X-Men Mission: Adirondacks

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X-Men: Adirondacks
Dates run: January 17, 2005
Run By: Alicia
Read the logs: X-Men: Adirondacks

"I just hope they're a little more careful with his medication in the future. Poor Carter... he's a decent guy."

When a former patient of Charles Xavier escapes the institution he was housed in the X-Men track him down.


January 17, 2005


Cyclops, Cannonball, Beast, Polaris and Husk

Carter Ryking

Plot Summary

Carter Ryking, a former patient of Charles and electrokinetic, escaped from the mental facility in which he was being housed and treated for psychosis. The team was called in to subdue Ryking and return him to the facility. With Charles guiding them via Cerebro, they located Ryking in the Adrionacks and managed to restrain him after a brief fight. Beast consulted with his doctors about his medication and advised them to be more cautious with medication changes in future.

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X-Men: Adirondacks


Trivia and Meta


The mission was Husk's first mission as a trainee.


Plotrunner: Alicia