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Community Service
Dates run: September 12-15, 2008
Run By: Dex
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"They want space?" She struck the table with her fist, cracking it completely in half. "Sounds to me like they wanted to get real up close and personal"

When Inez loses her temper and gets arrested by the Salem Center PD, the staff has to act quickly to prevent her from being jailed permanently.


Inez Temple, Cessily Kincaid, Laurie Collins, Garrison Kane, Dani Moonstar, Adrienne Frost, Cain Marko

NPCs: Karem Patel (Owner of the Jefferson Diner); Brent, Darryl, and Greg (local boys), Salem Center Police Department


September 12-15, 2008

Plot Summary

One afternoon, while Inez, Cessily, and Laurie were having lunch in town, they overheard a gruop of local teenagers making vulgar comments that rapidly descended into anti-mutant bigotry. Deciding to confront them, Inez rapidly lost her temper, lashing out and threatening the boys while causing some serious damage to the diner.

While the diner is in chaos, two local cops arrived and arrested Inez. Cessily and Laurie headed immediately back to the school to inform the staff of what had happened. When Garrison went down to the police station to inquire about what had gone on, he found that not only had the police decided to throw a stack of trumped-up charges against Inez, but the boys' parents and the diner's owner had also levied charges.

In an attempt to smooth things over, Dani went to talk to the boys' parents, convincing them to drop the charges in exchange for a Helix-sponsored fundraiser to try and foster goodwill between the school and the community. At the same time, Cain and Adrienne visited the diner's owner and offered a deal where Inez would work off the damage in exchange for no charges being filed. After some discussion, an agreement was reached.

However, the police were less eager to drop their charges, with a strong anti-mutant sentiment in the Salem Center PD. Garrison had to pull some FBI strings and threaten a full investigation before the local chief agreed that the charges had no basis and would be dismissed.

After two days in jail, Inez finally was let go back into the custody of the school, and wound up on the receiving end of more than a few lectures about her behavior, which she has taken to heart.

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This incident, and the one in Kosovo, brought home to Charles Xavier that something more was needed for the latest batch of students, leading to the creation of the New Mutants project.


Plotrunner: Dex