them spent several weeks in Europe and the US, traveling, following Kane's byzantine network of contacts, agents, former allies, and even old friends, looking for information on the Brotherhood. Finally, one of Magneto's Brotherhood responsible for part of his European operations, Byron Calley, was sold out by a contact, and he was swiftly taken by Marie and Kane.

Over thorough questioning, Calley revealed some useful information about a part of Magneto's networks, but had no idea about the attack or where any prisoners taken might be found. Finally, once nothing else could be pulled from him, Kane offered Marie the choice of dealing with him.

But Marie decided that she is not a killer, and stepped away from Calley. Kane praised her decision, choosing to remain who she is rather than let anger or grief make her someone else. Then Kane shot Calley between the eyes, killing him instantly. The two parted ways immediately after that, with Marie returning to the mansion, and Kane continuing his quest for revenge.

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On her way back to the mansion, Marie stopped in Canada and talked to Logan about the situation.


Plotrunner: Dex