An Offer You Can Refuse

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An Offer You Can Refuse
Dates run: July 30, 2005
Run By: Rossi
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Part 4 of the Lost In The Woods Arc.

"True power is about the choices we make. Nothing more. Nothing less."

When she fires her magic tutor, Dr. Stephen Strange, Amanda Sefton receives an offer of instruction from a most unforeseen source - Selene.


Amanda Sefton

Dr. Stephen Strange, Selene


July 30, 2005

Plot Summary

Following her Healing of Alison, Amanda attended at her regular lesson with Strange, despite still feeling some effects of Limbo's power. Concerned for her safety and frustrated with her blase attitude to the consequences and costs of power, Strange laid down the law. Amanda reacted badly, her grief over Charlie's death and her need to control her increasingly-unstable life driving her to announce that she would do whatever it would take to save lives. Strange shocked her by pronouncing she should have let Alison Blaire die and then he let slip that he had not been helping her with the addiction on purpose: with Amanda's volatile personality and potential for unlimited powers, Strange felt the addiction acted as a safety valve. Feeling betrayed by her tutor whom she had been working with for over a year, Amanda fired him on the spot and stormed out.

Wandering the streets of New York in something of a daze, Amanda found herself in Central Park, questioning her actions in the face of ending the only magical instruction she was getting. It was then Selene made her approach, offering Amanda instruction. Given the history between the pair, Amanda refused, but found herself taking the business card that Selene had offered. She returned to the school, unable to tell anyone about what had happened because she was worried about the reaction she would get for firing Strange.

Strange himself took advantage of the situation, using it as the excuse to disappear for some time in order to finalise preparations against Selene without being under scrutiny. It necessitated him ending his relationship with Wanda Maximoff, something they both took hard.

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During the argument with Amanda over her powers, Stephen Strange revealed the existence of two other mutant magic users.


Plotrunner: Rossi

Selene was socked by former player Willow.