Juliette Hathaway

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Juliette Hathaway
Portrayed by Corbis.com
Known Aliases: None
Affiliations: Elpis
Socked By: Socker required
Introduction: July 31, 2006

There are the stars of the show, and then there are the people working in the wings who make sure the show does in fact go on. Juliette is the long-suffering office administrator for Elpis and has accompanied her irascible boss to the new office in New York.


Name: Juliette Hathaway

Aliases: None.

Occupation: Office administrator for the New York office of Elpis

First appearance: July 31, 2006

Family: Robert and Marianne Hathaway (parents)


Twenty-five years old, Juliette was hired for the office administrator's job after her predecessor was fired by Nathan. Soft-spoken and highly competent, she proved to be up to the task of handling her spectacularly difficult boss and gets along very well with the younger Elpis staff members. Although he would never admit it, Nathan cannot imagine the office without her at this point.

As preparations were being made for the trip to Prague, Juliette revealed that she spoke fluent Czech. Nathan invited her along as a translator, and she, just like the others, did what she could to help when the fighting erupted in Smichov.

Unbeknownst to Nathan, she is Joel Rollins's goddaughter.




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