The Jack O' Lantern

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The Jack O' Lantern
Jack o lantern.jpg
First Seen: January 23, 2015


Upon their graduation from college, Julian Keller and Harry Osborn purchased a nightclub together and have been working on making it awesome. While they own equal shares, Harry is more involved with the business and manages the financials and managers, while Julian handles PR. The club is now one of the most posh nightspots in the city, sporting a permanent Halloween vibe and running a haunted house on the weekends year round (and all month in October)- it also boasts a couple secrets.

The main club is easy to get into, but there is an even better club that requires a password to get into. If people don't know the password, they have to do something foolish to get in- which is broadcast to the inside of the club. Further within the secret club, members of The Web (a pay-to-play group of rich socialites) have access to an even more exclusive area with free alcohol and very dark corners.



Introduced by: Ryan